OLE Gets in the Zone with Beacon Mapping


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A visual summary of the article, "OLE Gets in the Zone with Beacon Mapping" from Event Tech Brief (Eventtechbrief.com). To learn more about new innovations in the event industry, subscribe to the Event Tech Brief newsletter (http://bit.ly/1ku7TZS).

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OLE Gets in the Zone with Beacon Mapping

  1. 1. OLE Gets in the Zone with Beacon Mapping EventTechBrief.com
  2. 2. On Location Engagements (OLE) On Location Engagements (OLE) aims to change the face of engagement at trade shows and conferences by providing a mapping tool that offers an interactive experience for attendees through beacon technology and points of interest.
  3. 3. When a visitor enters a venue (or a booth) with a Smartphone running the patent-pending OLE technology, the app (synchronized with the registration data) recognizes his location and pulls down customized content—audio, video, web content or incentives—from the cloud. “And then there wasa sub ti tle. . . ” $55 Add to Cart
  4. 4. Founder and developer, Iris Goldman has enhanced the OLE app by adding the E-Zone Mapping feature, which enables the app to function even more efficiently through mapping. E-Zone Mapping visualizes and connects designated engagement zones to create a customized tour within a venue. E-ZONE MAPPING
  5. 5. What does this mean for the events Industry?
  6. 6. Goldman highlights some key areas in which the new features will change the way attendees interact with events—and enable sponsors and event organizers to learn more about the attendees. Attendee Behavior Traffic Patterns Program Success Through beacon technology and points of interest served to smartphones, event organizers will be able to identify where attendees are going. Higher areas of traffic can be identified through E-Zone Mapping, enabling trade show and conference planners to determine which areas are more popular with attendees. By keeping track of where attendees go and how long they stay in each place, organizers are able to determine what is “working” for attendees and what is not.
  7. 7. E-Zone Mapping also enables specific content to be delivered to individuals based on where they are at a trade show or a conference. “E-Zone Mapping allows touring to become more relevant. Users get to see where they are going and they can experience the space physically before they get there.” “It gives you a sense of how people are behaving within a space, and what their interests are.” Iris Goldman, Founder (OLE)
  8. 8. To read the full article, visit: http://bit.ly/1qw4awc To subscribe to the newsletter: http://bit.ly/1ku7TZS This Presentation is brought to you by: EventTechBrief.com