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Customer Experience is the superset of sensations, emotions and perceptions felt by your customers before, during and after product or service use. Experiences are created through interactions with things, people and the surroundings. Sharing of experiences happens across both physical and digital worlds, from a smile or a laugh, to a smiley face emoticon. The boundaries between physical and digital are blurring, even merging. Instant feedback, instant photos, instant communications, shared easily, quickly and without hesitation, or forethought. People like to share their experiences with their family, friends, co-workers and in general with the world around them. It is not only possible to capture, understand and learn from all of these digital interactions, but, the future of business just might depend on it and doing so requires planning and execution.
Enterprise Customer Experience represents the people, processes and technology required to listen, guide and engage your customers in the digital world; all towards creating personalized therefore enhanced experiences. Just like the real world, in the digital space, experience cannot be given, but can be designed, enabled and carefully considered. The simple idea is to learn from what is shared, turn it into information, provide insights to people that need it and then actions to be executed, all to further enhance the customer experience. There are a lot of moving parts, including technology as one, along with people and process. The imperative is to start with listening and progress to insights, actions and knowledge.
Each digital interaction creates data, which leads to information that when properly leveraged creates insights. When something is good, can you repeat it, when something is bad, how quickly can it be changed, altered? Each customer interaction is an opportunity to learn and grow. From first Ad impression and Website visit, to product purchase, product use, service interaction, receiving a bill or talking to support, each element has a unique input to, and impact on, customer experience.
 The technology, how it is used by people and the process required;

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Enterprise Customer Experience - DRI

  1. CUSTOMEREnterprise Customer ExperienceThe people, internal processes and technology required to listen, guide and engage your customers in the digital world…
  2. This is Customer Experiencea superset of sensations, emotions andperceptions felt by your customers 2
  3. Sharing of Experienceshappens across the physical world 3
  4. and Sharing of Experienceshappens within the digital world 4
  5. Engagement at all Ageshelp customers to participate with you, feel a partof your company and culture 5
  6. Consider the Landscapesee the world as your customers do, considertheir view and their perspective 6
  7. Experience is not a Processan experience is visceral, a highly individualresponse to stimulus (or lack of) 7
  8. Mirror Imagea customer‟s experience with your products orservices is a reflection of your culture 8
  9. Enterprise Customer Experience:The people, internal processes andtechnology required to listen, guideand engage your customers in thedigital world 9
  10. Rivers of Datavolume and velocity of data is both a blessingand curse, the value is information and insight 10
  11. Listening and Hearing Filtering imagefiltering and prioritizing are the starting point tablestakes, acting and engaging are next 11
  12. Context Transforms Datadata without context, such as time, location,emotion or customer details lacks value 12
  13. The Objective is Insightthrough the fog of data, it is that critical piece ofinformation can make all the difference 13
  14. Too Much Dataact on what is heard and measured, or do notwaste time listening and reporting 14
  15. Time is Precious Insert Watch Picturetime needs to be respected, though it feelsinfinite, it is a finite commodity 15
  16. Do I have your Attention?seven seconds, 140 characters, above the fold,that is your perspective, what about thecustomer, the individual, the person 16
  17. Are You Listening, Or Waiting To Talk? 17
  18. Digital Interactionseach is an opportunity to learn and act 18
  19. Just out of Reachthat emotional connection with your customers, ittakes real effort to achieve 19
  20. Systems of Engagementnot sure they exist, that does not mean stoptrying to engage your customers 20
  21. Expectationsare constantly changing, different with eachcustomer 21
  22. Communicationskeep the lines of communication open, make iteasy for your customers to participate 22
  23. Where do you Standcontext bridges the gap between trust andreputation, between you and your customers 23
  24. Service Excellencea harmonious dance among people, process andtechnology 24
  25. Perspectivecustomer experience is not what you design, it iswhat the customer perceives it to be 25
  26. Collaboration is Required“customer experience is a team sport” Kerry Bodine, Forrester 26
  27. Brand Participationsome do…and some do not – respect them all 27
  28. A Thought about SFAsales force automation has a place, is necessary,but it is an inward facing discipline 28
  29. at the End of the Dayconsider your customer‟s needs, their jobs-to-bedone and their values, that is a start 29
  30. Charting the CourseTo Enterprise Customer Experiences 30
  31. Social Media Initiatives Mature • Beyond Departments • Beyond „Likes‟ and „Follows‟ • Beyond „shooting from the hip‟ • Beyond Uncoordinated efforts Towards Digital Programs 31
  32. Digital Communication Programs • With Coordination Across Depts. • With Defined Success Metrics • With Emergent Analytics • With Modest Governance Teeing up Social CRM 32
  33. Social CRM:The Starting Point for EnterpriseCustomer Experience 33
  34. The Value of Social CRM • Coordinated Customer Facing Programs • Technical and Business Integration • Advanced Analytics Leading to Insights • Personal Interactions and Engagement Is Social CRM Part of CRM? 34
  35. YES!! 35
  36. The Evolution of CRM • Social CRM is Absorbed by CRM • Front to Back Office Coordination • Repeatable Process, Governance • Community, Content, Collaboration • Universal Access to Information You are now Ready 36
  37. A Completed Enterprise CustomerExperience Vision includes: • Customer Insights, • Directed, Personalized Interactions • Predictive Analytics • Conversational Communications • A Collaborative Organization • Social Business Maturity • Thriving Communities • Consistent Content, all Channels 37
  38. Jump inare you ready to take the plunge? 38
  39. give me a shout Twitter: @mjayliebs Phone: (+1) 802 857 5197 Email: mitch.lieberman@dri-global.com 39
  40. or, read the white paper We have written a Paper which explains things in more detail. If you fill in the form, I would be happy to send it along. If you do not like forms, please just send me an email mitch.lieberman@dri-global.com 40
  41. photo creditMitch Lieberman, except:http://rsanityrvtravels.blogspot.com/2011_10_01_archive.htmlhttp://www.beat102103.com/beat-breakfast-blog/2011/11/15/battle-of-the-sexes-who-can-keep-a-secret-for-longer/whispering-women/http://www.mamamia.com.au/parenting/wombtube-overshare-much/http://www.gadarian.com/blogging-for-interaction/ 41