Established Practice In Photography
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Established Practice In Photography






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Established Practice In Photography Document Transcript

  • 1. Established Practice in Photography Thematic Approaches Portrait Figures Body Parts Louis Daguerre Burton Brothers (NZ) Bill Brandt Alexander Rodchenko Dorothea Lange Edward Weston Henri Cartier-Bresson Man Ray Man Ray Alfred Eisenstaedt Edward J. Steichen Robert Mapplethorpe Cecil Beaton Cecil Beaton Ralph Gibson Walker Evans Edward Weston Eileen Cowin Dorothea Lange Philippe Halsman Imogen Cunningham Paul Strand Ralph Gibson Anne Noble (NZ) Diane Arbus Robert Mapplethorpe Christine Webster (NZ) Philippe Halsman Rineke Dijkstra Peter Peryer (NZ) Bruce Davidson Cindy Sherman David Hockney Siren Deluxe (NZ) Duane Michaels Pavel Banker Luis Gonzalez Palma Peter Greenaway Pavel Banka Vincent Serbin Flowers Annie Liebowitz Maggie Taylor Barbara Kruger Imogen Cunningham Martina Lopez (Aus) Robert Heinecken André Kertész Joel-Peter Witkin Jim Goldberg Josef Sudek Christopher Bucklow Gilbert & George Karl Blossfeldt Jan Saudek Robert Mapplethorpe Amy Melious Keith Carter Sally Mann Peter Peryer (NZ) Vik Muniz Ava Seymour (NZ) Anne Nobel (NZ) Ralph Gibson Margaret Dawson (NZ) Robert Mapplethorpe Julian Ward (NZ) Christine Webster (NZ) Olivia Parker Peter Black (NZ) Siren Deluxe (NZ) Margaret Dawson (NZ) James Welling Lisa Riehana (NZ) Marti Friedlander (NZ) Anne Geddes Peter Peyer (NZ) Adam Fuss Glen Busch NZ) Architectural Documentary Still Life Louis Daguerre Louis Daguerre Brassaï André Kertész Charles Sheeler Diane Arbus Edward Weston Eugène Atget Dorothea Lange Imogen Cunningham Walker Evans Henri Cartier-Bresson Josef Sudek Margaret Bourke-White Margaret Bourke-White Karl Blossfeldt Bernhard Becher Walker Evans Man Ray Lucia Moholy Alfred Eisenstaedt Paul Outerbridge Alexander Rodchenko Bruce Davidson Paul Strand Joel Meyerowitz Lee Friedlander Jerry Takigawa Edward J. Steichen Sebastiao Salgado Olivia Parker Eileen Cowin André Kertész Sally Mann Jan Groover Keith Carter Cindy Sherman Robert Mapplethorpe Candida Hofer William Eggleston James Welling Robert Adams Marti Friedlander (NZ) Audrey Flack Lee Friedlander Ans Westra (NZ) Alan Knowles (NZ) Andrew Ross (NZ) Peter Black (NZ) Peter Peryer (NZ) William Eggleston Julian Ward (NZ) Adam Fuss Robin Morrison (NZ) Robin Morrison (NZ) Abelardo Morell Laurence Aberhart (NZ) Sarah Charlesworth Fiona Pardington (NZ)
  • 2. Thematic Approaches (continued) Interiors Landscape Abstract André Kertész Ansel Adams Alexander Rodchenko Walker Evans Edward Weston Josef Sudek Ralph Gibson Dorothea Lange Franco Donaggio Edward Weston JoAnn Verburg Bill Brandt Eugène Atget Lee Friedlander Karl Blossfeldt Lucia Moholy Paul Caponigro László Moholy-Nagy Robert Adams Gustave Le Gray Man Ray Andrew Ross (NZ) Richard Misrach Paul Strand Louise Lawler Terry Evans Minor White Joel Meyerowitz William Eggleston James Welling Candida Hofer Bruce Foster (NZ) Adam Fuss Rhona Bitner Natalie Robertson (NZ) Peter Peryer (NZ) Ray Metzker Laurence Aberhart (NZ) Christopher Bucklow Laurie Simmons Wayne Wilson Wong (NZ) Fiona Pardington (NZ) Uta Barth Robin Morrison (NZ) Alan Knowles (NZ) William Eggleston Ronnie Van Hout (NZ) Olivia Parker Peter Black (NZ) Mark Adams (NZ) Sarah Charlesworth Laurence Aberhart (NZ) Julian Ward (NZ) Uta Barth Wynn Bullock Stylistic Approaches (Compositional and Technical) Photomontage Surreal Multimedia / Multimedia Grid Format Hannah Hoch Hannah Hoch Edward Muybridge John Heartfield Lazlo Moholy -Nagy Bernhard Becher Max Ernst Max Ernst David Hockney László Moholy-Nagy John Heartfield Duane Michaels Thorne Thompson Richard Hamilton Uta Barth Bob Bennet Christian Boltanski Luis Gonzalez Palma Jerry Uelsmann Joseph Cornell Tracey Moffat (Aus) Jerry Takigawa Nick Bantock Starn Twins Thomas Barbey Barbara Kruger Lorna Simpson Annie Liebowitz Annette Messager Nate Larson Julie Firth (NZ) Sarah Charlesworth Deborah Smith Luis Gonzalez Palma Luis Palma Gilbert and George Joel Peter Witkin Sigmar Polke David Hockney Scott Mutter Jim Goldberg Tatana Kellner Maggie Taylor Martina Lopez (Aus) Lloyd Goodman (NZ) Gilbert and George John Rooff Jan Groover Peter Greenaway Megan Jenkinsen (NZ) Sarah Charlesworth Megan Jenkinsen NZ Ava Seymour (NZ) Natalie Robertson Jan Saudek Judy Darragh (NZ) Lisa Reihana (NZ)
  • 3. Portrait Alfred Eisenstaedt Henri Cartier-Bresson Alexander Rodchenko Louis Daguerre Cecil Beaton Diane Arbus Paul Strand Dorothea Lange Philippe Halsman Walker Evans Cindy Sherman Bruce Davidson Duane Michaels Luis Gonzalez Palma Pavel Banka Jim Goldberg Barbara Kruger Annie Liebowitz Robert Heinecken Gilbert & George Robert Julian Ward (NZ) Sally Mann Mapplethorpe Vik Muniz Ralph Gibson Glen Busch NZ) Peter Black (NZ) Peter Peyer (NZ) Marti Friedlander (NZ) Margaret Dawson (NZ)
  • 4. Figures Edward J. Steichen Edward Weston Dorothea Lange Man Ray Burton Brothers (NZ) Robert Mapplethorpe Ralph Gibson Rineke Dijkstra Cecil Beaton Philippe Halsman David Hockney Maggie Taylor Pavel Banker Vincent Serbin Peter Greenaway Keith Carter Martina Lopez (Aus) Christopher Bucklow Jan Saudek Joel-Peter Witkin Margaret Dawson (NZ) Ava Seymour (NZ) Lisa Riehana (NZ) Christine Webster (NZ) Siren Deluxe (NZ)
  • 5. Body Parts – Close Ups Man Ray Bill Brandt Ralph Gibson Edward Weston Eileen Cowin Robert Mapplethorpe Imogen Cunningham Peter Peryer (NZ) Siren Deluxe (NZ) Christine Webster (NZ) Anne Noble (NZ) Flowers André Kertész Karl Blossfeldt Imogen Cunningham Josef Sudek Amy Melious Peter Peryer (NZ) Anne Nobel (NZ) Robert Mapplethorpe Olivia Parker Anne Geddes Adam Fuss James Welling
  • 6. Documentary Diane Arbus Dorothea Lange Brassaï Henri Cartier-Bresson Walker Evans Alfred Eisenstaedt Margaret Bourke-White Bruce Davidson Sebastiao Salgado Lee Friedlander Sally Mann Ans Westra (NZ) Marti Friedlander (NZ) William Eggleston Cindy Sherman ROBIN MORRISON (NZ) Peter Black (NZ) Julian Ward (NZ)
  • 7. Architectural Louis Daguerre Eugène Atget Charles Sheeler Walker Evans Alexander Rodchenko Bernhard Becher Margaret Bourke-White Lucia Moholy Joel Meyerowitz André Kertész Keith Carter Edward J. Steichen Lee Friedlander Robert Adams Candida Hofer Andrew Ross (NZ) ROBIN MORRISON (NZ) Laurence Aberhart (NZ) William Eggleston
  • 8. Still Life Imogen Cunningham Louis Daguerre André Kertész Edward Weston Man Ray Josef Sudek Karl Blossfeldt Paul Outerbridge Paul Strand Olivia Parker Jerry Takigawa Jan Groover Eileen Cowin Alan Knowles (NZ) James Welling Audrey Flack Robert Mapplethorpe Fiona Pardington Peter Peryer (NZ) (NZ) Abelardo Morell Adam Fuss Sarah Charlesworth
  • 9. Interiors André Kertész Walker Evans Ralph Gibson Edward Weston Eugène Atget Robert Adams Andrew Ross (NZ) Lucia Moholy Candida Hofer Louise Lawler Joel Meyerowitz Rhona Bitner Laurie Simmons Uta Barth Ray Metzker Peter Black (NZ) Laurence Aberhart (NZ) Wynn Bullock William Eggleston
  • 10. Landscape Ansel Adams Dorothea Lange Edward Weston Gustave Le Gray JoAnn Verburg Lee Friedlander Paul Caponigro William Eggleston Richard Misrach Bruce Foster (NZ) Terry Evans Natalie Robertson Wayne Wilson Wong Laurence Aberhart (NZ) Mark Adams (NZ) Ronnie Van Hout (NZ) Robin Morrison (NZ) Julian Ward (NZ)
  • 11. Abstract Josef Sudek Franco Donaggio Alexander Rodchenko László Moholy-Nagy Karl Blossfeldt Man Ray Bill Brandt Adam Fuss Paul Strand Minor White James Welling Alan Knowles (NZ) Christopher Bucklow Peter Peryer (NZ) Fiona Pardington (NZ) Sarah Charlesworth Olivia Parker Uta Barth
  • 12. Photomontage / Surrealism – Arrangement and juxtaposition multiple images from different subjects. Photomontage uses photographic processes to combine elements such as sandwich negatives, and double exposures. This can be digital processes (Photoshop) or darkroom techniques using masks. Max Ernst John Heartfield Hannah Hoch László Moholy-Nagy Bob Bennet Jerry Takigawa Jerry Uelsmann Ruth Thorne Thompson Annie Liebowitz Thomas Barbey Luis Gonzalez Palma Julie Firth (NZ) Joel Peter Witkin Gilbert and George Scott Mutter Maggie Taylor Megan Jenkinsen NZ Jan Saudek Peter Greenaway Lisa Reihana (NZ)
  • 13. Collage / Multimedia – Arrangement and juxtaposition of many components. Overlapping, cropping and cut out construction of an image or images. Collage enables photographic images to be integrated with real life resources like magazines, wallpaper, or string – And to include drawn and painted elements. Hannah Hoch John Heartfield Max Ernst Lazlo Moholy-Nagy Christian Boltanski Nick Bantock Richard Hamilton Joseph Cornell Annette Messager Barbara Kruger Luis Gonzalez Palma Sarah Charlesworth Jim Goldberg Martina Lopez (Aus) Sigmar Polke Megan Jenkinsen (NZ) John Roloff Ava Seymour (NZ) Judy Darragh (NZ)
  • 14. Block and Grid Assemblage – Images that have used the grid as a pictorial device to construct an image(s). Grids can be organised/divided into sections, formally or informally, Irregular or varied as isolated/cut outs or separate panels. Objects may move in and out of the panels/boxes. They may float/weave or overlap. There may be evidence of zooming in and out and a combination of grid ideas triptychs and diptychs. Photographs may depict a story or narrative. Repetition may be a feature. Bernhard Becher Edward Muybridge Duane Michaels David Hockney Tracey Moffat (Aus) Uta Barth Luis Gonzalez Palma Starn Twins Deborah Smith Nate Larson Lorna Simpson Tatana Kellner David Hockney Gilbert and George Lloyd Goodman (NZ) Jan Groover Natalie Robertson Sarah Charlesworth