Voyss Cloud-Based Managed Services Webinar 9-14-12


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What Aren’t You Seeing? Waste? Abuse? Fraud?
Are You Optimizing Your IT Resources and Spend?

Audit. Security. Utility. Monitoring. Cloud-Based Managed Services.

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Voyss Cloud-Based Managed Services Webinar 9-14-12

  1. 1. Audit. Security. Utility. Monitoring.Cloud-Based Managed Services Presented by Cloud Computing. Endless Possibilities. September 14, 2012
  2. 2. Information InfrastructureReliable Redundant “hardened” facilitiesSecure Private/Secure = Managed NetworkCompliant Flexible/Scalable Technology Solutions
  3. 3. SMB’s now have practical accessto Enterprise-level infrastructure, resiliency, and stability • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) • Software as a Service (SaaS) • Storage as a Service (STaaS) • Desktop as a Service (DaaS)
  4. 4. What Is Possible?
  5. 5. Appliance or non-appliance-based monitoring andmanagement systems that gives visibility into yournetwork environment24/7 proactive monitoring with remote support toolsCan be used by your support team, an outside service, orbothAllows for immediate supportPrevents downtime and allowsfor more consistent performance
  6. 6. Increased Network Visibility
  7. 7. Centralized management of end-user workstations,activities and productivityRemote management of workstations and serversStrong server and workstation statistics with performancereportingAbility to blacklist undesired USB devices and installationof undesired softwareReporting of all users Internet usage
  8. 8. Data Protection & Security
  9. 9. Monitor and update critical AV softwareConvenient self-contained patch managementMonitoring and reporting of backup solutionsVulnerability scanning to identify and remove security risksTools to monitor data security within your organization
  10. 10. Remote SupportManagement is through a single view • remote workstations • laptop users • Satellite officesMostly all functions and reporting worksthe same for remote as network-connected devices
  11. 11. Printer UsageManagement
  12. 12. Automatically harvest all print jobs detailing who is printing what, where and when Keyword search capability for fast analysis of print job history Detailed reporting on printing volumes
  13. 13. Virtual Office
  14. 14. Secure web portal-based remote access for end users from any Internet-connected computerConnect to desktops, Terminal Server, Outlook Web Access and internal web applicationsCentralized control to setup and shut down user connectionsFull reporting of user connection start and stop time with time connected
  15. 15. Go Green—Save Money
  16. 16. Reporting of energy use per computer daily, monthly and yearlyGranular analysis of energy consumption for each computerbased on its components and usageHarvest of local energy rates to calculate energy cost to run eachcomputerAbility to schedule shutdown andstartup of each computerto save energy cost whennot in useAnalysis to determineinefficient computingdevices
  17. 17. ExecutiveReporting
  18. 18. Extensive library of reports, including an executivereport compilationTrend reporting of significant elementslike hard drive utilizationReal-time analysis of improvementor decline within the environmentPredictive analysis of futurethreats and opportunitiesbased on past trends
  19. 19. Peaceof Mind
  20. 20. Increased Network VisibilityData and Network SecurityRemote SupportPrinter Usage ManagementVirtual OfficeGreen Power ManagementExecutive Reporting
  21. 21. Audit. Security. Utility. Monitoring.Cloud-Based Managed Services Presented by Cloud Computing. Endless Possibilities. September 14, 2012