Digital Citizenship


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Digital Citizenship

  1. 1. Digital Citizenship: Best Practices for Navigating Social Media
  2. 2. The State of Social Media Q1 2012• Social networks and blogs continue to dominate American’s time online, now accounting for nearly a quarter of total time spent on the internet.• Pinterest is the emerging social network with 4.5 million unique visitors in October, 2011.• Americans spend more time on Facebook than they do on any other U. S. website.• Close to 40% of social media users access social media content from a mobile phone.
  3. 3. The Tools and How They’re UsedConnect Listen Engage Publish
  4. 4. Listen -- ToolsThe quickest way to monitor content on thesocial Web is to use a feed reader.
  5. 5. Connect• Find people like you, or those who share community interests and expand your network• Read lots of content, follow the communities’ blogs• Learn who makes up your network; who are fans and followers?• Enter contacts regularly into your social networks.• Maintain the professional connections policy of LinkedIn: only accept contacts you truly know.
  6. 6. A Good Invitation to ConnectAs you may know, I resigned my position as [TITLE & COMPANY]. Itwas a rich experience and I value the privilege of access to a very highlevel of thought leadership during my years there.Recently, I have begun to work with the [COMPANY] to [DETAILS OFJOB AND INDUSTRY] Using “best practice” as a baseline, we arelooking at regional, national and international models that use anintegrated approach to create successful outcomes.As I value our relationship and appreciate the depth of experience youbring to your profession, please join my network so we can stay intouch on this and more.Warm regards,
  7. 7. Steps to Take Today• Upload your e-mail contacts from all sources• Get your profile to 100% by completing all of your information and adding a photo• Develop a keyword-rich professional headline• Rename the default “Website” and “Blog” settings to personalized names• Add your Twitter account
  8. 8. Steps to Take Next Week• Write a recommendation for a colleague, partner or friend (and hope they return the favor)• Create a schedule for yourself to ask one new person a week for a recommendation
  9. 9. Engage1. Be helpful2. Connect your network3. Endorse others4. Produce frequent, quality content5. Create meaningful, long-lasting relationships
  10. 10. Facebook: Best Practices• Thin the herd• Manage privacy settings• Review your photos and edit• Tag and untag images others have posted• Ask yourself if it’s the right tool for the communication at hand; if not, choose another platform or make a call
  11. 11. Twitter:an estimated 225 millionusers, generating 65 milliontweets a day and handling over800,000 search queries per day.Wow.
  12. 12. Connect -- Twitter
  13. 13. Measurement
  14. 14. Crisis Communication Basics• Own up when caught• Apologize quickly• If appropriate, make amends, fix what’s wrong, and begin the process of restoring faith in your brand• Be sincere• No, you can’t delete tweets
  15. 15. Don’t• Only “push”• Publish only your own links• Be a robot• Ignore replies• Have zero friends• Leave profile or photo blank
  16. 16. Do• Understand the difference between personal and private – Nothing private ever goes online. Ever.• If you do post pictures, make sure they are for public viewing, no matter how you’re sharing them.• Tweet with your audience and intentions in mind.
  17. 17. Trending HashtagsWhos #notguilty about eating all the tasty treats they want?!"
  18. 18. Nothingprivate evergoes online.Ever.
  19. 19. Questions? Thank You!