Word Knowledge/Vocabulary for Declaration of Independence
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Word Knowledge/Vocabulary for Declaration of Independence






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Word Knowledge/Vocabulary for Declaration of Independence Word Knowledge/Vocabulary for Declaration of Independence Presentation Transcript

  • The Declaration of Independence Ms. Mercer  Fifth Grade  Nicholas Elementary
  • Spelling Words
    • heavy
    • heavier
    • worry
    • worried
    • envy
    • envious
    • butterfly
    • butterflies
    • daisy
    • daisies
    • bury
    • buried
    • supply
    • supplies
    • pastries
    • relied
    • earlier
    • copies
    • happiness
    • centuries
  • Spelling Words changing“y” endings
    • heavy
    • heav ier
    • worry
    • worr ied
    • envy
    • env ious
    • butterfly
    • butterfl ies
    • daisy
    • dais ies
    • bury
    • bur ied
    • supply
    • suppl ies
    • pastr ies
    • rel ied
    • earl ier
    • cop ies
    • happ iness
    • centur ies
  • Word Knowledge
    • What is the pattern?
    • history
    • historic
    • historian
    • historical
    • The pattern is words with the histor- root
    • the histor- root means related to the study of the past.
  • Word Knowledge
    • What is the pattern?
    • split
    • construction
    • streets
    • offspring
    • The pattern is 3-letter consonant blends
    • spl it
    • con str uction
    • str eets
    • off spr ing
  • Word Knowledge
    • What is the pattern?
    • night
    • ought
    • through
    • thought
    • The pattern is –gh spelling pattern
    • ni gh t
    • ou gh t
    • throu gh
    • thou gh t
  • Word Knowledge
    • What is the pattern?
    • relied
    • earlier
    • copies
    • happiness
    • The pattern is adding suffixes to –y words
    • rel ied
    • earl ier
    • cop ies
    • happ iness
  • Sentences
    • The historian studied the history of the White House.
    • A construction crew is repairing the streets in my neighborhood.
    • We ought to drive through the night to get there on time.
    • For centuries, people relied on the sun to tell the time of day.
  • Vocabulary
    • delegation
    • reconciliation
    • radical
    • unalienable
    • document
  • delegate
    • The Delaware vote helped to sway other delegations by the end of the session.
    • Many countries send delegations to the United Nations.
    a group of people who are chosen to act for others; representatives
  • reconciliation
    • Americans had divided roughly into three opinion groups: one-third favored independence, one-third wanted reconciliation with England, and still another third were fence-sitters
    • After my best friend and I fought, we both wanted reconciliation .
    a restoration of agreement between two or more parties
  • radicals
    • These dire consequences mattered little to American radicals - those colonists who urged independence at any price.
    • They called Terry a radical when she suggested we add an eighth day to the week.
    a person who favors extreme changes or reforms
  • unalienable
    • We hold these truth to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights , that among them are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.
    • The colonies felt that their unalienable rights were at risk in the hands of the English government.
    not capable of being given or taken away
  • document
    • Copies of the Declaration were sent to cities and villages in the colonies. Excited crowd gathered to hear local officials read the document .
    • The teacher read to the class the document that stated the classroom rules.
    a written or printed statement that gives official proof and information about something
  • Background
    • The colonies had been at war with Britain for a year when the Declaration of Independence was signed.
    • Patriots were breaking a law called treason, and could have been killed if they were caught by the British.
    • Benjamin Franklin, a leader at the Congress, was a famous writer, and diplomat. He got military and financial support for the Patriots from France.