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Published in: Education, Technology

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  • 1. Classroom Expectations Fifth Grade Ms. Mercer Room P4 – Nicholas Elementary
  • 2. Student Behaviors
    • Be prompt
      • Be ready to learn when class begins.
    • Be prepared
      • Have the supplies and books you need
    • Be a polite and positive participant
      • Speak in a quiet voice, and listen when the teacher talks.
    • Be productive
      • Turn in work on time, and always do your best.
    • Be a problem solver
      • Correct problems quickly and peacefully before they escalate.
  • 3. Show Respect
    • Value yourself. Be honest and do the right thing.
    • Treat all members of the school community and all visitors with politeness and respect.
    • Respect the ideas and opinions of others.
    • Help your teacher by helping other students.
    • Be responsible with property and belongings.
  • 4. Responsibility for Coursework
    • Bring your notebook, textbook, and pencils to your desk as you enter the room.
    • Finish your class work in class, and turn in all homework on time.
    • Objectives for each period are posted on the bulletin board along with a list of textbooks you will for the period.
  • 5. Promote Lifelong Learning
    • You can develop lifelong learning traits:
      • Be curious about others and the world;
      • Learn about other people and cultures;
      • Look for new solutions;
      • Use your unique talents and intelligence to promote positive change;
      • Learn and apply technology tools to solve problems.
  • 6. Ms. Mercer’s Class Rules…
    • Respect yourself, respect your fellow students, and respect the adults and property in this school.
    • You can talk, if you raise your hand and after an adult has called on you.
    • You can leave your seat, if you raise your hand and get permission.
    • You can do your best. No permission is required for this.
  • 7. Respect yourself…
    • Examples of not respecting yourself are:
    • Using profanity;
    • Not doing your best;
    • Damaging your work.
    • Consequences: You will receive detention for using profanity, not doing your work or damaging your class work.
  • 8. Respect your fellow students…
    • Examples of not showing respect to your fellow students are:
    • Calling another student a name;
    • Talking about someone's mother, grandmother, or other family members trying to hurt their feelings;
    • Taunting someone ("You gonna do something");
    • Talking about a classmate's body in an insulting way.
    • Consequences: You will receive detention. If the taunting or insults involves threats, you will receive a citation and get detention.
  • 9. Respect the adults…
    • Examples of not showing respect to the adults in the school are:
    • Calling an adult a name;
    • Talking about an adult's body in an insulting way;
    • Refusing to follow directions from an adult.
    • Consequences: You will receive detention if you don’t follow directions. You will receive a call home, and a citation or referral for showing disrespect to an adult.
  • 10. Respect property…
    • Examples of not showing respect for school property are:
    • Writing on or damaging books, furniture, or walls;
    • Stealing;
    • Using the Teacher's Edition without permission;
    • Chewing gum.
    • Consequences: If you chew gum at school, you will receive detention. If you deface something (if you can clean it off) you will clean it up, and receive detention. You will receive a call home, and a citation for damaging school or another student's property, stealing, or using the Teacher's Edition.
  • 11. You can talk, if you raise your hand and after an adult has called on you.
    • Examples of this are talking out of turn, talking back to a teacher (talking after an adult says, "That is the final word."), or talking after an adult tells you or the class to be quiet.
    • You can talk when the teacher calls on you, when the teacher asks for a class response, or when the teacher has you working in groups.
    • Consequences: You will receive detention for talking out of turn or talking during a quiet time. If you are repeatedly disruptive (talking out of turn), you will receive a call home and a written citation/referral.
  • 12. You can leave your seat, if you raise your hand and get permission.
    • Sit upright in your seat (your bottom on the seat, all four chair legs and both of your legs on the floor). No tipping or rocking.
    • Stay out of off-limits areas (teacher desks, teacher cabinets). You should only be at a computer if you have permission.
    • Consequences: You will receive detention for repeated poor body space (not staying in your seat). You will receive detention for being in an off-limits area in the classroom. You will receive a citation for leaving the classroom without permission.
  • 13. You can do your best.
    • No permission is required for this.
  • 14. Policies
    • Gum, permanent markers, and rubber bands are not allowed in the classroom.
    • Recess is the time for using the bathroom – you will owe detention time for using the bathroom during class.
    • Please be in your seat and working within 5 minutes of the bell.
    • Wear your uniform (white collared shirt, blue bottoms) every day.
    • Absences
      • Get Math Notes from the class note book.
      • Make up any homework.
  • 15. Grading
    • Grades are based on the accumulation of points.
    • Points are based on:
      • Major exams and projects
      • Class participation (effort)
      • Completion of assignments
      • (daily work and homework)
    • Grades are included on weekly reports.
    • Homework is assigned four days a week, and is due the next day. You will go to detention if you do not have your homework at the start of class.
    • Our Grading Scale
      • 81-100% = 5
      • 66-80% = 4
      • 45-65% = 3
      • 33-44% = 2
      • Below 33% = 1
  • 16. My Pledge to Students
    • I will trust you until you give me reason to do otherwise.
    • I will respect you and work with you to solve problems.
    • I will promptly correct and offer feedback on your work (within 1-2 weeks).
    • I will work with you to meet learning goals.
    • I will offer extra help should you need them.