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NC power2give training

NC power2give training



PowerPoint presentation for power2give.org NC Statewide Training sessions.

PowerPoint presentation for power2give.org NC Statewide Training sessions.



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  • Camille: Thank you for being here  Our hope for today is that you leave - excited about this new opportunity - anxious for it to go live - and with most of your logistical questions answeredExplanation of why this might be an opportunity for Montgomery County – how Suzan came to hear about it
  • Perry: Unrestricted giving is still desired but giving donors an opportunity for restricted giving is needed to capture the greatest potentialExamples of success seen by other online sites: - DonorsChoose received $1 million gift last fall to fund all projects in the state of California - Kickstarter project just raised $1 million in entrepreneurial investment
  • Perry:Define cultural patron vs. cultural consumerCultural consumers have less overlap with cultural donors than expected There is a huge untapped market right now that traditional fundraising methods are not picking upMany of you include your patrons in your annual fund drive solicitations but those requests are not converting as many donors as we all would like
  • Perry: Enter power2give.org as the culmination of that year-long planning and implementation phase
  • Perry:So, what is it? (see slide)Important to know what it is not….Not a grant making platformNot ASC’s fundraising platform but the cultural sector’sNot a replacement to current fundraising strategies but an addition
  • Scott:So, what is it? (see slide)Important to know what it is not….Not a grant making platformNot ASC’s fundraising platform but the cultural sector’sNot a replacement to current fundraising strategies but an addition
  • Perry: Who will this appeal to versus our normal fundraising base?(Walk through each ring of the circle)
  • Perry: How will this be different in all of the different online giving platforms that are out there?How many are familiar with DonorsChoose (Show of hands) - DonorsChoose is dedicated to the postings by teachers - p2g is dedicated to the postings by cultural organizationsDifferentiators - major gifts for matching funds
  • Perry:The first and most important question is Who Can Post projects to the site.Artists Explanation
  • Laura:The first and most important question is Who Can Post projects to the site.Artists Explanation
  • Laura:The first and most important question is Who Can Post projects to the site.Artists Explanation
  • Perry:The first and most important question is Who Can Post projects to the site.Artists Explanation
  • Laura: In a nut shell- a 7 step process
  • Perry:The Keys to Success are the root of a solid partnership between cultural partners, donors and the power2give platform.Before we dive too deep into the site and the success of it, let’s take a few steps back and talk about the basics of the site and some questions you in the audience might be having …
  • Perry: In a nut shell- a 7 step process
  • Perry:Before we go to the site, a couple of key acknowledgementsettain groupWray WardNow that you know the who and the what, let’s open up the site and walk through some other questions you might have
  • KATE
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  • Suzan:Now that we’ve demonstrated the site and gone through it, you can see how easy we tried to make it for both the potential donor and the organization. But the keys to success are going to be many of you all sitting in this room.Imagine now the projects you might want to have fundedEnvision the promotion strategiesVisualize your board members adopting projects and actively sharing them with their spheres of influence becoming stronger fundraisers and advocates for your efforts

NC power2give training NC power2give training Presentation Transcript

  • Site Demonstration forNorth Carolina’s new cultural marketplace Tuesday, September 24, 2012 • Asheville NC Wednesday, September 25, 2012 • Graham NC Thursday, September 26, 2012 • Goldsboro NCH. Perry Mixter, Project Consultantperry.mixter@artsandscience.org
  • The Giving Landscape is Changing• Donor’s giving habits are changing – Donors are turning to online giving more and more – Online giving platforms have been wildly successful • DonorsChoose.org • Kiva.org • Kickstarter.com• Donor’s preferences are changing – More frequent, smaller gifts – Desire for transparency as to the impact of gifts – Restricted giving over unrestricted giving
  • Opportunity is Knocking FACT:85-90% of Cultural Patrons are NOT Donors
  • What is power2give?• Online marketplace for cultural projects• Opportunity to match donor interests and passions to projects in the community• Fundraising and marketing tool• Personalized solicitations that leverage technology and social media
  • What is power2give? Projects posted by Cultural Organizations Posting organizations Projects promoted thank and engage through personaldonors in new projects solicitations Donors share passion Donors contribute to for projects through specific projects social media
  • Why power2give?• Acknowledges donor trends – More frequent, smaller gifts – Utilization of online tools – Desire for transparency as to the impact of gifts – Restricted giving over unrestricted giving
  • Other Croudfunding Platforms• Dozens, but most popular: – Kickstarter – for profit and non-profit – IndieGoGo – “campaign” based – Donors Choose – classroom projects – US Artists – individual artists projects• None of these platforms – Is designed specifically for non-profit cultural sector – Relies on local or regional host organization to support platform – Has matching sponsor capability
  • CrowdFunding Marketplace p2g has advantages which point to potential opportunities • Niche market • Nonprofit structure • Targets nonprofit project postingsNiche Broad Sector Focus
  • How Is It Different?• Site designed for fundraising and marketing with built in tools to train and share best practices in marketing and promotion• Incorporates matching and challenge grants to incent compelling projects and individual giving• Non-Profit platform• Gift card functionality can drive personal philanthropy as well as corporate employee recognition plans
  • Who Can Post?• Registered 501(c)3 organization• Organization has NC State Solicitation license• NCAC Direct Grantees during fiscal year 2012-2013• Subgrant organizations from Buncombe and New Hanover Counties• Invited A+ Schools
  • What to Post?• Projects – not general operations• Project Budgets can range from $500 to $5,000• No more than 1 project at a time • BUT planned, sequential posting encouraged!• Projects you want to promote and market• Budget relief or new initiatives: your choice!
  • What to Post?Start identifying potential projects for posting: • Compelling activities that you want to tell others about to engage them with your organization or in your own work • High impact programming that touches people in transformative ways • Fun and entertaining gift opportunities that allow potential supports to laugh while they make a difference
  • Posting Logistics• Administrative Fees (12%) – Deducted from each gift – posting organization pays nothing – Cover credit card and gift card fees, financial transaction services, site maintenance and enhancement, marketing, fundraising for matching challenge, and coaching for project posters – Can build this cost into the budget/funding goal for your project• Terms & Conditions (Reference handout) – Brief review of content – Required to accept every time you post a project• Funding Timeline & Process – You will receive your dollars after your project closes (fully funded/expires) along with listing of donors
  • Posting Logistics• You have 60 Days to Get Your Project Funded – You receive the funding regardless of whether you do or do not reach 100% in project funding – You will be responsible for following up with your donors to explain how the project was altered or changed (or not)• We Share all Donor Information -- You receive an e-mail in real-time as donors give to your project on the site – You receive a full file with all your donors to each project after the project expires on the site/you get full funding – ASC retains all donor information as ASC is the charity of record for IRS reporting purposes: this information NOT used for any other purposes and is kept confidential
  • Time Frame Projects posted for 60 Days or Full FundingWhichever comes first!
  • Charlotte Site StatisticsCharlotte-Site Statistics Traffic Sources
  • Results to Date
  • National Expansion Implemented Charlotte, NC | Greensboro, NC Kentucky & So. Indiana | Madison, WI Miami, FL | Winston – Salem, NC Houston, TX | Atlanta, GA Committed Broward County, FL | Fayetteville, NC NC Statewide | Eau Claire WI Raleigh NC | Durham NC Negotiation/Exploratory Birmingham, AL | Cincinnati, OH Denver, CO | Detroit, MI | Fairfax, VA Indianapolis, IN | Kansas City, MO Los Angeles, CA |Memphis, TN New York City, NY | Philadelphia, PA Pittsburgh, PA | St. Louis, MO Salt Lake City, UT | San Jose, CA
  • Site Demonstration Charlotte SiteProject Posting Workflow
  • Process CycleYou log on andregister for an You submit a project and accept the terms & account conditions NCAC/p2g approves or Implement sends you back the project! project within five business days You thank and follow-up NCAC/p2g posts the project with the donor to the site on the date you indicated on the page You receive donor contact Donors contribute to the information in real-time and a full project and receive an file once the project is fully acknowledgment email funded/your time has expired immediately following transaction
  • Selecting the Right ProjectsWhat would you want to support with your gifts?• What new programs have you always wanted to do but never had the funding to do them?• What items do you currently have in the budget that, if paid for through power2give, could free up space in your budget to do more routine but important tasks?• What programs could you expand if you had the funding to do so?
  • Writing YOUR Story• Your Title and Photo are Key Pieces! – It’s the first impression of your project so make it count – Keep it unique and fun – Recommended Length: • Limit to 30 Characters (with spaces); or • Extend to 52 characters (with spaces)
  • Writing YOUR Story (Cont…)• Keep it Simple – We recommend a 200 to 300 word limit – You are writing for the web so brevity is key – Consider writing in the first person• Remember Your Audience – You are writing to Individual Donors; not corporate or foundation boards – Don’t fall victim to the “curse of knowledge”
  • Writing YOUR Story (Cont…)• Tell the Key Ingredients – What do you think of before making a gift to a project of organization outside of your own? • What are their dreams? • How will they utilize the gift? • How will it make a difference? – Lessons learned regarding narratives • Don’t bury the lead • Be transparent • Have fun
  • Example:Making theMundane…..Extraordinary!
  • Donor TestimonialDonor quote – has given 8 gifts in Charlotte since the August 2012 launch (only one was to an organization she has supported previously) "Outstanding program! I absolutely love knowing exactly where my money is going and there are so many choices to support. The best part is hearing from the organizations directly, whether its a thank you card from the program participants or an invitation to see and hear first-hand performances by the students. Power 2 Give never gets stale because new and very creative, diverse programs are added all year long. Thanks ASC."
  • Inviting Donors to Give More• Don’t Affect Charitable Tax-Deductibility of the Gift – NO TCHOTKES! Don’t give them tangible items like tickets, coffee mugs, etc. that might affect the tax deductibility of their gift.• Time to Engage and Thank – Thank you notes from beneficiaries, saying the donor’s name during opening credits of the show, or having a donor’s name printed in the playbill or on special signage – Invite them to a behind the scenes experience - ENGAGE• Tie Gift Levels to Items Identified within the Projects – EXAMPLE: For $50, you can cover the costs of art supplies for one class of children and receive a hand-written note from one of the children.
  • How Will Donors Arrive @ power2give.org?• From emails/social media YOU send to supporters• From YOUR website directly to your projects• NCAC promotes power2give.org statewide site – Via Website – E-mail messages & e-newsletter• NCAC is Pursuing Matching Funds & Gift Card Donors
  • How Will Donors Arrive @ power2give.org?• You Promote Your Projects – Be creative in reaching out to your friends, supporters, and networks – Promote to your current audiences and segment for different messages – Educate board members, volunteers, other supporters and fans to be advocates for projects and encourage them to share projects with their spheres of influence – Use social media to promote projects – Incorporate into existing marketing plans
  • How Will Donors Arrive @ power2give.org?• About Gift Cards
  • How Will Donors Arrive @ power2give.org?• Lessons Learned • Ambassadors are key component • Promote project’s impact first (not site or match) • Vary marketing approaches for different constituencies • Best projects and promotions are innovative collaborations joint efforts between organizations
  • Marketing Tools for Success• You will be given an Electronic Toolkit, including: – Draft E-mail Templates for: • Matching Grant Funding • View Our Projects Now • Project Fully Funded Thank You E-mail • Project is about to Expire – One-Pagers on writing project narratives – One-Pagers on stewarding & thanking donors – Sample social media copy – Logos for website links and newsletters
  • Donors Have Given: Now What?• Donor Thank You Process • Donor receives automatic e-mail from ASC with their information following their donation • Donor receives gift acknowledgment letter from ASC• How You are Looped Into This Process • You receive a blind copy on the automatic e-mail that the donor receives, giving you real-time results • You receive a detailed spreadsheet of all donors to your project after the project expires/fully funded (whichever comes first)
  • Donor Stewardship & Follow-Up• You cannot thank them too much! • Thank them when they give (power2give.org system generates email) • Thank them when the project is fully funded • Thank them when the project is executed and tell them your story again by sharing impact of the project• You have information -- now use it! • Contact them when new projects are live on the site • Introduce them to your other giving opportunities (e.g., invite them to participate in your annual fund drive) • Link the projects they supported with your organization’s or your other interests
  • Donor Stewardship & Follow-Up• Donor Stewardship • New donors desire ongoing contact • 46% of donors to first 60 projects in Charlotte were new donors to posting organizations • Invitations to get to know you or your organization are appropriate before re-soliciting • Secure and share donor testimonials
  • NC Statewide launch date: Friday, November 9, 2012 (Initial posting period closes October 31)
  • Questions & Answers CONTACT:perry.mixter@artsandscience.org 864.497.9290