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Windows is the uncelebrated superhero taken for granted. The Hancock of superheroes that the public does not know why or what they should appreciate about it. Time to remind them of its significance and allow Windows' true character to shine through.

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  • Greater Story that involves both directions equally, authentically based on Microsoft reputation.
  • IM A PC speaks to diversity among people/users.
  • Life without Walls speaks to accessibility and compatibility! The RUSH of Technology Connecting!
  • MAC is of a SINGULAR Identity, PC is any one and everyone moving in every direction. 95% of market share, 1 billion people with one billion different interests. Conclusion: life wo walls, compatability through devices, im a pc is compatibility with people and windows, but there is so much more...
  • We thought of most random things we could things of. Obvious how windows had a role. Windows is part of nearly everthing.
    People making things, their influence on the world. Karla designs for fashion line, sends picture of latest from phone using Windows Mobile for approval, John shares with Show Directors by Windows Live to determine this years line up, Committee Chair submits order and coordinates shipments from overseas suppliers
  • PROVE IT!! Windows/Microsoft is very big, very involved
    Not one size fits all, fits the vast needs of a diversity. NOT MUCH IS SEPARATING US THESE DAYS
  • Microsoft Windows

    1. 1. I’M A PC and I’ve been made into a stereotype.
    2. 2. I’M A PC
    3. 3. Life Without Walls
    4. 4. Singular vs Diverse Identity
    5. 5. What’s Next? Tell a greater story that involves both directions equally, authentically based on Microsoft reputation. If I’M A PC talks to diversity of users and Life Without Walls demonstrates compatibility, how do we evolve the conversation—What does it mean for people, for this world?
    6. 6. Windows is the Common Denominator Windows 95% MKT /// Small World Effect People & Technology & Ideas and 1 Billion things in between /// Everything is connected — Literally, not hypothetically
    7. 7. (or LESS) Six Degrees of Separation
    8. 8. Phase I Teaser Making Connections
    9. 9. Teaser Degrees of Separation
    10. 10. Physical Connections
    11. 11. Phase II Six Degrees of Separation (or LESS)
    12. 12. Online Connections
    13. 13. Phase III Viral Bacon
    14. 14. Bacon’s Common Denominator
    15. 15. Bacon on String Theory
    16. 16. RESULTS The team from Crispin Porter + Bogusky awarded our team Best Overall Strategy because “the story sparks ideas. Not only did (we) make a fluid continuance of the Life Without Walls concept; (we) took into mind the qualities that can be perceived as negative and turned them on their head while capturing a truth of Windows. Winning teams get the opportunity to pitch the man himself in Boulder, Colorado.”
    17. 17. BEST OVERALL