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Like minds social business digital sparks


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Digital Sparks- Social Media technologies

Digital Sparks- Social Media technologies

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  • 1. Don’t Let Your Tail Wag the Dog Digital Sparks – 16th Nov. 2011 Andrew Gerrard @andrewgerrard #LikeMinds
  • 2. All of the web is becoming social All business is done on the web All business will be Social Business Beyond influence and media, the real opportunities lie in creating a more collaborative, dynamic and connected business. Jeff Dachis Founder & CEO, Dachis Group #LikeMinds
  • 3. Social media fits within a larger digital, and integrated strategy; don’t think of it merely as a tool for marketing & PR Howard Schultz Chairman & CEO, Starbucks #LikeMinds
  • 4. How to integrate social media/digital innovation within every facet of an organization? Teach. Do not cut legal, HR, R&D, product development out of the integration strategy. Involve them. B. Bonin Bough Global Director of Digital #LikeMinds and Social Media, PepsiCo
  • 5. The shape of a new social business also needs the shape of a new kind of leader Someone willing to be the bridge, not the person front and center to every decision, but the coach and the moderator and the facilitator. Amber Naslund VP Social Strategy, Radian6 #LikeMinds
  • 6. Maintain a consistent tone of voice across all outreach channels, but don’t strip out the personality of the person Tweeting, posting, blogging. Ruth Speakman head of consumer PR #LikeMinds and social media, Sony Europe
  • 7. The customer however, does not see silos, they see the company as one. It’s time for an integrated approach to create an adaptive business, a collaborative business, an aspirational business…. a business of one. Brian Solis Author, Engage Principal, Altimeter Group #LikeMinds
  • 8. #1. markets are conversations talk is cheap silence is fatal the cluetrain manifesto #LikeMinds
  • 9. Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind dont matter, and those who matter dont mind. Bernard Baruch Wall St. Financier Presidential Adviser #LikeMinds
  • 10. Social media demands good story-telling. But good story-telling is not going to earn you extra budget. Adam Brown Director of Interactive Marketing, Dell #LikeMinds
  • 11. What if we made community an integral part of our business? What if we recognized that we can’t have strong businesses without a strong community and we can’t have a strong community without compassion? Mitch Joel President, Twist Image #LikeMinds Author, Six Pixels of Separation
  • 12. The Web was just the proof of concept. Now the revolution gets real Chris Anderson Editor-in-Chief, Wired Magazine Author, The Long Tail #LikeMinds
  • 13. Social business isn’t a state, it’s an acknowledgement that culture and technology has changed, and that organizations can leverage these changes to solve the same business problems that they have always had and will always have. Jacob Morgan Principal, Chess Media Group #LikeMinds
  • 14. #77. Youre too busy "doing business" to answer our email? Oh gosh, sorry, gee, well come back later. Maybe. the cluetrain manifesto #LikeMinds
  • 15. Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted. Albert Einstein #LikeMinds
  • 16. You cant expect employees to look at email at 11pm, but stop them looking at Facebook at 11am Vivek Badrinath CEO, Orange Business Services #LikeMinds
  • 17. it’s not what the software does. it’s what the user does. Hugh Macleod @gapingvoid #LikeMinds
  • 18. Technology can only ever serve as a bridge, never as a destination Lord Puttnam Filmmaker #LikeMinds
  • 19. Don’t Let Your Tail Wag the Dog Digital Sparks – 16th Nov. 2011 Andrew Gerrard @andrewgerrard #LikeMinds