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Future of media graphs

  1. 1. FESTIVAL OF MEDIA GLOBAL 2013 ‘FUTURE OF MEDIA’ SURVEYOVERVIEW:Is the media industry ready for a future where an algorithm plans and buys media, and the mediaplanner becomes a thing of the past? While automated media buying is certainly having an impacton the industry, offering real benefits to advertisers, the results of this survey of 100 mediaagencies, media owners and brands reveal mixed views.Many believe media agencies are adaptingwell and that the media planner’s role will change to take on more of a strategic/advisorycapacity; however there is some concern over a lack of industry standards and transparency, andthe disadvantage of a lack of human input. This survey has been conducted by the Festival ofMedia Global 2013.GRAPHS:
  2. 2. ENDSFor press information please contact MaryLou Costa or Caroline Doyle on (+44) 20 7249 7769 or atfirstname.surname@withpr.co.ukOr visit http://www.festivalofmedia.com for all award entry and event booking information.You can read The Festival of Media Global 2013 ‘Agenda’ here and check out videos of previousFestivals and key presentations at www.YouTube.com/thefestivalofmediaPlease credit The Festival of Media with all images and videos used.Notes to the editor
  3. 3. About C SquaredC Squared is one of the fastest-growing specialist publishing, events and technology companies inEurope. Its mission is to help the media and marketing industry become more connected and betterinformed so that it is fully equipped to respond to the challenges and opportunities brought aboutby digital technology and globalization. The company first launched Cream magazine in 2005 toreflect the changes taking place in global media. Cream has now become the world’s largestdatabase of media innovation and its bespoke technology serves many of the leading global agencygroups and multinational advertisers. C Squared launched The Festival of Media in Venice in 2007and the brand now has 3 major Events across the world, attended by 4,000 senior delegates andreceiving over 3,000 Awards entries. In 2009, C Squared acquired the leading brand M&M Global;plus the M&M Global Awards and the popular media training course, IMM. In 2011 C Squaredcreated its “Original Events” unit, which has since created leading events for clients including WiredMagazine, Unilever and BeViacom.www.csquared.cc#FOMG13@FestivalOfMediaContactsFor information on the awards:Email Danielle Redwood Danielle.Redwood@csquared.cc or call +44 (0) 20 7367 6986For information on delegate booking rates:Email Patrick ONeillPatrick@csquared.cc or call +44 (0) 20 7367 6995For information on sponsorship and exhibition opportunities:Email James Fleetham James.Fleetham@csquared.cc or call +44 (0) 20 7367 6977For information on the agenda:Email Martina Lacey Martina@csquared.cc or call +44 (0) 20 7367 6988