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Conestoga newsletter april may 2012

  1. 1. Conestoga Energy Partners, LLCApril/May 2012 Conestoga ConnectionInside this issue: Successful Annual MeetingSuccessful Annual 1-2 Conestoga Energy Partners held their annual meetingMeeting and customer appreciation event on April 3, 2012. ItSyngenta Trial 2 was an extraordinary night and set a benchmark that will be hard to beat!Arkalon Ethanol 3 Featured speakers for the evening were MarcusSafety Meeting Luttrell, Decorated Navy SEAL & Best-Selling AuthorRelay for Life 3 of Lone Survivor, and General Wesley Clark, Former NATO Supreme Allied Commander & Presidential Candidate.Introducing Richard 4Hanson “When I think back to our company’s first event inGrandma’s Gals 4 2008 and the 70 or so people in attendance and Tom Willis, Conestoga’s compare it to this year’s event and the 525 people in CEO, speaking.Anniversaries and 5 attendance, I am awe struck with the growth ofBirthdays our team. Our circle of influence has grownBuilding Better 6 exponentially. Skeptics have become customers!Teams Those who originally voiced opposition to our startup now champion the value we bring to the community. Within our sphere of influence, theContact info: little company that could has become a company of doers”, Tom Willis, CEO says.Conestoga Energy Continued on page two...Partners, LLC Josh Lopez presenting Marcus Luttrell a300 N. Lincoln Ave token of appreciation.PO Box 1178Liberal, KS 67901Phone:(620) 624-2901Fax: (620) 624-2919 The meeting was attended by 525 General Wesley Clark speaking. employees and guests.
  2. 2. Successful Annual Meeting - continued“General Clark was very clear that home grown renewable fuel has an impact on our nation’ssecurity and economy. Marcus Luttrell’s comments about “crossing the line in the sand”and “only the individual can choose whether they accept the challenge if they do cross,” hithome with me! While there are differences between being a Navy Seal and being part ofTeam Conestoga Energy Partners, there are many similarities. Accountability andexcellence are mantras shared by both groups! There is nothing like the feeling of pride thatcomes from belonging to a team that never quits! In short, I think our team showed verywell last Tuesday and I would like to thank everybody for the 365 days a year of hard workthat went into making the event such a success.”Dusty Turner, COO, also spoke on the success of the evening. "I continue to be remindedfrequently as of late, how big of an impact Conestoga Energy not only has on creating analternative for independence on foreign oil, but also how big of a positive impact it has onthe lives of our customers, business partners, friends and families here insouthwest Kansas. We had an overwhelming response, mostly due to theunbelievable effort the Annual Meeting Committee Members put into organizingand executing the event. I have had so many people express to me how thankfulthey were to be a part of the event. It is times like this that make you proud torepresent Conestoga as well as America.” Marcus Luttrell signing a copy of his book for Tom Willis. Garden City’s Junior ROTC Color Nick Hatcher, Conestoga’s Chairman General Wesley Clark answering Guard presenting the flags. of the Board, speaking. questions after his speech.Syngenta TrialOn Thursday, April 12th at 6:15 am, Bonanza began grinding the Enogen Corn for our trial with Syngenta. The EnogenCorn or “super corn” as we refer to it, is an inherent corn-amylase enzyme designed for use in dry-grind ethanolproduction facilities. It offers specific benefits to ethanol plants based on its ability to drastically reduce the viscosity ofdry-grind mash. By mid-morning we had completely shut off the supply of Alpha Amylase enzyme to both slurry andliquid.We are still in the beginning stages of the trial and have already noticed some changes on how the plant is running.Slurry pump pressure changed immediately and our slurry strainers are cleaner than they ever have been. This makes iteasier and less of a safety hazard each time one needs to be cleaned. During this trial we will be performing several testsand gathering a lot of data to support our findings and help us make the changes we need to make this trial successful.April/May 2012 Page 2
  3. 3. Arkalon Ethanol Safety Meeting Minutes - March 6th 2012 Present: Benito Alvidrez, Jesus Moreno, Ben Garner, Aaron Garcia, Jeff Gilbert, Eswin Leon, Cindy Hagemeier, Helene Garst, Jeff Bach, Juan Cuevas, Jose Avila, and Tom Griebel Severe Weather -Discussion on planning and implementation of severe weather drill. Communication - check radios, are they reliable, where do we go?, head counts, and plant wide alarm. Leads will be responsible for communicating to the entire plant when a watch is issued. We discussed the possibility of having an alarm system throughout the plant. Tom Griebel will check with the alarm company for severe weather alarm for every building. Grains - Jeff Bach and Benito Alvidrez – once a warning is issued all grains personnel are to be brought to the process area and kept out of grains until the warning is cleared. Operations - Designate someone for total head counts from each area of the plant-maintenance, ops, lab, grains, inbound scale, wetcake trucks on site, grain trucks, vendors, contractors, Chapparal, and Frontier. Quote of the Month: Scalehouse will be advising incoming trucks of any warnings issued. “It is a bad carpenter County map for quick reference should be posted in control room for leads who quarrels with his monitoring weather. tools. It is a bad general who blames For the drill, we will use timers to see how long it takes to get to process from grains. his men for faulty workmanship.” DRILL- was Thursday April 5th Mahatma GandhiRelay for Life “iRelay” is the theme for For Life of Finney County this year’s Relay For Life will be held August 10th at in Finney County. The 6:00 pm at Memorial theme was chosen for Stadium in Garden City. To everyone to remember the date, our Relay For Life reason they participate in Team has raised over $600 the Relay For Life. Many not including the sponsor of us know someone who donation. We plan to have has or is battling cancer more fundraisers this and this is a way to show summer to reach a goal of“To date our Relay For we care. $2,500. If any employee or family member would likeLife Team has raised The Bonanza Public to participate on our team,over $600 not Relations Group and please contact Angieincluding the sponsor Conestoga Energy Partners Richardson to register.donation” together as sponsors made Cost is $10 to register andAngie Richardson a $1,000 donation to the includes a T-shirt for the event. This year’s Relay 2012 Relay For Life.April/May 2012 Page 3
  4. 4. Introducing Richard Hanson- Production ManagerI want to say “Hi” to all of the Conestoga Energy Partner’s Team. As some ofyou may or may not know, I have been here at the Arkalon Energy site sinceApril of 2011. I came to the site as a contractor through WB Services to helpsupport Jeff and the operations team. I was welcomed into the plant duringthat time, and when the offer came in November to join the Conestoga Team, Ididn’t hesitate.I grew up in the small town of Montevideo, Minnesota. As a city kid I spent mysummers at our family farm in South Dakota. My career in the corn millingindustry started in 1981 with Minnesota Corn Processors in Marshall,Minnesota, now ADM, a corn wet mill plant producing dry starch and cornsyrup. It was not until 1987 during a plant expansion with the construction ofthe ethanol plant that my career path changed to the ethanol industry. WhenMCP expanded and built the plant in Columbus, Nebraska, I became part ofthe engineering, construction and start up team and moved to Columbus. I later left MCP to branch out into the dry millethanol industry. Through the years, I have been fortunate to work at several production facilities of various engineereddesigns. To expand my knowledge in the industry, I continued to work in plant construction, start up, operator training,plant management, plant performance, research and development, and the piloting of new products for the ethanolindustry.My wife Kathy and I moved to Liberal last April from North Carolina just in time to enjoy last year’s hot and dry summer.I have been blessed to be able to say that I have been married for 32 years. We have two grown children and fourgrandchildren. Our son Rick and his family live in Shabbona, Illinois where he works for Goodyear Tire and Rubber. Ourdaughter Ashley and her husband live in Wichita, Kansas and they both work for Hawker BeechCraft Flight SafetyInternational.Grandma’s Gals - By Sharla ArringtonMy sister and I are walking major surgery and a very and will reach a trainingin the Avon Walk for Breast difficult recovery, but she peak of 22 miles and 10Cancer, located in the won the battle. Our miles the following day, Sharla appreciatesRocky Mountains in Grandma passed away in within the coming your support to helpJune. It is a 39.3 mile walk the Fall of 2011. She was weeks. The Walk takes place her meet her goal ofover 2 days. The first day kind, caring and a big- the weekend of June 23-24, $2,500 dollars!we will walk a full hearted woman who 2012 between Keystone andmarathon (26.2 miles), committed everything she Breckinridge, Colorado. Wefollowed by a ½ marathon had to our family. This is are greatly looking forwardon Sunday (13.1 miles). our tribute to her and all to this exhilarating goal! other men and women that We are taking this are affected by breastchallenge in memory of our cancer.Grandma, Louise Evans,and also many friends and Our training hasrelatives that have battled increasingly gainedbreast cancer. Our intensity over the last fewGrandma Louise battled months. We have workedbreast cancer over 40 years up to 14 miles (our furthestago. She went through a distance at one time so far)April/May 2012 Page 4
  5. 5. Anniversaries Four Years Joshua Foster May 7th Arkalon Plant Tyler Patterson May 19th Bonanza Plant Michael Lillman May 30th Bonanza Plant Randy Tatro May 30th Arkalon Plant One YearRigoberto Arias Jr May 2nd Arkalon PlantMatthew Paxson May 4th Bonanza Plant Five YearsGriselda Deleon May 9th Corporate Office Matt Presley April 9th Corporate OfficeVincent Lovato May 16th Arkalon Plant Matt Durler April 9th Corporate Office Sharla Arrington April 23rd Corporate Office Two Years Thomas Griebel April 30th Corporate Office Ryan Klaus May 29th Corporate OfficeMichael Nelson May 5th Bonanza Plant Dale Gannett May 29th Bonanza PlantLevi Richardson May 21st Bonanza Plant Three YearsMartin Harrison May 11th Arkalon Plant Six YearsThomasina Johansen May 18th Bonanza Plant Dusty Turner May 1st Corporate OfficeBirthdays April Julian Hernandez April 7th Bonanza Plant Ben Bach April 7th Arkalon Plant Richard Hanson April 4th Arkalon Plant Gabriela Guereca April 4th Arkalon Plant Griselda Deleon April 30th Corporate Office Jason Dale April 29th Corporate Office May Dusty Turner April 26th Corporate Office Martin Harrison May 8th Arkalon Plant Randy Tatro May 4th Arkalon Plant Terrilyn Chandler May 3rd Arkalon Plant Cindy Hagemeier May 31st Arkalon Plant Amber Franklin May 30th Corporate Office David Ramirez May 30th Arkalon Plant William Widows May 29th Bonanza Plant James Mitchell May 28th Bonanza Plant Rigoberto Arias Jr May 24th Arkalon Plant Tom Willis May 20th Corporate OfficeApril/May 2012 Page 5
  6. 6. Building Better Teams Through Trust: Steps You Can TakeJohn leads a high performing, profitable manufacturing plant in the mid-west. As a star performer, John likes to be inthe spotlight and is concerned about being upstaged by his teammates. He often keeps information to himself, thinking itgives him power and control. What he is really doing is breaking trust.Trust is the foundation of a teams effectiveness. Without trust, a team will not do more than just go through the motionsof teamwork. In Johns case, the team members distrust cost him his job.“Trust is built - or destroyed - by our behaviors. People earn the trust of others when they demonstrate three forms ofTransactional Trust™”, according to Michelle and Dennis Reina of The Trust Building Institute. They use the term"Transactional Trust" because it is reciprocal in nature. "You have to give trust to get trust," Michelle explains.Contractual trust sets the tone and direction of the team. If you have ever been disappointed by someone who did notdo what he promised, then youve experienced a betrayal of contractual trust. Maybe you schedule team meetings, notifypeople well in advance and get to the meeting on time, yet find yourself waiting for the same people who are consistentlylate. Or perhaps someone made an unreasonable request of you, putting you in a bind. To strengthen contractual trustamong team members, you will want to:  Manage expectations  Establish boundaries.  Delegate appropriately  Encourage mutually-serving intentions.  Keep agreements  Be consistentCommunication trust establishes information flow and how team members talk with oneanother. How willing are you to share information with others on your team? How do you decidewhat to share and what to hold back? What happens when someone questions the truthfulness ofothers? How team members communicate with each other and how they speak about each otherare clues to the level of communication trust. Guidelines for fostering communication trustinclude:  Share information Tell the truth  Admit mistakes  Give and receive constructive feedback  Maintain confidentiality  Speak with good purposeCompetence trust allows the team to leverage and further develop skills and knowledge. Micromanaging is a sign thatcompetence trust is lacking on your team. Maybe youve felt micromanaged or underutilized, or perhaps you rarely allowothers to make decisions, assuming that no one can make decisions as good as yours. To build competence trust it isimportant to:  Acknowledge peoples skills and abilities  Allow people to make decisions  Involve others and seek their input  Help people learn skillsA starting point for building trust within your team is to ask yourself, "Which of the three types of trust am I best atcultivating? Which of the three types of trust is my weakest area?" Think of specific examples that show your capacity forbuilding trust and those that reveal ways you diminish trust."So often we dont look at trust as something to improve on as leaders or in our teams," says Reina. "But we do choose tobehave in ways that either support or undermine trust in the workplace." Sure, it sounds great to build trust and lessenthe impact of betrayal at work. But Michelle Reina argues that building trust is also a smart business move."Business is conducted through relationships, and trust is the foundation of effective relationships," says Reina."Whatever your strategic priorities may be - leading change, improving collaboration, fostering employee engagement,recruitment and retention - trust (or lack of trust) is playing a part."Reina also cites research that shows organizations in which front-line employees trusted senior leadership posted a 42percent higher return on shareholder investment over those firms where distrust was the norm (Watson Wyatt Worldwide Study, 2002, 2004). Good news, until you consider that roughly half of all managers dont trust their leaders (Robert Hurley, HBR, "The Decision to Trust", September 2006). "The research on the level of trust in our organizations is sobering," says Reina. "Fortunately, we can each take steps to build trust in the workplace." - Article submitted by Betsey Upchurch , CEO of P4 ConsultingApril/May 2012 Page 6