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  1. 1. Challenge: ! YELE IS A RURAL VILLAGE IN SIERRA LEONE WHERE:• No electricity is available, neither to households or retailers (energy poverty)• Economic development is virtually non-existent and the young people are migrating to the city in search of better jobs.• Unemployment is currently 65%.• Food from the harvest season cannot be stored or processed which results in high malnutrition• People have no access to medicines or vaccines that require cool storage• There is no running drinking water• The only alternative energy source are expensive, inefficient and polluting diesel generators 1
  2. 2. Solution ! 1. Deploy Renewable Energy: We help refurbish the vandalized hydro power plant to bring electricity and economic growth to the community.Together with a local NGO the LionHeart Foundation, we are refurbishing the hydro power plantin Yele. Deploying electricity in rural areas will address aforementioned problems. However, theWorld Bank has identified that rural electrification alone does not guarantee economicdevelopment. Small and medium enterprises (SME’s) need to be empowered to ensure economic ArchitectonischconceptYELECommunityBazar27-04-2010growth and sustainability of the rural community. 2. Build Community Bazaar We build a central market place for small shop-owners to use electricity for income generation.The Community Bazaar will provide electricity and convert it into useful facilities for shopowners:refrigeration, light, clean drinking water and internet. Facilitating the productive sector aswell as the residential market has been shown to be crucial for cost recovery. The emphasis of theCommunity Bazaar is on the direct income-generating uses of energy. 2
  3. 3. IDEA: Community Bazaar Community Bazaar: part of a comprehensive solution to catalyze economic development in rural Sierra Leone, using renewable energy. ! 1. We construct the bazaar and provide key facilities: ELECTRICITY - WATER - COOLING SYSTEM - INTERNET - TOILET - 2. The local entrepreneurs will do the rest: PHARMACY - INTERNET CAFÉ - FOOD PROCESSING SHOP - MOBILE PHONE STORE AND CHARGING POINT - GARMENT SHOP - MECHANIC - PALM OIL PRODUCTS - WELDING SHOP - BANK - ICE CUBS VENDOR Entrepreneurial Coach 3. With the help of the ENTREPRENEURIAL COACH that we will provideBundling the delivery of electricity with other services or coordinating rural electrificationwith other development programs has been shown to magnify its effect on income. 3
  4. 4. The Market T0*$%+)34!($.,10!/!+#$!T66 )0, B3;33&!U!*%2&,1#+!82!R63&*#,+$* +2! +)&$ TARGET GROUP... ! ...of entrepreneurial coach: 16 shopowners + 1 manager ...of bazaar facilities: 16 shopowners T0*$%+)34!($.,10!/!+#$!T66)0,+2! B3;33&!U!*%2&,1#+!82!R63&*#,+$*+)&$ ...of value-added products: community of Yele + Maruko, SIZE: Magbare, Mabaime, and Makali 21,000 = 6,000 in Yele + 15,000 in neighboring villages Maruko, Magbare, Mabaime, and Makali. If pilot is successful, then other villages too.D! Suggestion Board will be placed on land chosen for community bazaar so H3630,!IJ5!K$,L0($&630.!M9!NOOD9!M0$&125!P-$&+25!30(!?$0($&Q!@!R20+#$.,.9!%9!DS9!A3.#,01+05!>TQ!A&4(!B30C that people can suggest shops they would like to see. The shops will be given votes by the community to make the final choice, though priority will be ! given to the shops that address Millenium Development Goals Growth: Currently, only the 3 main cities (Freewtown, Bo, and Kenema) have power. People are already moving into Yele from surrounding neighborhoods because of the palm oil mill and health clinic installed by the LionHeart Foundation. Electricity will only catalyze this trend. The productive use of energy in the Community Bazaar is expected to result in increased rural productivity, greater economic growth, and a rise in rural employment, which would not only raise incomes but also reduce the migration of the rural poor to urban areas.” 4
  5. 5. Impacts• Creation of 16 local businesses that will bring jobs to at least as many people !• New products and services will be available and will have a big impact in the community (cool drinks, internet, study room, processed food, medicines, etc.)• Productivity will increase which will benefit both the shop owners and the community [In India income of farmers increased with 68% on average due to rural electrification programs (power and light)]• Medicine and vaccines that need refrigeration will become available in the pharmacy to serve 21,000 people in the area (e.g., measles and tetanus toxoid vaccine).• A food processing shop could drastically reduce malnutrition, as pasteurization, refrigeration and other food conservation methods could make food available all-year round.• A bank branch (we’re currently negotiating with Ecobank) will be put in the bazaar. All people in Yele will then have access to a financial services.• Clean drinking water from the water purification plant will become available at the bazaar, which can potentially reduce water born disease cases in the community.• The Bazaar will magnify the community feeling being a regional center for people to interact, meet and make business. 5
  6. 6. The Team Team Leader: Anna Delgado ! Paul van der Boor ( ( Technology and Policy Program MIT, PhD in Engineering and Public Policy at Class of 2012. Carnegie Mellon University. Class of 2013 Main responsibilities: water integration Main responsibilities: hydropower and entrepreneurial coach integration and fundraising. Mauricio Gomez Antal van Kolck ( ( Technology and Policy Program Double Masters in Applied Physics and MIT, Class of 2012. Management of Technology. Class of Main responsibilities: community 2010. Main responsibilities: business integration and shop selection. development and communication.Local Partners and supervisors of the project:Bai Sunthuba Osara III – Paramount Chief of the Tonkolili District, Sierra LeoneDrs. F.J. Nederlof – President of the Lion Heart Foundation, local NGO. Please read our proposal for more information about the project and visit our page to know more about us!! 6