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Anil bairwal


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  • 1. Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR) ,
  • 2. About ADR
    • Established in 1999 to help improve democracy and governance in India
    • Started by filing a PIL in Delhi High Court in 1999 asking for disclosure of criminal, financial and educational background of contesting candidates
    • Based on this, Supreme Court in 2002 and subsequently in 2003 made background disclosure mandatory for candidates
    • Have been conducting Election Watches ever since
    • Has an Election Watch chapter now in each state
  • 3. Election Watch
    • High level of criminalization and role of money power in Indian politics
    • Candidate’s antecedents not known to people when they vote even though candidates declare them in their affidavits to the election commission
      • Little time between the availability of these affidavits and elections
      • Several affidavits too long
      • Low level Information format not consistent
      • Not easy for people to comparison candidates in their constituency
      • Assets of several MPs and MLAs increase many fold, but reliable information not available in time
  • 4. Election Watch Process (candidate background information dissemination)
    • Provide authentic, unbiased information on candidates antecedents in time to enable voters to make an informed choice
      • Get the background information of candidates from their affidavits
      • Enter them into an online system
      • Ensure that data is correct
      • Prepare various reports for media, voters, NGOs, political parties, etc
      • Disseminate far and wide
    • All this in a very short period of a week to ten days
  • 5. Disseminating information of candidates to voters quickly
    • Integrated approach
      • Through the website for tech savvy and urban voters:
      • Through a tool free helpline to rural voters:
        • 1-800-110-440
      • Through SMS to mobile savvy voters
        • Send MYNETA <PINCODE> to 56070
  • 6. Dissimenation Info via web (
  • 7. Disseminating Info wirelessly To get information Information on mobile via SMS 6 lakh people have registered so far To:56070 MYNETA 802208 TARAPUR- Cand(1): SHAKUNI CHOUDHARY(RJD) Crim.Cases - Yes (7), Assets 1.8Cr, Liab 1.3 Lk, Edu 10th. Cand(2): SANJAY KUMAR, ….
  • 8. Creating Pressure on Political Structure by SMS Push service
    • Active for 4-6 months during elections
    • Messages sent regularly based on data
    • Database includes numbers of MPs, MLAs, Election observers, MYNETA users, etc.
  • 9. Sample messages sent
    • Bihar vidhan sabha 05 me 50% MLAs par apradhik mamle lambit hai. Apni party se kaho ki is baat apradhiyon ko ticket na dain
    • Bihar vidhan Sabha 10 chunao charan ek me 3 (1 BJP ka aur 2 swatantra) ummeedwar aise hai jinpar balatkar se sambhandhit apradhik mamle lambit hai. Is baar umidwaron ki puri jaankari lekar vote do
    • Bihar MLAs ki sampati pichle 5 saal main 300% badhi, is baar aisa MLA chune jo aap ke liye kaam kare
    • Other messages based on tickets given to crorepatis, women, election expenses, and so on
  • 10. Results
    • Change is slow and VERY difficult to measure
    • A large number of candidates with serious pending cases contesting the Lok Sabha 2009 elections like Pappu Yadav, Atiq Ahmed, Mukhtar Ansari, Akhilesh Singh, etc. lost.
    • Political parties are responding – Major parties have announced that they will give tickets to criminals
    • # of MPs with serious criminal cases against them has gone down in last 2 elections (from 5.1 to 3.6 cases per person)
    • In elections in 2010, no of criminals contesting elections has gone down from 20% to 14% overall
    • New Initiatives announced by Election Commission to curb expenses and on functioning of political parties
  • 11. Future Plans (on use of mobile)
    • Run the sms push service throughout the five years
    • Get the messages in hindi and other regional messages
    • Include other information in the message
      • performance parameters of elected representatives
      • Information on Political Parties activities – their internal elections, the donations received, financial parameters, etc.