Kolkata Aquarium Club - Introduction To Emersed Setups


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Kolkata Aquarium Club Introduction To Emersed Setups
Presented by Rahul Mukherjee on KAC monthly meet June'13.

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Kolkata Aquarium Club - Introduction To Emersed Setups

  1. 1. Kolkata Aquarium ClubFishkeeping Simplifiedwww.kolkata-aquarium.com1AN INTRODUCTION TO EMERSED SETUPS- Enough to get you startedBrought to you byRahul MukherjeeKolkata Aquarium ClubJune 2013 meet
  2. 2. Kolkata Aquarium ClubFishkeeping Simplifiedwww.kolkata-aquarium.com2Where Do The Majority Of Our Aquatic PlantsCome From?The term “aquatic plants” could be easily put to a controversy if we take alook at how they are commercially grown.However its for commercial purposes only and without that, perhaps wewouldn’t get plants as healthy as we expect or at the price we can afford.Let’s take a tour of some common places of interest.
  3. 3. Kolkata Aquarium ClubFishkeeping Simplifiedwww.kolkata-aquarium.com3This is exactly how anubius sp and bolbitis sp thrive.These two plants share the habitat with each other.And photographs revealthat they are found in air. Conditions are: humidity 100 % with frequentrainfall,temp exceeded 40 deg Centigrade.Photo courtesy aqua journal 102012
  4. 4. Kolkata Aquarium ClubFishkeeping Simplifiedwww.kolkata-aquarium.com4A picture of java fern naturally growing
  5. 5. Kolkata Aquarium ClubFishkeeping Simplifiedwww.kolkata-aquarium.com5This is how it is done in farms.How about walking across thousands of pots of anubiusPhotos from oriental aquatics in singaporeWith courtesy of http://www.aquarticles.com/
  6. 6. Kolkata Aquarium ClubFishkeeping Simplifiedwww.kolkata-aquarium.com6Spraying at intervals with sprinklersIts a controlled environment nevertheless.Courtesy of www.aquarticles.net
  7. 7. Kolkata Aquarium ClubFishkeeping Simplifiedwww.kolkata-aquarium.com7And from my garden tooCeratopteris sp completely in land during rainy season. It dries upcompletely in summer
  8. 8. Kolkata Aquarium ClubFishkeeping Simplifiedwww.kolkata-aquarium.com8The Aerial Advantage In Aquatic Plants1.Faster growth as compared to submerged ones.2.Better utilisation of CO2 and light3.Efficient oxygenation of the root area4.Better biological activity in root clusters.Out of these the first two points are the most important and it is these twothat are apparent.
  9. 9. Kolkata Aquarium ClubFishkeeping Simplifiedwww.kolkata-aquarium.com9A SIMPLE WAY OF DOING ITThere are however many ways to do it.Opinions differ from place to place and person to person.But the basic thing behind it is the same.But I generally prefer a simpler technique which is easy and less timeconsuming.Here are the steps.
  10. 10. Kolkata Aquarium ClubFishkeeping Simplifiedwww.kolkata-aquarium.com10ALL YOU NEED are as followsA container or traySubstrateSprayerGlass lidLight sourceLastly culture starters of course
  11. 11. Kolkata Aquarium ClubFishkeeping Simplifiedwww.kolkata-aquarium.com11
  12. 12. Kolkata Aquarium ClubFishkeeping Simplifiedwww.kolkata-aquarium.com12
  13. 13. Kolkata Aquarium ClubFishkeeping Simplifiedwww.kolkata-aquarium.com13
  14. 14. Kolkata Aquarium ClubFishkeeping Simplifiedwww.kolkata-aquarium.com14
  15. 15. Kolkata Aquarium ClubFishkeeping Simplifiedwww.kolkata-aquarium.com15
  16. 16. Kolkata Aquarium ClubFishkeeping Simplifiedwww.kolkata-aquarium.com16
  17. 17. Kolkata Aquarium ClubFishkeeping Simplifiedwww.kolkata-aquarium.com17Advantages Of This Kind Of Setup•Growth is way faster than submerged.•No chance of algae infestation•Provides a means of back-up stock of rare species•Less space and equipments required•Simplicity and less maintenance•Plants can also be induced to flower and produce seeds.•Emersed plants are easy to ship . Thus it is economically feasible.
  18. 18. Kolkata Aquarium ClubFishkeeping Simplifiedwww.kolkata-aquarium.com18DRAWBACKS1. Its very common for emersed plants to melt when introduced into maintank.2. Acclimatization to submerged could be very slow in some species.3. Plants grown on pesticides could possess hazards to aquatic fauna whenintroduced into main tank.4. Flowering may be useful but at the same time it indicates the end is nearfor some annual plants. In that case continuous culture through cuttingsor other means is required.5. Fungal attack may be inevitable at some point of time.6. Contrary to what most expect , not all plants are suitable for emersedculture.
  19. 19. Kolkata Aquarium ClubFishkeeping Simplifiedwww.kolkata-aquarium.com19Plants Which Are Deemed To Fail In Emersed CultureThere are truly aquatic plants too or in other words some species which haveno emersed forms in nature. They are not capable of surviving above waterin any circumstances. Lets take a look at these:1. Hornwort or ceratophyllum sp.2. Vallisneria sp.3. Anacharis or elodea4. Blyxa japonica , aubertii,etc5. Najas sp.And just to name few. There are thousands more.
  20. 20. Kolkata Aquarium ClubFishkeeping Simplifiedwww.kolkata-aquarium.com20My personal viewsInspite of the numerous disadvantages, emersed culture on a large scale isindispensable both for the hobby and economy.An aquascape prepared by DSM produces much better look and that lusheffect is difficult to obtain in submerged state. Even DSM requires a lot oftalent.Most of breathtaking aquascapes of today are furnished by this method.The golden method of gathering plants today in kolkata is howeversubmerged grown hobbyist cuttings through give-away or saleand is hereto stay because of its better results to beginners.-- Rahul M.
  21. 21. Kolkata Aquarium ClubFishkeeping Simplifiedwww.kolkata-aquarium.com21Questions?Thank you!Rahul MukherjeeKolkata Aquarium ClubKolkata Aquarium ClubJune 2013 meet