Be a life long learner


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Life is a continuous process of learning. This will help you learn better and thereby help you in achieving your goals.

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Be a life long learner

  1. 1. Be a Life Long Learner
  2. 2. “The main difference between people in oursociety was between those who have moreversus those who have less Today, however, the difference is betweenthose who know more and those who knowless says Brian Tracy
  3. 3. We all learn by default, we do not know how we learn. Person who is able to learn better by default excels in life,And person who is not able to learn properly by default, GOD bless him
  4. 4. Learning Default Luck Creating Learning Control LuckImproving the ability to learn is having learning in your control and this is creating LUCK
  5. 5. Life is all about improving the ability to learnIn any and every aspect of life, person who keepson learning keeps on growing Learning is Growing L-earning = Earning
  6. 6. Learning tip - 1 Your Learning is your responsibilityOnly you can stop yourself from learning
  7. 7. Learning tip - 2 Have a purpose to learnHaving a purpose to learn connects you to the inner strength and helps you be motivated to keep learning
  8. 8. Learning tip - 3 Be open to LearningParachute and mind both workwhen openBeing open to new learningwill enhance learning
  9. 9. Learning tip - 4 Learning AttitudeAccepting that the glass is half empty and than asking a question, what do I need to learn to fill the glass? how can I fill the glass?
  10. 10. Learning tip - 5 Set a Learning GoalThere is a gap between where you are and where you want to reach, this gap can be bridged by a learning goal
  11. 11. Learning tip - 6 Believe in the genius within youEverything is learnable if you believe in your ability to learn
  12. 12. Learning tip - 7Use the tools available for improving your ability to learn•Readography•Learning Maps• Super Reading• Learning Groups• Learning Styles• Multiple Modalities• Multiple Intelligences• Technology• Projects• Teaching
  13. 13. Learning tip - 8 Reflect on how you learnUse all the tools andcheck what works foryou better, check howand how much you areimproving,and keep on learningand growing
  14. 14. We work with two types of learning1. Learning from books2. Learning from experiences
  15. 15. Active Learning ensures that the learner practicing these skills keeps learning better and keeps growing Active Learner converts students into learners
  16. 16. If you find this interesting feel free to contact us for the workshopWe conduct workshops for education institutes, corporate and open workshops.
  17. 17. Centre for Excellence in PerformancWrite to: B /903, Samudra Complex, Off C G Road, Navrangpura, Ahmedabad-380 009 Email to: : Call: +91 9327114164 Blog : HEURSTDO MYWS
  18. 18. Thank You