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IMC campaign for Revital (Ranbaxy)






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IMC campaign for Revital (Ranbaxy) IMC campaign for Revital (Ranbaxy) Document Transcript

  • Title: Integrated Marketing Communication Report onRevital<br />Subject: Integrated Marketing Communication<br />Prepared by: Nirav Patel, Keyur Savalia, Mitesh Shah<br />Submitted to: Ms Manasi Marfatia<br />157861043815<br />Stevens Business School, Batch: 2009 - 2011<br />INDEX<br />Sr No.ContentPage Number1Company detail032Current Market Analysis053Introduction of new segment084The analysis of new segment095Segments and target segment with justification116Re Positioning and justification127Media Plan138Media Costing219Revenue From Campaign2410Conclusion2511Annexure26<br />1. COMPANY DETAIL<br />Name of company: Ranbaxy Pharmaceutical Company<br />Profitability: Rs 1.6 billion profit in last quarter<br />Market share: Ranbaxy is one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in India commanding a market share of around 5%.<br />Competition: Major competitors are Bio-Vital, Supraactive<br />SWOT of Company<br />Strengths<br />Low cost of production<br />Large pool of installed capacities<br />Efficient technologies for large number of Generics<br />Large pool of skilled technical manpower<br />Increasing liberalization of government policies<br />Weakness<br />Fragmentation of installed capacities<br />Non-availability of major intermediaries for bulk drugs<br />Very low level of Biotechnology in India and also for New Drug Discovery Systems<br />Lack of experience in International Trade<br />Low level of strategic planning for future and also for technology forecasting<br />Opportunity<br />Aging of the world population<br />Growing incomes<br />New diagnoses and new social diseases<br />Spreading prophylactic approaches<br />Saturation point of market is far away<br />New therapy approaches<br />New delivery systems<br />Spreading attitude for soft medication (OTC drugs)<br />Spreading use of Generic Drugs<br />Globalization<br />Easier international trading<br />New markets are opening<br />Threats<br />Containment of rising health-care cost<br />High Cost of discovering new products and fewer discoveries<br />Stricter registration procedures<br />High entry cost in newer markets<br />High cost of sales and marketing<br />Competition, particularly from generic products<br />More potential new drugs and more efficient therapies<br />Switching over form process patent to product patent<br />2. CURRENT MARKET ANALYSIS<br />Revital<br />Revital is a comprehensive daily food supplement that has a balanced combination of vitamins, minerals and ginseng. Ginseng is a herbal extract, commonly used to added energy and well being. The dosage of essential nutrients including vitamins A, B -complex, C, D and E, minerals and other trace elements cover the daily requirements of an individual. <br />Dose of Revital <br />Just one capsule a Day<br />The intake should be at the most 2 capsules a day. <br />It can be consumed for 2-3 months at a stretch and can ones again be started after 15-20 days. <br />Revital can be taken by both male and females over 12 years of age. <br />Revital is suitable for diabetics as it does not contain sugar.<br />REVITAL cap10's (IRP: rupee 75)30's (IRP: rupee 180)<br />Revital Segmentation<br />The Target segment for Revital is Sport person and other person who are working. They show in advertisement that working person use this Revital then the person will healthy.<br />Revital Target Segment<br />The target persons are working professionals who worked for longer period of time. They use Revital for the refreshment.<br />Revital Positioning and marketing Strategy<br />
    • Revital brand carries the promise of Jiyo Jee Bhar Ke (live life to the fullest), a message that gets well with the public image of the cricketer.
    Revital Promotion and its Result<br />In 2005, when Revital's sales growth declined, the Ranbaxy brass figured out that a course correction was needed. Research showed that the brand was identified too much with metro or urban consumers and needed to connect with Bharat. <br />Result: the brand promotion shifted to Doordarshan channels with the masses as the target consumer.<br />What also helped was the consumer healthcare division’s strong sales and distribution system spread over 865 towns through over 1,000 distributors.<br />Brijesh Kapil, director, Ranbaxy Global Consumer Healthcare, says “We had a sampling campaign which saw 12 million sample capsules being distributed through magazines in six months time. Simultaneous was a media plan which announced a 21-day money back challenging campaign.”<br />The brand promotion exercise was also location-specific with a ‘Rural van initiative’ seeing the company running 100 vans each day in select rural pockets of the country.<br />Result: Revital made a successful transition from the prescription to the OTC markets by leveraging the scientific edge into a functional benefit. Direct consumer promotion was done in vegetable markets, chemist outlets and high traffic areas. The product distribution is now being expanded from chemist outlets to general stores to make it a part of the monthly grocery purchase.<br />Market analysis for Revital<br />As per ORG IMS, Revital today is an Rs 140 crore brand<br />30 copycat brands in the domestic market<br />Revital enjoys 87 per cent market share in its comparable health supplement segment and has continuously moved up the rank among the top 10 brands in India (ORG-IMS).<br />Revital Competitor Analysis<br />Sr. No.Brand NameCompany NamePrice(Pack 10)Market Share1RevitalRanbaxy7587%2SupractivePiramal Healthcare604.2%<br />Reason for new Segment<br />Currently Revital is in Maturity Phase. Now the sales remain almost constant for revital.<br />Launch of new category under Revital help company to go back in growth stage through new market.<br />This new market is growing very high rate. So, for next few years revital is in growth stage.<br />Market segmentation is based on following things:<br />Geographic<br />Density: Urban<br />Demographic<br />Age: 22-35 year<br />Family Life cycle: Young<br />Income: more than Rs. 20000 p.m.<br />Occupation: Professional<br />Psychographic<br />Social Class: Middle class<br />Lifestyle: Striver<br />Personality: Ambitious<br />Behavioral<br />Occasions: Regular<br />Benefit: Health<br />3. INTRODUCE NEW MARKET OR SEGMENT WE ENTER<br />Profile of new Segment<br />Geographic<br />
    • Country: India
    • City: Metro size cities like Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore, Delhi,Mumbai
    • Density: Urban
    • Climate: Northern, Southern
    Demographic<br />
    • Age: More than 12 year
    • Gender: Male, Female
    • Family size: 1-2, 2-4 or more
    • Family life cycle: young single, young married without child, young married with child, older
    • Income: more than Rs. 20000 per month
    • Occupation: Corporate women, Housewives
    • Education: Grade school, College graduate
    • Race: Asian
    • Generation: Generation X, Generation Y
    • Nationality: Indian
    Psychographic<br />
    • Social class: Working class, middle class, upper middles, lower uppers, upper uppers
    • Lifestyle: Achievers, Strivers, Survivors
    • Personality: Compulsive, gregarious, authoritarian, ambitious
    Behavioral<br />
    • Occasions: Regular occasion
    • Benefits: Health
    • User status: Nonuser
    • User rate: Light user, medium user, heavy user
    • Loyalty status: medium, strong, absolute
    • Readiness stage: Unaware
    • Attitude toward product: Enthusiastic, positive
    4. ANALYSIS OF THE SEGMENT WE WISH TO ENTER<br />4.1) Indian diabetic patients segment<br />Size of the segment<br />
    • In 2010: 7 to 10 million
    • In 2025: 57 million will be expected
    Growth of the diabetic patient segment<br />In urban area:10% to 11% growth per year<br />
    • Hyderabad: 16.6% growth per year
    • Chennai: 13.5% growth per year
    • Bangalore:12.4% growth per year
    • Delhi: 11.6% growth per year
    • Mumbai: 9.3% growth per year
    In rural area:3% growth per year<br />Diabetics’ patient as per income level<br />
    • Upper income group: 10%
    • Lower income group: 33%
    Source: http://www.dancewithshadows.com/business/pharma/india-diabetes.asp<br />4.2) Indian Women Segment:<br />
    • Population of India in 2010: 1.18 billion (Estimated value)
    • Population of Indian Male in 2010: 610622352
    • Population of Indian Women: 574264312
    • Population of Indian Women above 14 years age: 397237421
    Age Structure for 2010 populationYearsPopulationIn %MaleFemale0 – 14 years31.1%19472539917702689115 – 64 years63.6%386251044364334532Above 64 years5.3%2964590932902889<br />Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Demographics_of_India<br />5. PROVIDE SEGMENTS. BASED ON SEGMENTS SELECT TARGET MARKETS AND JUSTIFY YOUR CHOICE<br />Segments<br />
    • Indian men segment below 14 years age
    • Indian men segment above 14 years
    • Indian women segment below 14 years age
    • Indian women segment above 14 years age
    • Indian Pregnant women segment
    • Indian Diabetic patients segment
    • Indian Sports segment
    Selected Segment with Justification<br />Indian women segment above 14 year: <br />
    • It is safe to take Revital after 14 years of age
    • More health conscious
    • Very less competitor in this segment
    Indian Diabetic Patients segment<br />
    • No such medicine is available for this segment for energy purpose.
    • It is completely safe for diabetic patient to take Revital with their regular medicines.
    • New emerging market
    • Sports and only men segment
    New Positioning: <br />
    • Indian women segment above 14 years
    • Indian diabetic segment
    • Indian pregnant women segment
    Justification<br />
    • The older positioning of Revital is for those men segment whose life is tough and lots of hardworking life.
    • While in case of new positioning, Revital is positioned as nutritional supplement which energize women health and it is safe for diabetic patients also.
    • Due to new kind of positioning the size of the market is increase and we try to position Revital as a 1 or 2 tables per day and due to that sales volume will be increase which is not possible in older positioning.
    7. MEDIA PLAN<br />Current Media Plan<br />Advertising Analysis<br />Target segments are sportsperson. These are highly exposed to TV media. Major advertising part goes to the TV media.<br /> Media Strategy<br />Sportsperson are generally like to watch TV. <br />Advertisement is appeared in cricket match or any sports event.<br />Television Media<br />DD Sports<br />Neo Sports <br />New Media Plan<br />Media Plan has mainly five steps.<br />Market Analysis<br />Advertising Analysis<br />Media Strategy<br />Media Scheduling<br />Justification and Summary<br />Market Analysis<br />Current Sale: Rs 110 Crore<br />Profit: Rs 40 Crore<br />New Segment: <br />Women: Till today Revital only focus on sports person. Our target segment is woman.<br />Diabetic Patient: In India Diabetic Person increase day by day and Revital is also useful for them.<br />Here pricing remains same because this price is affordable to target segment.<br />Advertising Analysis<br />Our target segments are women. These are highly exposed to TV and Print media. So, we are focusing on it. Major advertising part goes to the TV and Print media.<br />Media Strategy<br />Women are generally like to watch TV. So, we are majorly focused to give advertisement in TV. We also like to give advertisement in Print, internet and hording.<br />Media Scheduling<br />Media scheduling include the various media vehicle and time of ad is given.<br />January Campaign<br />Print Media AdvertisementNews PaperSize of AdvertisemnetNo. of Advertisement per MonthTotal Print Media Advertisement in monthThe Times of India121-240 scm16>824 scm1Divya Bhaskar121-240 scm1>824 scm1The Economic Times121-240 scm1>824 scm1HoardingsMetro CitiesLocationNo. of HoardingsTotal No. of HoardingsBangloreMG (Brigred) Bus stop321ChennaiMegestic3DelhiNew Delhi Railway Station3HyderabadShikandara bag3KolkataBada Bazar3MumbaiBoriwali Hailway Station3AhmedabadHelmet crossing,3<br />Internet AdvertisementAdvertisement DescriptionLocationDurationTop right of homepageorkut, facebook, linkedin, baby-gaga.com1 monthButtons like Side Barorkut, facebook, linkedin, baby-gaga.com1 monthUnder Poll or Log Inorkut, facebook, linkedin, baby-gaga.com1 monthBlog for Revital Discussion with ExpertsRevital Blog1 month<br />February Campaign<br />January Campaign actives are continue.<br />Television MarketFor 30 seconds commercial AdvertisementAdvertisement DescriptionLocationDurationDuring Commercial break of Bidaai, Behenei, Rishta Kya Kehlata heyStar Plus12 spots per monthDuring Commercial break of Baat Hamari pakki hey, Comedy ka daily shop, Mahi waySony Tv12 spots per monthDuring Commercial break of Pavitra Rishta, Sanjog se bani sangigni, Mera naam karegi roshanZee Tv12 spots per month<br />Radio AdvertisementHoursFrequency in minTotal duration / dayRate/ 10 secRadio Station630 mins30sec*12times=360 sec2002<br />For Pregnant WomenNo. HoardingsLocationDuration7*30 = 210Gynecology clinic1 monthFor Diabetic PatientsNo. HoardingsLocationDuration7*30 = 210Diabetologist Clinic1 month<br />March Campaign<br />January, February Campaign actives are continue.<br />Literature or BrochuresNo. of CopiesPreg-card7*30*100=21000Diabet-card7*30*100=21000<br />Free Sample of RevitalGiven toNo. Of DoctorsNo. of free SampleTotal Free SampleGynecologists7*30=210102100Diabetologist7*30=210102100<br />Calendars to DoctorsGiven toNo. Of DoctorsNo. of CalendarsTotal CalendarsGynecologists7*30=210102100Diabetologist7*30=210102100<br />April Campaign<br />January, February, March Campaign actives are continue.<br />Mobile CampaignSMS TitleDetail of SMSFrequency of SMSMemberNon MemberRevital-DPrecaution for diabetics, tips for dibetic patients, Up date of Diabetics1 sms per weak1 sms per dayRevital-FSports news, Business Updates1 sms per weak1 sms per dayRevital-PPrecaution during preganacy, tips for preganant women1 sms per weak1 sms per day<br />May Campaign<br />January, February, March, April Campaign actives are continue.<br />Campaign for free Diabetes check upNo. of Days2 daysLocation7 metro citiesNo. of Clinics35<br />Public Relation Activities BySupport NGO like SEWA, Save GirlSupport and sponsor activities of Doctors, Chemist and Intermediates' Of distribution channel associations<br />June Campaign<br />January, February, March, April, May Campaign actives are continue.<br />Sponsorship Activities<br />Sponsor Girls sport Activities and competition of inter college or inter university sports<br />Sponsor Cultural events of colleges and universities<br />8. MEDIA COSTING<br />News Paper costing<br />News PaperTotal Cost for 6 month campaign in RsTotal Print media Cost during Entire Campaign in RsThe Times of India2777040062501400Divya Bhaskar3886200The Economic Times30844800<br />Hoarding chargesTotal Hoarding CostMetro CitiesLocationDurationCharges per Month in RsTotal cost in Rs275000*3*6 = 4950000BangloreMG (Brigred) Bus stop1 month45000275000ChennaiMegestic1 month30000DelhiNew Delhi Railway Station1 month45000HyderabadShikandara bag1 month45000KolkataBada Bazar1 month30000MumbaiBoriwali Hailway Station1 month50000AhmedabadHelmet crossing1 month30000<br />Television MarketTelevision CostFor 30 seconds commercial Advertisement1800000*5 = 9000000Advertisement DescriptionLocationDurationRates per monthNo. of MonthsDuring Commercial break of Bidaai, Behenei, Rishta Kya Kehlata heyStar Plus12 spots per month6000005During Commercial break of Baat Hamari pakki hey, Comedy ka daily shop, Mahi waySony Tv12 spots per month6000005During Commercial break of Pavitra Rishta, Sanjog se bani sangigni, Mera naam karegi roshanZee Tv12 spots per month60000051800000<br />Internet CostingTotal Internet CostAdvertisement DescriptionLocationDurationCharges per Click in RsCharges per MonthTotal cost in Rs324000*5 = 162000Top right of homepageorkut, facebook, linkedin, baby-gaga.com1 month0.25108000324000Buttons like Side Barorkut, facebook, linkedin, baby-gaga.com1 month0.25108000Under Poll or Log Inorkut, facebook, linkedin, baby-gaga.com1 month0.25108000<br />Radio AdvertisementTotal Cost for Radio AdvertisementHoursFrequency in minTotal duration / dayRate/ 10 secTotal price/ dayRadio StationTotal price/ month*(In Rs)432000*5 = 2160000630 mins30sec*12times=360 sec200720027200*30*2 = 4,32,000<br />Mobile AdvertisementTotal SMS per monthCost for SMS per monthTotal cost for Mobile Advertisement15,00,00,0003,25,0003,25,000*3= 9,75,000Rs 1 for 400 SMS<br />CSR ActivitiesCostRs 5000000<br />Other Promotional ActivitiesMetro CitiesUnitCost in RupeesCharges per MonthTotal cost in RsFree sample to gynecologists7*30*10 = 21002100*75 = 15750031500019,25,000Free sample to Diabetologist7*30*10 = 21002100*75 = 157500Calendars to Gynecologists7*30*100 = 210002100*50=105000210000Calendars to Diabetologists7*30*100 = 210002100*50=105000Brochures to Gynecologists7*30*100 = 2100021000*20=420000840000Brochures to Diabetologist7*30*100 = 2100021000*20=420000Posters at Gynecologist clinics7*30 =210210*500 = 105000210000Posters at diabetic clinics7*30 =210210*500 = 105000Diabetic Campaign cost350000350000<br />Total Cost of 6 months Campaign in 7 metro cities<br />MediaTotal Cost of Media in RsPrint media62501400Hoardings4950000Television advertisements9000000Internet Advertisement162000Radio Advertisement2160000Mobile Campaign975000CSR Cost5000000Other promotional Cost1925000Total Cost9,11,73,400<br />10. Revenue Generation from Campaign<br />From Mobile Campaign<br />Minimum member for SMS Subscriber<br />= 1% of Metro cities Population<br />= 40,07,375<br />Charges for SMS Subscription for month is Rs 10<br />Total Revenue generation per month <br />= Rs 10 * 40,07,375<br />= Rs 4,00,73,750<br />Total Revenue from Mobile Campaign during 6 mix Campaign<br />= Rs 4,00,73,750 * 3<br />= Rs 12,02,21,250<br />Cost of entire Campaign<br />= Rs 9,11,73,400<br />Total Revenue generated During Campaign<br />= Rs 12,02,21,250<br />Profit After completion of Entire Campaign<br />= Rs 2,90,47,850<br />9. CONCLUSION<br />Our target segments are women. These are highly exposed to TV and Print media. So, we are focusing on it. Major advertising part goes to the TV and Print media.<br />Women are generally like to watch TV. So, we are majorly focused to give advertisement in TV. We also like to give advertisement in Print, internet and hording.<br />In TV media we majorly give advertisement in Star Plus, ZEE TV, and Sony Tv during evening to between 6pm to 10pm.<br />We would like to show our advertisement in starting of break because at that time flipping is not done. <br />The advertisement will show in 18 times in a day in 3 different channels.<br />Women majorly read the Divyabaskar, Economics times and Times of India. We will give advertisement in that newspaper.<br />Women are also part of social networking site like www.orkut.com, www.facebook.com etc and we give our advertisement on these king of website.<br />Hoardings will be placed near Satellite, Thaltej, University road and C.G Road due to high traffic on these places.<br />10. ANNEXURE<br />IMC Campaign <br />Time Scale: 6 month<br />Month – 1 <br />Hoarding <br />Newspaper Ad<br />29709724832-1996114832 <br />4481720281553-199611231858<br />307036329817-269185-39757<br />-3983932376003199571237601<br />3169754382049-328820401927<br />3199571-119271197954-119270<br />-17973272445308030222750<br />4174435397566Month – 2<br />-1076770292<br />19050200025<br />323850011874519050119159<br />1062659230615<br />3199130-119380<br />-8064548895<br />29845001028065-219710938530<br />3269146112378826540640<br />1619250720366<br />Month – 3<br />34878064047411874569850<br />4084982358609207893130009<br /> <br />1986997310515<br />1370772-69574<br />2931215607088-60960607060<br />3120059226559-18967297100<br />32680991572785511131572785<br />-189865-698502821305-119380<br />3010535-3810-110490-3810<br />3030220121285-10795121285<br />389289221303100180912191<br />Month 5 and 6<br />3348659263746158198343259<br />3626485234315<br />158198160627<br />19050300990<br />-100220387626<br />2404441402894<br />