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  • 1. Mini Project Report On RF Controlled DC Motor Fifth Semester B.E. (Electronics Engineering) Section-B by Nikhilesh Gupta Mitesh Agrawal Under the guidance of Ms.Y.A.Gaidhani Department of Electronics EngineeringYeshwantrao Chavan College of Engineering Wanadongri, Hingna Road, Nagpur – 441 110 March 2011 1
  • 2. CertificateThis is to certify that the following mentioned students have successfullycompleted their project on RF Controlled DC Motor in the Electronic Workshoplaboratory as per the rules of the college satisfactorily in the year 2010-2011.Subject: Electronic WorkshopBranch: Electronics EngineeringYear: 3rd – 6th SemThe Students are: 1) Nikhilesh Gupta 2) Mitesh Agrawal Signature of Project guide 2
  • 3. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTWe humbly acknowledge the support and constant guidance provided by ourproject guide Ms.Y.A.Gaidhani. We also thank our college and our respectedprincipal.We appreciate and thank our project guide for their valuable advice, their constantassistance and immense patience. 3
  • 4. INDEX1) Introduction2) Components used3) Circuit diagram4) Description & Working5) PCB Layout6) Reference 4
  • 5. IntroductionThe following project is based on wireless communication in RF range. It includeswireless ASK RF Module of 315 MHz / 433 MHz frequency which is used forcommunication and L2393D Motor Driver IC which is used for controlling thedirection of Motors.The 4 Bit Binary data is transmitted using ASK RF transmitter Module andcorrespondingly same data is received by ASK RF Receiver Module.Thus the interfacing of motor driver IC with Wireless communication Modulescompletes the structure of RF controlled motor. 5
  • 6. Components used • ASK Module (433MHz / 315MHz) • IC’s:- a. LM293d (Motor Driver)– 1 b. HT12D (Decoder)– 1 c. HT12E (Encoder)– 1 d. 7805 (Voltage Regulator 5V)– 2 • LED’s - 4 • Resistors:- a. 51 k - 1 b. 1000 k - 1 c. 330 E – 4 • Capacitors:- a. 1000 uF – 2 b. 10 uF – 4 c. 104 pF - 2 • Battery Snaps – 2 • Battery 9V – 2 • Copper Clad – (8 x 6) and (10 x 7) • Solder Iron, Wire, and Flux • Motor 6
  • 7. Circuit Diagram 1. Receiver Circuit 7
  • 8. 2. Transmitter CircuitDescription & Working 8
  • 9. The circuitry consist of two parts viz., • Transmitter • ReceiverTransmitter:It consists of A-434 Transmitting module and HT12E encoder IC. The pin no 17that is Dout of IC is given to pin no 2 of module so that serial transmission isenabled. Pin 1- 8 of IC HT12E is grounded so as to generate a binary address of00000000b. Pin no 9 is ground and pin no 18 is +Vcc. The pin no 14 (transmissionenable) /TE is grounded to enable the transmission. Pin 10 – 13 act as data pins towhich push button switches are connected. Pin no 4 of A-434 transmitting moduleis Antenna having a maxima length of 17 cm. A 750K resistance is connected b/wpin 15 – 16 of HT12E encoder IC to generate the frequency oscillations oftransmission.Receiver:It consists of 8 pin A-434 ASK receiver Module and HT12D decoder IC. Pin 7 ofmodule is data pin is connected to pin 14 of IC (Din). Pin 1- 8 of IC HT12D isgrounded so as to generate a binary address of 00000000b. Pin no 9 is ground. Pinno 18 is +Vcc. Pin 10-13 are Data pin which give the output (the data transmitted).Led is connected to pin no 17 through a resistor of 330 ohm. This glows whenthere is a valid transmission. The 1st pin of Receiver module is the antenna. Whosemax length is 17cm. the 33k resistance is connected between pin no 15-16 so as togenerate frequency for the data receiving. 9
  • 10. PCB LayoutTransmitterReceiver 10
  • 11. 11