DeLeon Corp (2001)

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  • 1. De Leon Corporation We’ve got time
  • 2. Value Proposition: Death and Taxes• Forget taxes…• Death is the next big biotechnology target!• This is not just disruptive technology… this is rude and recalcitrant technology!
  • 3. Our Products• AgeRegress reverses the aging process. Single dose.• Wide applications in human, veterinary, and food science.• AgeHalt stops the aging process. Daily dosing.• Ideal chronic use profile
  • 4. Biotechnology Advances• First genomics, then proteomics, and now….…..geriatromicsThe next frontier yee haw
  • 5. TheScience
  • 6. Summary of Next 500 Science Slides• Very, very, very cool totally incomprehensible technology that can only be understood by highly specialized PhD scientists and 25 year old venture capitalists recently ejected from business school who have undergraduate degrees in medieval history
  • 7. AgeRegress• Initial product• Pilot studies already underway
  • 8. Old Dog Model• Housebreaking side effect Tricks/day 0 Tricks/day 2
  • 9. Additional Product Line Extensions• Add to irrigation water for ever bearing fruits and vegetables• Replace greenhouses!• Instant sushi: sprinkle yesterday’s fish with the product• Replace refrigeration!
  • 10. AgeHalt• Chronic use• Recurrent revenue• No danger of patients getting too young to pay for product
  • 11. AgeHalt Use• Abrupt withdrawal symptoms: – Women: use of blue hair rinses – Men: Full Cleveland – Trading in SUV for Oldsmobile
  • 12. Financial Requirements• $20 million through pre-clinicals: 2007• $40 million Phase 1 and 2: 2012• $200 million to market: 2020• Cash flow positive in this century• Liquidity event: IPO as soon as the window opens
  • 13. First round• A $1 million investment gets: 1% of the company and unlimited product supply for personal use
  • 14. Advisory Board Candidates• Mel Brooks• A Supreme Court Justice• A prominent member of Congress• Aging rock star
  • 15. Our management team andboard of directors had over 400years of biotechnologyexperience until they becameoverinvolved in productdevelopment
  • 16. Invest NOW Ponce on this opportunity