Correlation Research
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  • 2. Question
    • Is there a relationship between student achievement in the reading paper of English Language test and the amount of time they spend in reading English books?
      • Independent variable - time in reading English books
      • Dependent variable – marks in English test
  • 3. Some other questions
    • What is the relationship between computer experience and computer addiction.
    • What is the relationship between the quantity of mathematics drill and practice and the performance of mathematics test in primary 1.
  • 4. How to collect data
    • Reading records are to be distributed to a class of students with a minimum number of 30 for them to mark down the time they spent on reading English books everyday.
    • Students will be given a test on English Language after half a year.
  • 5. How to improve teaching and learning
    • As “Reading to learn” is one of the key tasks that the EMB recommended to help students develop independent learning capabilities, almost every school is trying to push students to spend more time to read and allocate some reading time in school, such as before the commencement of the class in the morning, or at the lunch time. Everyday students are required to spend at least 15 to 20 minutes to read in school.
  • 6. How to improve teaching and learning
    • If positive correlation is found, it is worthwhile for schools to consider arranging more compulsory time for students to read. Maybe after school, students are required to stay behind for a lesson for reading English books.
  • 7. Limitation
    • Reading is just one of the factors that help in improving English, other factors such as writing more, listening more and speak more are the traditional methods used to improve English.
    • The said research does not consider the standard of books students read, are they at the appropriate standard for students to improve English?