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Google brands-push-vince-update-mgomd

  1. 1. Google’s “Vince” Update – The Brand Push Google has changed. As a result of a change in the algorithm, we believe there is an opportunity for our clients to gain a competitive advantage. At the end of February 2009, webmasters in the US began commenting on what appeared to be a “brand push” within Google’s organic search results. Brands which have benefited from this now have an opportunity to make long terms gains before the algorithm changes again. For those that did not benefit, there is an equally large opportunity to gain additional value add on all media spend by undertaking an integrated SEO approach. What is “The Vince Update”? In essence, Google has rolled out an algorithm update, which has affected the UK search results. They are using the wealth of data that they have access to, in order to identify which brand is the most relevant result for generic searches. The update now appears to have been rolled out across sites Google considers as UK specific, evidence of which we will show below. The update name comes from the Google engineer that worked on the algorithm/index update. Vince was identified by Google Webspam Engineer Matt Cutts in a video response to a public question from SEObook’s Aaron Wall. The SEO industry then began to refer to the update by this name. In the video Matt Cutts stated that the “simple change” is not so much about brands, but about elements that go into a brand, including “trust, authority, reputation, PageRank, high quality.” “The net upshot of this change is pretty simple. We try to return high-quality results, we think a lot about trust, reputation, authority, PageRank. And so, what you should be doing doesn’t change: try to make a great site. Try to make it a site that is so fantastic that you become known as an authority in your niche,” Cutts said. How can a brand benefit from this? This Google update makes integrating SEO into your media strategy even more important, Applying an understanding of the various factors that Google use in their algorithm will allow a tailored media plan to be created. The integration and application of SEO will generate increased return on all online spend, as the Google makes the brand association, plus bring direct value add through SEO in its own right. MG OMD have seen evidence of the Google ‘Vince’ update’s effect Through June, Virgin Media’s ranking’s for the search term [broadband] on have varied between position 27 and 61, with the page returned being
  2. 2. The search results for 30th June are shown below: On 1st July Google started returning the as the top organic search result for [broadband]. Summary Through an integrated SEO approach, we believe media can help generate the “trust, authority, reputation, PageRank, and high quality” that are key factors in Google’s algorithm. Once this has been achieved, strategic and tactical SEO can take place to ensure the equity gained through high volume generic search results is passed to deeper pages, either to improve the rankings and authority of converting product pages, or to direct users to previously undiscovered information and engagement opportunities. If you have any questions about the Google ‘Vince’ update, or integrated media SEO, please contact Jason Woolley (Associate Director, SEO)