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What Power Surges Have To Do With Anti-Aging
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What Power Surges Have To Do With Anti-Aging


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If you find yourself having difficulty concentrating, your hair seems to be thinning a bit and you’re more irritable than usual, say hello to hormonal changes.

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  • 1. If you find yourself having difficulty concentrating, your hair seems tobe thinning a bit and you’re more irritable than usual, say hello tohormonal changes.Click Here For The Simply Anti-Aging!This can be a confusing and challenging time of life. For those lovedones who have helped you celebrate more than a few of thosebirthdays right into middle age, it may be obvious to them that you’rein the change of life. There are many other signs, but one of the mostfrustrating is that you just can’t lose weight no matter how little you eator how much you stay in the gym.Since Western society treasures those lean bodies, trying to deal withall the symptoms at once can be a daunting experience. The dry skinmakes anti-aging and looking younger a special challenge too.If you take a step back and look at the entire situation realistically,include some humor in the experience. Some ladies are blessed bybreezing right through this time, but if you feel those power surges withface flushing, remember that it lasts a very short time for most.A standardized extract of Black Cohosh has been shown to help relievehot flashes, vaginal dryness, the anxiety and depression that may comeas a result of these conditions. Theanine also helps control the stressassociated with the change of life. Milk Thistle does a good job of
  • 2. helping you deal with hormonal changes which can be an additionalload on your liver. These herbs can be purchased at your local healthfood store, but check with your doctor or naturopath before taking anyherbs or over the counter remedies.Hormones do usually level out, even though at a lower level, and thesymptoms will pass. Load up on green vegetables, beans and fruitswhich contain lignans and isoflavones which many believe may preventthe need for synthetic hormone replacement therapy.With that in mind, don’t take it too seriously if your health report isfine. You’ll soon be enjoying this natural biological change bycombining medicinals and herbal therapy to live younger longer.Click Here For The Simply Anti-Aging!Have some fun today,Vida