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Mitchell Platt - Elearning
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Mitchell Platt - Elearning


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Published in: Education, Technology

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  • Introduce selfExplain roleExplain not a wisdom presentation
  • Class discussionWhat is e-learning?What are you perceptions of e-learning?What are you experiences with e-learning?
  • Learning Management SystemsCan also be called Learning Content Management SystemsTwo groups shown here: LMS systemsGeneral CMSGeneral features:Manage users, roles, courses, instructors, facilities, and generate reportsUpload and link filesCourse calendarLearning PathStudent messaging and notificationsAssessment and testing handling before and after testingGradebooksWeb-based or blended course deliveryVarious enrollment methodsOpen source and paid modelsSYSTEMSMoodle
  • The benefits of an LMS are:File repositoryStreamlines submission & evidence collectionOnline communityKnowledge managementEnvironmentally friendlyAvailable from anywhere
  • Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning EnvironmentFree open source elearning software platformAllows various course formats, role management and a variety of activities.Launch an empty moodle course
  • You must adjust delivery to include the platformEffective pedagogic principles still applyEngage in a communityControlFeedbackCathy moore:What do they need to know do?Lets make sure they know can use the info?Our job is to design information an experience
  • Transcript

    • 1. elearni ng. mitchell plattwisdom elearning
    • 2. ElearningWhat is elearning?Perceptions of elearningClass experience withelearning elearning .
    • 3. My first daytraining.... Would you be interested in teaching the Cert II? I am young and have no concept of my own limitations... . So yes... MeHead ofschool elearning .
    • 4. My first daytraining.... Great! Well the That sounds course has awesome. I can just been put only assume on our new you will train Moodle me in how to elearning use this platform. emerging technology.... MeHead ofschool elearning .
    • 5. My first daytraining.... Because that would only be......... Oh wait you’ve gone......... Me Empty space elearning .
    • 6. LearningManagement Systems elearning .
    • 7. Learning ManagementSystemsBenefits of an LMS:File repositoryStreamlines submission &evidence collectionOnline community chat andforumsKnowledge managementEnvironmentally elearning friendly .
    • 8. Learning ManagementSystemsIssues to note:An LMS does not allowcontent creationOrganisation requirescapabilityCan compound poororganisation andcommunication elearning issues .
    • 9. SCORMSharable Content ObjectReference ModelStandards andspecifications for elearningAllows creation of: Basic structure Quizzes with a variety of question types elearning .
    • 10. MoodleModular Object-OrientedDynamic LearningEnvironmentFree open source elearningsoftware platformAllows various courseformats, role managementand a variety of elearning .
    • 11. Authoring Tools elearning .
    • 12. Current trendsAKA buzz words you mighthearRapid elearningMobile platformsCloud solutionsScenario based modulesGamification elearning .
    • 13. Don’t be confusedby the buzz elearning .
    • 14. Things I’veLearntYou must adjust delivery toinclude the platformEffective pedagogicprinciples still applyEngage in a communityControlFeedback elearning .
    • 15. ExamplesKernTypeThe Broken CoworkerConnect with Haji Kamal elearning .