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Plug development

  1. 1. For my paper I decided to create my own Plug. A plug is Stage One an advert for something within your paper. Plug’s are conventional for the majority of newspapers in the market today. I have decided to insert a plug due to me wanting to follow as many conventions as possible. I started the development of my Plug by creating a blank, transparent document with a width of 5.8cm and a height of 9cm. these were conventional measurement of a plug. This was the basis of my plug.The next step was to insert my picture that I gathered ofGoogle images. I started by editing the picture removingthe background so that I was left with just the player intheir air. I have decided to contain this content due to itbeing relevant to the majority of my target audience. Itis also based around a big sporting event which mightappeal to people.
  2. 2. The next step in the development of my plug was to add in a background colour. I had done this by drawing a box in the background and making the colour blue. I decided Stage Two to use the colour blue for a variety of reasons. Firstly this shade of blue is significant to the six nations and therefore is recognizable to some people. Secondly it makes the player and the writing stand out, making it eye catching to the reader which could lead to them entering the competition.The next part of my development is to start adding inthe writing. The writing that I will include will be aboutthe competition details and what is up for grabs. I havestarted with writing in who is sponsoring thecompetition. I have used white writing to make thewriting stand out so that people can Cleary read and seeit.
  3. 3. Stage Three The next step of my development of the plug was to add the six nations symbol in just under Neath the rugby player in the bottom left corner. I have decided to include this within the plug due to it being a symbol that my target audience can relate with. I also think that it adds to the aesthetics of the Plug.The next step after adding in the symbol is to addinformation in about the competition. I have added thecaption ‘Win Tickets Page 6’ so that the reader knowswhat page to look at for details on the competition. Ihave also done the writing in white so that it isnoticeable when looking at the plug from a distance. Italso fits in with the colour scheme used within the Plug.
  4. 4. For the final part of the plug development I have added in website details in the bottom right hand corner. I have added in website details because it allows readers to visit my website for further details on the competition and they can have a look at other Stage Four competitions on offer. I have also decided to do the writing in whit to make the website address stand out making it easy for the reader to read. The colour white fits in with the colour scheme used throughout the Plug.I am very pleased with how the final Plug design hasturned out. I think that the colours used goes well withthe colour scheme of my paper. I think that I haveincluded the right information and haven’t overcrowded the plug with information. I like the fact that Ihave made ‘Win’ larger than everything else drawingthe reader’s attention to it specifically. Overall I am veryhappy with the process of the plug design and I think itwill fit well on the front of my paper.