Legal implications of social media

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A chat that I gave at unsummit 3 about social media policies and implementation

A chat that I gave at unsummit 3 about social media policies and implementation

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  • 1. Social Media Policies
    Legal and Ethical Implications
  • 2. What is a social media policy?
    A policy
    About Social Media
  • 3. Do I need one?
    Do you trust your employees?
    Does your employer trust you?
  • 4. 2 types: Personal and Corperate
    Individuals should use one to CYA, and keep online personals separate
    Some companies think they need them
    I am not a lawyer, talk with yours
    (Many don’t )
  • 5. Personal Social Media “Policy”
    “All opinions that I express online are mine. If they are on a personal account, they belong to me, not my current, former, or future employer. If there is an issue with any of them, please address all concerns to me. This includes, but is not limited to, my personal twitter account, my posterous, facebook, flickr, qik, vimeo, youtube, and this website. The exceptions to this are for the accounts that I manage with express permission for my employer or clients. These currently include, but are not limited to and can change without notice, the online presence of Easton for Schools, Cool (intl), codename LINGO, and Hamline Student Business Group. Those opinions are still my own, and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of my current employer, and should be taken at face value. Please address any concerns to me via either my contact form, or any of the methods described on the contact page of this website.”
  • 6. What is that?
    Separates my personal and professional obligations, opinions
    Puts the blame on me
    Lets people know when I am being official i.e. who is at fault
  • 7. Corperate SM
    If you think you need one legally, talk to your attorney
    No SM “expert” should give legal advice on this
  • 8. If you choose…
    Please, let employees think for themselves
    This is a time to be reactive, rather than proactive
    If you don’t trust them, should they be your employees???
  • 9. Do’s
    Be Organic
    Realize they are going to do it, do not try to stop it
    Risk bad press
  • 10. Don’ts
    Don’t write your policy with you bottom line the only thing-many intangible gains
    Don’t treat your employees like they are idiots
    Don’t extend work too far
  • 11. Lets Chat
    Am I right? Wrong? Full of shit?