Effective Networking & Interviewing


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Effective Networking & Interviewing

  1. 1. CAREER LEADERSHIPSEMINAR SERIESEffectiveNetworking &Interviewing Date: Tuesday, June 5thTime: 12:30 – 15:30Place: UIBSPresented by Mitch BermanBERMAN ADVANTAGE
  2. 2. + EFFECTIVE NETWORKING & INTERVIEWING" What will we do today?   Keys to Effective Networking   Elevator Pitch Essentials   Developing Your Own Pitch   BREAK   Keys to Effective Interviewing   Mock Interview
  3. 3. + EFFECTIVE NETWORKING" What is it? Building, maintaining, and leveraging your network of contacts to enhance your personal and professional development.
  4. 4. + EFFECTIVE NETWORKING" Why is it important? Only 15 – 20% of all job opportunities are publicly advertised. The majority of positions are found via networking. A stronger network = more chances for a meeting with a hiring influencer.
  5. 5. + EFFECTIVE NETWORKING" The reality? We don’t always know when the right chance will arise to “pitch” ourselves to a potential networking contact.
  6. 6. + EFFECTIVE NETWORKING" The secret? Preparation: Knowing what and how to deliver at a moment’s notice can be the key that opens the right professional door. Presence: Increasing your visibility and connectedness improves the chances of a job finding YOU.
  7. 7. + EFFECTIVE NETWORKING" Preparation: What? Promoting your personal brand distinguishes you from others, creating a lasting, meaningful impression.
  8. 8. + EFFECTIVE NETWORKING" Preparation: What? The “elevator pitch” is one of the most effective vehicles for promoting your personal brand. It is one of the first things that people ever hear or read about you.
  9. 9. + EFFECTIVE NETWORKING" Preparation: Why? You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression.
  10. 10. + EFFECTIVE NETWORKING" Preparation: Why? Job! Pitch CV Interview Your elevator pitch activates a chain of critical events.
  11. 11. + EFFECTIVE NETWORKING" Preparation: When? Your elevator pitch is the foundation for multiple forms of communication.   Cover letters   Online presentations   Mentor requests   Career fair introductions   Social meetings
  12. 12. + EFFECTIVE NETWORKING" Preparation: How? The key is to get the foundation right! Let’s look at how…
  13. 13. + EFFECTIVE NETWORKING" Preparation: How? I. Keep it short:   1 minute   250 words
  14. 14. + EFFECTIVE NETWORKING" Preparation: How? II. Include these essential elements:   Who you are   Specific objective   Demonstrated interest / proposed benefit   Qualifications / strengths   Call to action
  15. 15. + EFFECTIVE NETWORKING" Preparation: How?   Who you are: Should include a credential or your personal brand   Differentiates you from your peers   Establishes a relationship with your audience
  16. 16. + EFFECTIVE NETWORKING" Preparation: How?   Specific objective: Quickly get to the point about what you’re seeking and/or how your audience can help.
  17. 17. + EFFECTIVE NETWORKING" Preparation: How?   Demonstrated Interest / Benefits Give examples of things you have ALREADY completed or committed to. And/or benefits you can deliver.
  18. 18. + EFFECTIVE NETWORKING" Preparation: How?   Qualifications: Why should your audience help you? Why are you likely to be successful?   Industry relevance   Leadership   Expertise   Pedigree   Impact
  19. 19. + EFFECTIVE NETWORKING" Preparation: How?   Call to action: Offer two alternatives for assistance with your process.
  20. 20. + EFFECTIVE NETWORKING" Preparation: How? My name is Josh Paul and I am currently a third year student at UIBS here in Barcelona. Growing up in France with Maltese roots, I am passionate about football and finance. Although football is merely a hobby, I am serious about finance and extremely eager to find an internship in the industry this summer. I have had a strong interest in this sector since I first enrolled in university and have participated in several seminars in banking, corporate finance, and M&A. Incorporating a broad range of management courses, I have maintained a 3.8 GPA while also participating in several extra-curricular activities including the European Business Leaders Forum and the UIBS Finance Club, of which I am Vice-President. If your firm offers internships, I would appreciate an introduction to the person in charge of that program. Alternatively, I would be grateful for the opportunity to have a phone conversation and/or meet with you in person to discuss your career path and how I might find opportunities within the finance field. Who Objective Demonstrated Interest Qualifications Call to Action
  21. 21. + EFFECTIVE NETWORKING" Presence: Where? Make yourself visible and connected.   Clubs / Mixers   Career fairs   Social networking   Professional networking   Linked In   Industry Associations
  22. 22. + EFFECTIVE INTERVIEWING" Preparation Dress for success!   Suit   Accessories   Hygiene   Presentability
  23. 23. + EFFECTIVE INTERVIEWING" Preparation Research company and industry.
  24. 24. + EFFECTIVE INTERVIEWING" Preparation Review and rehearse accomplishments and skills.
  25. 25. + EFFECTIVE INTERVIEWING" The Big Day Use appropriate body language and behaviors.   Eye contact   Smile   Posture   Mirroring   Manners
  26. 26. + EFFECTIVE INTERVIEWING" The Big Day Know what to say and how to say it.   Be prepared with elevator pitch   Determine candidate profile   Use STAR approach to relay responses   Answer concisely   Be proactive
  27. 27. + EFFECTIVE INTERVIEWING" Follow up Don’t forget your homework.   Post-interview critique   Thank-you notes   Friendly status check
  28. 28. + ANY QUESTIONS?" BERMAN ADVANTAGE coaching | training | consulting Phone: +34 644 482 433 Skype: mitchberman Email: mitch@bermanadvantage.com