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Presentation of mitbaby, the social network for parents to recommend family-friendly places around the world.

Presentation of mitbaby, the social network for parents to recommend family-friendly places around the world.

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  • 1. It seems it was yesterday when we started…
  • 2. After a lot of enthusiasm and work
  • 3. We will be 2 years online soon!
  • 4. We have grown Users Experiences Time Amount
  • 5. But we want to be bigger!
  • 6. Registered users have advantages… - Promotion and constest participation -Access to exclusive offers from places recommended on -mitbaby - 1-year discount in chemist products
  • 7. We have made friends
  • 8. We are very social, You can find us on:
  • 9. Weekends, Specialized products, vouchers… We have organised dozens of promotions Wait to see next season!
  • 10. •More than 100 posts on our corporative blog: - Analysis of lodging and restaurant webs in Spain - Why are families good customers? - Translation of Pinterest new terms of use - Top 5 questions and answers about complaint sheets -Use of QR codes as competitive advantage in the hotel/restaurant sector •Presentations published on Slideshare: “Guide to Pinterest in Spanish” •Tourist promotion videos We generate content
  • 11. We do generate content •Guides of advices for travelling by car, book a room… • “Escapate a…” thematic guides to Oslo, Brussels Funny activities included!
  • 12. - Accreditations (web and physical) - Children tablecloths - Baby on board car stickers Our products *Translation: Make children remember your place
  • 13. Accreditation pack + QR codes
  • 14. Accreditation pack + QR codes
  • 15. Children tablecloths
  • 16. Children tablecloths
  • 17. Baby on board car stickers
  • 18. Baby on board car stickers
  • 19. We participated in several campaigns and initiatives
  • 20. More than 100 marketing campaigns through marketplace Segmentation = Efficacy
  • 21. We like to know our users and followers Men Women
  • 22. •Awarded project by local Murcia Townhall •Recommendation of activities •Exclusive offers section •Tourist promotion videos embedded •Mitbaby user badge •Our“Ubermutten” with kindergartens •Advanced search with kind of place, category and average price •More information included: quadruple room, pets allowance, day-use, video… • International version Forgot something ?
  • 23. Where are we going? Exclusive offers, online shop, apps and much more.
  • 24. Will you join us?
  • 25. *Translation: Easier with mitbaby