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  • 1.  Presantation By Mital Radadiya ( MAM- 2 )
  • 2. 1 . papsico 2. Daber 3. Britannia 4. Heinz 5. Tasty bite 6. Conagra food 7. Cadbury 8. Hormel 9. Kraft food 10. vadilal 2
  • 3. Founders: Founded: Revenue : Product: donald kendall 1965 US$65.492 billian list of papsico product 3
  • 4. Our Mission PepsiCo’s mission is to be the world’s premier consumer products company, focused on convenience foods and beverage. Our Vision PepsiCo’s responsibility is to continually improve all aspects of the world in which we operate environment, social, economic creating a better tomorrow than today. 4
  • 5. Daber      Industry: food Founders: D.r s.k burman Founded: 1885 Revenue: 6141 crore Product: 1. Dabur Amla, 2. Dabur Chyawanprash, 3. Vatika, 4. Hajmola & Real 5. Toothpest 5
  • 6. Dabur Vision To become the leading & most respected Preclinical Contract Research organization from India creating value for its clients & stakeholders Mission To be a leading Preclinical Contract Research Organization in India through the quality of its leadership, services & partnerships in drug development 6
  • 7. Britannia Industry: food processing Founders: vinit bill Founded: 1882 revenue : 46.70 billion product : 1.bakery product 2.cake, cheese, 3. ghee and dahi 4. dairy product 7
  • 8. Britannia Vision: To dominate the food and beverage market in India with a distinctive range of “Tasty Yet Healthy” Britannia brands. Mission - To dominate the food and beverage market in India - To be one of best biscuit company 8
  • 9. Heinz Industry: Founders: Founded: Revenus: product: food processing henry johan heinz 1869 us $11.64 billion 1. lea & parrin 2. heinz ketchup 3. classico 9
  • 10. Heinz Vision To be the world's premier food company offering nutritious superior tasting foods to people everywhere. Mission - As the trusted leader in nutrition and wellness, - Heinz : the original Pure Food Company is dedicated to the sustainable health of people, - the planet and our Company. 10
  • 11. Tasty bite Industry: consummer packaged goods Founders: Ashok vashudevan Revenue: 185.00 crore product: 1. Ready-to-eat Indian entrees, 2. Asian Noodles 3. rices 11
  • 12. Tasty bite Mission   Provides a concise statement of why the organization exists, and what it is to achieve; States the purpose and identity of the organization; Vision - A guiding philosophy - Consistent with organizational value - Influenced by the strengths and weaknesses of the business 12
  • 13. Conagrafood Industry: food processing founders: gary m.rodkin founded: 1919 Revenue: us $ 13.33 millon product: packaged food nudalls 2. pam biscuit 3. oil 4. ketchup 13
  • 14. Conagra food Vision: Working together to create a hunger-free community. Mission: Working with our community to gather and distribute healthy emergency food to those in need and contribute to public awareness of the conditions that led to food insecurity. 14
  • 15. Cadbury Industry: confectionery Founders: lrene rosenfeld Founded: 1824 Revenue: 5,364 millon Product: all cadbury product. - gems - dairy milk - eclairs - perk 15
  • 16. Cadbury Vision The Barrow Cadbury Trust’s vision is of a peaceful, equitable society, free from discrimination and based on the principle of social justice for all. Mission: The Barrow Cadbury Trust’s mission is to promote social justice through grant making, research, influencing public opinion and policy and supporting local communities. 16
  • 17. hormel Industry: food processing Founders: george A. Homel Founded: 1891 Revenue: us $ 8.230 billon Product: - spam - Ethnic foods, - pantry food 17
  • 18. Hormel Vision : Our vision is to be the compounding pharmacy of choice in the Southeastern United States providing the most innovative, Mission : To continuously provide trustworthy, cutting edge resources dedicated to the development of specialized, custom preparations that sets the standard for quality and innovation in our industry. 18
  • 19. Industry: food processing Founders: johan chill Founded: 2012 Revenue: us $ 18.332 billion Product: 1.brade 3.cheese 4.cheese pasta 19
  • 20. Mission: We lead our client relationships proactively, creating new innovations in integrated brand experiences in the global marketplace. Vision: To rethink retail: defining a new blending of design, technology, environment and community. 20
  • 21. Vadilal Industry: conglomerate Founders:rajesh gandhi Founded: 1907 Revenue:450 crore Product: 2.cemical real estate 3.processed 4.milk 21
  • 22. Vision : “Provide quality food and beverages toconsumers at affordable prices while ensuring fairreturns to the producers.”• mission: - heritage is intrinsically linkedto the cooperative movement in India. - Withdetermination & pride we will continue to serve ourfarmers, - rural India & our consumers.” 22