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Geog of mi Geog of mi Presentation Transcript

  • geography The study of places Example: communities, states, countries
  • geographer Someone who studies places
  • Natural Characteristics Things that are not made by man Example: trees, soil, animals
  • Human characteristics Parts of a place made by people Example: bridge, roads
  • County A division of a state Example: Oceana, Newaygo There are 83 counties in Michigan
  • State One of the 50 parts of our country Example: Michigan
  • Border The place where one area ends and another area begins.
  • GovernmentA group of elected citizens who make and carryout the rules for a community, state or country.
  • Location Where a place is found An address helps describe the location of a house.
  • Absolute location Where the exact location of a place is Your address shows the absolute location of your house
  • Relative location Where a place is in relation to other places Michigan is north of Ohio
  • Direction words Words that tell the direction Example: North, south, east, west
  • MapAn illustration/diagram that shows the locationof somethingA map could show a city, river or country
  • Landforms The different kinds of land on Earth Ex) mountains, hills, plains
  • Peninsula Land surrounded by water on three sides
  • Island Land surrounded by water
  • Sand dune Ridges or hills of loose sand piled up by the wind
  • BayA body of water that is partly blocked off by landA body of water with land on three sides.
  • Mountain range A row of connected mountains
  • Glacier Giant sheets of slowly moving ice
  • The Great Lakes Five huge lakes located in the northern part of the United States. Lake Michigan Lake Huron Lake Erie Lake Superior Lake Onterio
  • Elevation How high a place is A mountain has a higher elevation than a hill
  • Special Purpose Maps Maps that show characteristics of an area such as landforms, climate or forests
  • Vegetation The plants of an area. Michigan has many trees-white pine, apple Dune grass grows on the dunes
  • Climate The weather over a long period of time Michigan’s climate has four different seasons.
  • Temperature How hot or cold the air is. The Upper Peninsula is usually colder than the Lower Peninsula
  • Precipitation Water that falls to the ground from the sky Example: rain, sleet, snow, hail
  • Natural Resources Things in nature that people find useful Example: water, fertile soil, oil, trees
  • Fertile soil Soil that is good for growing things Michigan has a lot of fertile soil in the lower peninsula.
  • Minerals Natural resources found in the ground such as iron ore Minerals are removed from the ground by mining
  • Iron ore A mineral used to make steel Iron ore is mined in the Upper Peninsula
  • CopperA mineral used to make things such as pipes forplumbingIt is found in the Upper PeninsulaFor many, Michigan was world leader in coppermining
  • Limestone A stone used to make steel and cement It is mined in Rogers City, Michigan
  • Renewable resources Natural resources that can be replaced Example: trees, water
  • Nonrenewable resources Natural resources that CANNOT be replaced Example: oil, iron ore
  • Human/environmentinteraction Ways in which people use and interact with the Earth. Ex) when people build roads they are interacting with the environment.
  • Modifying the environment When people change the environment to fit them Ex) cutting down trees to clear land for farming
  • Adapt to the naturalenvironment When people change to fit the environment People wearing coats, hats and mittens
  • MovementThe theme of geography that explains how andwhy people, goods and ideas moveExample: The theme of movement helps usunderstand how places are connected to otherplaces.
  • Transportation Ways of moving things and people from one place to another Example: Boats, Trains, Cars are methods of transportation
  • HubA city where many roads and railroads meetExample: Detroit is a transportation hub inMichigan
  • Port A city on a body of water where ships load and unload. Example: Detroit is an important port in Michigan