Maximizing your SEO and Tracking your Results


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One tool every Basic SEO tips that will put you 95% ahead of your competition.

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  • Write down 3 things you can implement right away!
  • Maximizing your SEO and Tracking your Results

    1. 1.
    2. 2. Hi, my name is Misty. I am a marketing coach. My formal education is in Marketing and Graphic Communications and over 16 years of sales experience. I empower small business owners to take control of their business growth by showing them how to inexpensively - yet effectively - market their business. Maximizing Your SEO
    3. 3. This is MARKETING 101…the basics Even BASIC SEO techniques will put you 95% above others! Maximizing Your SEO
    4. 4. Maximizing Your SEO Why SEO Ranking is Important The top 3 “natural search results” get over 65% of ALL search engines clicks!
    5. 5. Maximizing Your SEO Google Google sees more search activity than Yahoo and Bing COMBINED!!
    6. 6. What we are going to cover: 1. Introduce you to 1 tracking tool you really can’t market without… 2. Basic SEO practices that will rank you ahead of 95% of your competition in search engine results! Maximizing Your SEO
    7. 7. Maximizing Your SEO 1 Tracking Tool you can’t Market without…
    8. 8. Maximizing Your SEO If you have a website you have the potential to be found…by anyone…anywhere… Unlike the Yellow Pages
    9. 9. Maximizing Your SEO Don’t just strive for #1 DOMINATE the page and be seen MULTIPLE times!
    10. 10. Maximizing Your SEO The Ultimate Goal of SEO Is to improve the user experience when they are searching online.
    11. 11. Maximizing Your SEO How does SEO work? Search engine “spiders” and “crawlers” That “read” content and index it (store it) They look at titles and meta descriptions to look for validity in content being shared.
    12. 12. Maximizing Your SEO How does SEO work? Spiders and Crawlers are looking for 2 things: Relevancy & Authority Relevancy: is if the content is relevant to the titles, tags, and descriptions Authority: is a little “trickier”… Authority is the probability that your site will come up in a search. Authority is determined by a algorithim Google has created. Algorithim factors include: fresh, usable content; links to your page; images using ALT tags, among roughly 100 other factors (literally)…
    13. 13. Maximizing Your SEO How does SEO work? ALGORITHIMS: “Algorithms are computer programs that look for clues to give you back exactly what you want” - Google
    14. 14. Maximizing Your SEO Quality Content Trumps SEO 100% If your content isn’t good enough to be shared then nothing else will matter…
    15. 15. Maximizing Your SEO 2 Components to SEO 1. On-page Optimization (25% of *SERP – Hubspot) 2. Off-page Optimization (75%!!!) * SERP (search engine results page)
    16. 16. Maximizing Your SEO On-page Optimization Keywords (not a “magic bullet” but still VERY important) NOTE: they don’t have to be an EXACT match… GO TO: Google Ads Keyword Tool Keyword Strategy…”High” or “Less Common (Niche)” TIP: Separate tags that use the same words… (EXAMPLE: Marketing, Marketing Coach)
    17. 17. Maximizing Your SEO On-page Optimization Meta Tag Descriptions These show up on SERP (160 character max) NOTE: Each page should have it’s own… duplicate tags can actually hurt your ranking
    18. 18. Maximizing Your SEO On-page Optimization Page Titles (ideally used in the URL of the pages as well) NOTE: Using RELEVANT keywords…
    19. 19. Maximizing Your SEO On-page Optimization Headlines (4 – 9 RELEVANT…..keywords) NOTE: they don’t have to be an EXACT match…
    20. 20. Maximizing Your SEO On-page Optimization Body of Content (be sure to “sprinkle” keywords in the text) NOTE: 2x is enough…any more may penalize you.
    21. 21. Maximizing Your SEO On-page Optimization Alt Tags On your pictures
    22. 22. Maximizing Your SEO On-page Optimization Localization Using keywords that include your servicing locations.
    23. 23. Maximizing Your SEO Off-page Optimization Is about building online authority Which is a reputation of trust stemming from: • Quality • Quantity • Relevance
    24. 24. Maximizing Your SEO Off-page Optimization Compelling Content Content is KING
    25. 25. Maximizing Your SEO Off-page Optimization Co-Marketing Lift each other up and promote one another.
    26. 26. Maximizing Your SEO Social Media Linking everything together…increasing your traffic. PLUS: Social content that is connected to you that is shared by people you know is prioritized. NOTE: Also use keywords in your social media content. ALWAYS include social share buttons when possible!
    27. 27. Maximizing Your SEO Repeat Visitors Give people a reason to come back… • Blog • Events • Landing pages • Offers • Podcast
    28. 28. Maximizing Your SEO Google Bookmark Shows Google that it’s important
    29. 29. Maximizing Your SEO When people open up their browser and type in their search… They are looking for a reason… They are interested / thinking about buying… If not now, sometime in the near future!
    30. 30. Maximizing Your SEO A few important questions… 1. Are you able to capture the “lookers”? How do you know they were on your site? For how long? What did they spend the most time looking at? 2. Do you have a system to build a relationship with those who aren’t quite ready to buy yet? 3. Are people able to “purchase” from your site? Or do they have to remember to “call you” tomorrow?
    31. 31. Maximizing Your SEO If you answered “NO” to any of these questions… You should go to and complete the form to receive FREE tips on how you can inexpensively market your business.
    32. 32. Maximizing Your SEO Questions
    33. 33. Maximizing Your SEO Take Action