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Intro to Blogging


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In this presentation we cover: …

In this presentation we cover:
1. How to set up your blog
2. How to create creative titles that capture your audience attention
3. How to organize your thoughts to formulate a blog
4. How to capture leads

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  • Write down 3 things you can implement right away!
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    • 1.
    • 2. Hi, my name is Misty. I am a marketing coach. My formal education is in Marketing and Graphic Communications and over 16 years of sales experience. I empower small business owners to take control of their business growth by showing them how to inexpensively - yet effectively - market their business. Intro to Blogging
    • 3. This is MARKETING 101…the basics Blogging + Social Media = SUCCESS! Intro to Blogging
    • 4. What we are going to cover: 1. How to set up your blog 2. How to create titles that capture attention 3. How to organize your thoughts and information to formulate your blog 4. How to use your blog to capture leads Intro to Blogging
    • 5. Intro to Blogging Setting up your Blog • What is the reason for blogging? • Determine your market • Select a blog name • Set up on Wordpress (easy to use and feature rich) • Pay for Hosting • Have an “About”
    • 6. Intro to Blogging Don’t take what you know for granted.
    • 7. Intro to Blogging Keep in mind people are looking for answers
    • 8. Intro to Blogging Creative Titles that Capture Attention Write your titles with 3 audiences in mind (Heidi Cohen): 1. Readers 2. Social Shares 3. Search Engines
    • 9. Intro to Blogging On average, five times as many people read the headlines as read the actual body of copy that was written - David Ogilvy
    • 10. Intro to Blogging Creative Titles that Capture Attention • Make your titles clear • Make your titles relevant • Use POWER WORDS that grab attention
    • 11. Intro to Blogging Creative Titles that Capture Attention • Keep a file of ideas (Evernote) • Read other Blogs in your industry • Listen to responses you get from your audience • Recycle / Reuse your content
    • 12. Intro to Blogging Pro Tips: • Use : to separate keywords • Use [brackets] around special content or your brand’s name • Test titles using an A/B Test • Use a max of 70 characters (for SEO purposes)
    • 13. Intro to Blogging 1. Create a list of topic ideas • What are the most common questions? • What are the most common problems? • What is everyone talking about? 2. Write your titles • Keep in mind keywords 3. Create an Outline • 2 – 3 Main points • With 2 – 3 supporting ideas 4. Write your introduction 5. Write your conclusion • Use Call-to-actions 6. Add additional value • Images, video, audio, PDF, presentations 7. Edit 8. Post 9. Share 10. Capture Leads Writing your Blog
    • 14. Intro to Blogging Blogging Tips 1. Be Brief 2. Have Energy 3. Be Conversational 4. Stay Relevant 5. Provide Your Expertise
    • 15. Intro to Blogging Capturing Leads 1. Distribute and Promote your blog • Socail Media • On your website • In emails • Newsletter • Email signature 2. Use CTA’s • Drive traffic to your website • Drive traffic to a landing page
    • 16. Intro to Blogging BONUS: Plugins for your Blog Share This So your audience can share your content Google Integration Toolkit Webmaster, Analytics, Adsense Google Analytics Dashboard View your analytics right inside Wordpress
    • 17. Maximizing Your SEO Questions
    • 18. Maximizing Your SEO Action Steps: Stick to a regular posting schedule Use an editorial calendar