Action research plan


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Action research plan

  1. 1. Action Planning Template School Vision: The cohesive staff of Justin Elementary, working with the support of the community, will provide all students with an active learning environment, focusing on the success of the whole child. How Will this Happen? -Create partnerships with other staff members, community, and students -Create a positive, safe, and well designed learning environment -Set high expectations -Provide relevant and challenging learning experiences -Foster the desire to be a lifelong learner Goal: To provide an outdoor garden that embraces the learning community in curriculum standards by providing hands-on experiences to engage and connect with nature. Objectives/Outcomes of Research Investigation: a. To improve student achievement and learning for all students. b. To improve school community relationships. c. To improve parent and community involvement. d. To improve collaborative and cooperative learning. Person(s) Timeline: Needed Action Steps(s): Evaluation Responsible: Start/End Resources Meeting space, Survey to get Setting up an outdoor garden committee August 12, paper, pens, feedback and Misty Cheslock 2010-June pencils, chart opinions on how Julie Gavin 2011 paper, dry erase meeting went; markers observation Meeting with grade level committee members to identify specific TEKS in TEKS have been curriculum that will be Misty Cheslock identified that will be targeted as students Julie Gavin engage in hands-on targeted throughout Barbi Longbrake Copy of TEKS learning and observation the year Jennifer Wenger August 19, for each grade of outdoor garden area. Cathy Thomas 2010 level, Observation of Colleen Reynolds highlighters classrooms and Erika Oster students working in Donna Coleman garden area. Discussion and decision- Misty Cheslock August 25, Laptops, chart Excel spreadsheet
  2. 2. making on how to utilize funds obtained from grant paper, dry erase created that details Julie Gavin to purchase necessary markers, funds how grant funds will materials for outdoor Colleen Reynolds 2010 available from be spent for garden garden. Donna Coleman grant received area Copy of excel Survey or Meeting with principal spreadsheet questionnaire given to and SBDMC to share September Misty Cheslock detailing how SBDMC to get plan and obtain more 2010 funds will be feedback and funding if necessary spent suggestions Barbi Longbrake Laptops, chart Jennifer Wenger Chart or list created paper, dry erase Brainstorming of plants to Cathy Thomas September 7, that details what plant markers, pens, Colleen Reynolds 2010 plants will be planted pencils, Erika Oster in fall and spring notebook paper Donna Coleman Misty Cheslock September Laptops, chart Schedule distributed Creating a seasonal Donna Coleman 15, 2010-June paper, dry erase to all teachers and schedule for when each grade level will plant Julie Gavin 2011 markers, copy administrators of school calendar September Laptops, chart Schedule distributed Creating a schedule for Misty Cheslock 22, 2010-June paper, dry erase to all teachers and when each grade level Julie Gavin 2011 markers, copy administrators will observe and engage Donna Coleman in hands-on learning. of school Colleen Reynolds calendar Misty Cheslock September Laptops, chart Schedule distributed Creating a schedule of Julie Gavin 29, 2010- paper, dry erase to all teachers and ongoing maintenance Donna Coleman August 2011 markers, copy administrators and harvesting of garden of school calendar Misty Cheslock Paper, pens, Draft of action plan is Plan of action for October 7, Julie Gavin pencils, chart completed distribution of harvested 2010-May fruits and vegetables paper, dry erase 2011 markers Assign committee Misty Cheslock September 7, Laptop, colored Website is updated member to be in charge Julie Gavin 2010-May paper with information of communicating 2011 about garden area. A progress and updates to September newsletter parents and community is sent home with members each student in their Tuesday folder. Newsletters are sent
  3. 3. home each month detailing progress and updates on garden area. Website is updated monthly with pictures of students working in garden area. Review and analyze interview and survey responses to determine how student learning and Digital achievement have Collect data to monitor Cameras, paper, been affected. achievement of goals and October Misty Cheslock pens, pencils, Display of pictures to objectives.(Interviews, 2010-May Julie Gavin parents, share with surveys, pictures, field 2011 students, stakeholders to show notes, observations) teachers collaborative learning is taking place. Notes and observations will be used to assess how learning is improving in curriculum area. Copies of Comparison table of Misty Cheslock DMAC data for 2009-2010/2010-201 October Anita Chaney students in 3-5 1 benchmark data will Analyze benchmark data 2010-March Judy Browne for 2010-2011 be created to assess 2011 Kelley Carr and 2009-2010; areas of strengths and highlighters weaknesses Copies of Comparison table Misty Cheslock 2009-2010 created to assess areas Anita Chaney AEIS report; of strengths and Analyze TAKS data May 2011 Judy Browne Preliminary weaknesses in Kelley Carr 2010-2011 Reading, Writing, TAKS reports Math, and Science Monitoring progress of Misty Cheslock October Pencil, paper, Progress Reports student achievement and Julie Gavin 2010-May copies of providing notes of learning Coleen Reynolds 2011 formative and observations made Donna Coleman summative Barbi Longbrake assessment Scores, grades Jennifer Wenger data(Weekly Cathy Thomas state of the Observations Erika Oster class) Verbal feedback and suggestions