Recycling fun


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How to recycle every day items in your home into beautiful decor, storage and gifts.

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Recycling fun

  1. 1. How to give everyday household items a new life by recycling them in fun and creative ways.PRESENTED BY MISTIE DAWN, OWNER OF SHOPTOBEGREEN.COM
  2. 2. From Trash to TreasureUse items you usually throw away to create: Crafts Decor Storage Gifts Make Extra Money
  3. 3. Mason Jars
  4. 4. Mason Jars – Dinner to Decor
  5. 5. Tips to start reusing Mason JarsOnce Empty Soak in hot water and wash thoroughly Use olive oil to get stubborn labels/ stickiness off Printable customizable labels at OfficeMax Chalkboard paint available at Home Depot Candle stick bases at second hand stores or Hobby Lobby Candle making supplies online or at Hobby Lobby
  6. 6. Wine Bottles
  7. 7. Wine Bottles – Drinks to Dramatic Lighting
  8. 8. Tips to reusing Wine BottlesCutting them Glass cutters are available online or at stain glass stores It’s very important to sand the edges once you cut the glass as it will be VERY sharp Lots of tutorials online on how to cut glassOther tips Spray paint in snow texture, metallic, etc.- Hobby Lobby Tiki lamp oil, wicks and lamp fixtures- Home Depot
  9. 9. Corks
  10. 10. Corks – Wine to Design
  11. 11. Tips to reusing CorksCutting them Use a really sharp tool like a utility knife Do not cut with a sawing motion but with long even strokes Corks are very dense so it may take a few triesOther tips Hot glue is great with most projects Cork is a sustainable, naturally water &stain resistant
  12. 12. Magazines
  13. 13. Magazines – News to Fashion
  14. 14. Tips to reusing MagazinesOrigami Many different tutorials online on how to fold anything from flowers, birds, envelopes, etc. Use glue or mod podge or other adhesives to glue together or on other surfaces Use layers of paper to create density and strength Finished project with a craft varnish for durability
  15. 15. Shopping Bags
  16. 16. Shopping Bags – To Plarn
  17. 17. Tips to reusing Shopping BagsCrochet Away Sky is the limit from clothes, shoes, handbags, &scrubbies Cutting the bags is the boring side of this project A note on using an iron to fuse plastic bags Better reused than in the South Pacific garbage patch
  18. 18. Wrapping Paper
  19. 19. Wrapping Paper – Trash to Paper Art
  20. 20. Tips to reusing Wrapping PaperWhy buy Expensive Decorative Paper Use for scrapbooking Drawer lining Decoupage Wrap it instead of painting it Decorative accents around the house
  21. 21. Greeting Cards
  22. 22. Greeting Cards – To Embellishments
  23. 23. Tips to reusing Greeting CardsScrapbooking embellishments are expensive Cut then reuse cards Use scissors, die cutters, and punches Reuse ribbon for binding a decorative accent
  24. 24. Hand Outs & Take-Aways Sample ideas at the craft table Collected too many supplies and don’t have enough projectstokeep up?  Do a supply exchange with friends who are also working on DIY projects  Sell your “extras” on craft sites like, and Artfire.comTo get a copy of the notes from thispresentation contact Mistie