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Web2 Trends 2007

by Appsfire.com, cofounder at Startup, on Oct 19, 2007


Web 2.0 trends by Morgan Stanley

Web 2.0 trends by Morgan Stanley



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http://fr.techcrunch.com 854
http://www.marketingfacts.nl 596
http://zen.seesaa.net 308
http://www.netvibes.com 178
http://brasseur.blogs.nouvelobs.com 73
http://www.marketinginnovatie.org 64
http://www.yourwebsite.fr 60
http://www.siggyvolgt.nl 54
http://www.vnunet.fr 53
http://periodismomultitask.blogspot.com 39
http://funkykaraoke.blogspot.com 34
http://www.virtualactivism.net 26
http://djbef.free.fr 25
http://kyjean.tistory.com 22
http://www.trendbird.co.kr 20
http://francestartup.com 17
http://periodismomultitask.blogspot.com.ar 17
http://antoine-dupin.com 15
http://feeds.feedburner.com 14
http://tech-munish.blogspot.com 13
http://www.marketingonthebeach.com 12
http://onedaycompany.blogspot.com 12
http://jesushoyos.typepad.com 11
http://blog.antone.org 11
http://tienhnguyen.typepad.com 11
http://www.funkykaraoke.com 11
http://www.usinet.ep.parl.union.eu 10
http://rashmisinha.blogspot.com 10
http://www.jesushoyos.typepad.com 10
http://wildfire.gigya.com 10
http://www.socialmedian.com 9
http://www.slideshare.net 8
http://www.trendhunter.com 8
http://www.crmworkx.nl 7
http://www.davidchivers.com 7
http://www.periodismomultitask.blogspot.com 7
http://ebuz.free.fr 7
http://www.cloud24by7.com 6
http://www.verplichtekost.nl 6
http://togaranko.blogspot.com 6
http://thewebforward.blogspot.com 5
http://www.jesushoyos.com 4
http://thierry.ferey.org 4
file:// 4
http://www.tbshao.com 4
http://jisi.dreamblog.jp 3
http://antoine.wodooo.com 3
http://deirdreswalsh.googlepages.com 3
http://periodismomultitask.blogspot.mx 3
http://www.mefeedia.com 3



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  • Bakesz Bakesz I really liked the colours, and their combination you used there.<br /><br/> 6 years ago
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Web2 Trends 2007 Web2 Trends 2007 Presentation Transcript