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  • Doing it with these interesting guys
  • Tuesday Aug 10th, 2010– was anunexceptional news day: Schools Given Grade On How Graduates DoPentagon Plans Steps To Reduce Budget And Jobs Fed Up Flight Attendant Lets Curses Fly Then Makes Sliding ExitIn fact, this day was memorable for what wasn’t on the front page of the NY Times…
  • The real story was that the number of non-human objects….etc [read from slide] What’s this all about?... Something called the ‘Internet of Things’ The enablement of billions of every day objectsconnected to the Web.
  • Four layers but: Not OSI:layers are flexible, eacheases a little more building applications: from Embedded Syst. Dev to End-UsersContribution: LayersBuilding blocks: each block is a Web APIApplications testingthese blocks
  • Bringingdevelopment as close as possible to endusersWecreated a frameworkthatallows the creation of dedicatedmashup editorsi.e., Web toolthat let usersbuildmashupssimply by visuallycomposingwidgetsThanks to the otherlayerseachwidgetisreduced to an HTTP call and canevenbeautomaticallygenerated.This is the EAS mashup.
  • It’s a big deal now these things have started talking because there’s a lot of objects in this world – come to that, there’s a lot of PRODUCTSand if they start trying to talk to us, we’d better be ready to have a conversation! So what does this world of digitally connected products mean?  Whats the benefit to us as consumers? Whats does it mean for marketers?  To help answer those questions lets look at an example
  • In the world of products -> this solves an interesting problem…There’s a world of activity and passion around products – either directly for some products like guitars or bikes, or by association for others (e.g. I might directly care about my car, but I only care about my tub of skin-cream because it’s associated with my health and wellbeing)But the information and apps and services relating to product passion areas or product lifestyles are not particularly well organised and the consumer has to do all the workThere’s a gap between the extra digital value the consumer wants to get out of using their product and what the manufacturer is able to deliver
  • Think of it as a Facebook for Things Where all things have unique identities, which are represented online. This is what we at EVRYTHNG call an Active Digital Identity This allows us to… Attach content to them  To communicate via them  To connect apps and services to themWhich enables things to be part of the real-time social flow of digital conversations which happens around us every day
  • Take a bottle of Olive OilYou can add a unique tag to the product label – could be as simple as a unique short URL to a QR code or more advanced NFC tag
  • Yes you could start with serving up generic information on nutrition, or recipes or product history/provenance to help aid initial purchase in storeBut in fact what you’re doing iscreating a unique relationship between a product and a consumer. How? By encouraging consumers to take digital possession of their product by identifying themselves – through FB etc – in order to link the unique tag on each product to the individual consumerSo when a consumer ‘checks into’ their bottle of olive oil, the product becomes your passport to a world of content, services, experiences based on the lifestyle territory the brand wants to own. For instance:-- Gets you discounts on bookings at Jamie Oliver restaurants-- Suggests nearby cookery classes, and so on.
  • Demo, talk about
  • Evrythng @ Web of Things

    1. 1. Active Digital Identities in the Web of Things The Web as the Universal Platform for the Physical World… Dominique Guinard, Ph.D. ETH Zurich CTO & co-founder @ EVRYTHNG© Evrythng Limited | Dominique Guinard evrythng.com
    2. 2. EVRYTHNG Ltd. London / Zurich Niall Murphy, CEO Andy Hobsbawm, CMOVlad Trifa, CPO Dom Guinard, CTO© Evrythng Limited | Dominique Guinard evrythng.com
    3. 3. Motivation [flickr.com/photos/moragcasey]© Evrythng Limited | Dominique Guinard evrythng.com
    4. 4. TUESDAY, AUGUST 10, 2010© Evrythng Limited | Dominique Guinard evrythng.com
    5. 5. © Evrythng Limited | Dominique Guinard evrythng.com
    6. 6. The Web of Things: Bridging the Physical/Virtual Gap [flickr.com/photos/docman] Simplifying Application Development in the Internet of Things© Evrythng Limited | Dominique Guinard evrythng.com
    7. 7. Web of Things Application Architecture© Evrythng Limited | Dominique Guinard evrythng.com
    8. 8. Electronic Article Surveillance as a Physical Mashup© Evrythng Limited | Dominique Guinard evrythng.com
    9. 9. Product Intelligence Dashboard Widget toolbox Selected tagged What are my current Chocolate stock levels for this Chocolate? Where is this Chocolate coming from? Where is the new one I What do people think ordered? about this Chocolate? Follow this chocolate Product Consumer: on my mobile phone/browser Manager: I want live info using a feed ! I want BI for about this my products! Chocolate© Evrythng Limited | Dominique Guinard evrythng.com
    10. 10. WoT & Business? [flickr.com/photos/daviddmuir]© Evrythng Limited | Dominique Guinard evrythng.com
    11. 11. A Fast Increasing Number of Smart Things…© Evrythng Limited | Dominique Guinard evrythng.com
    12. 12. We ‘aint seen nothing yet “ All kinds of objects will have intelligence and the ability to communicate. P&G ships 40 trillion some objects per year, imagine them all connected. − Chetan Sharma, leading wireless analyst, 2011 ”© Evrythng Limited | Dominique Guinard evrythng.com
    13. 13. Becomes a ‘social object’ Buy Activate Augment Facebook Geo-social Reviews Branded News services Offers/up 3rd party grades apps Manuals/ Analytics How-Tos Physical products become ‘social objects’ for a brand new world of digitally-connected user experiences© Evrythng Limited | Dominique Guinard evrythng.com
    14. 14. Connecting people + products • How to connect product and • Accessories, customer experience? Consumers • How link a product with own & 3rd party digital services? • How to connect the things I care about • How to connect into my social graph? products through the supply chain to end • How to easily find customers? digital content, community advice and services linked to my product? Producers • How to share content from or linked to my product?© Evrythng Limited | Dominique Guinard evrythng.com
    15. 15. A Facebook for things Think of a Facebook for things − individual things with unique digital profiles, like we have, to update, share and add to… Applications EVRYTHNG Cloud Services Tags Objects An Active Digital Identity profile for every thing.© Evrythng Limited | Dominique Guinard evrythng.com
    16. 16. Activating products Short URL Active Digital QR Code Identity NFC Each product is given The ADI for the product can an Active Digital be activated through different Identity (ADI) which is technologies including QR unique to that item Codes & NFC© Evrythng Limited | Dominique Guinard evrythng.com
    17. 17. Unique identity = unique relationships© Evrythng Limited | Dominique Guinard evrythng.com
    18. 18. EVRYTHNG (Beta) Developer Program© Evrythng Limited | Dominique Guinard evrythng.com
    19. 19. API for Active Digital Identities • Becomes a ‘social object’ • A cloud store for your Active Digital Identities • Libraries for: – Java, Ruby, Arduino, Android – Coming soon: PHP, OpenPicus? • Will be complemented with new APIs soon: – Real-time push – QR / NFC generation – Visualization© Evrythng Limited | Dominique Guinard evrythng.com
    20. 20. Application Examples© Evrythng Limited | Dominique Guinard evrythng.com
    21. 21. Thanks a lot for your attention • Dominique Guinard • Looking for, in Zurich: – Research Blog: – Java backend developers webofthings.org (JAX-RS, Play, Jetty, – Company: Jackson, PHP, Python, evrythng.com etc.) – Contact details: – Frontend developers guinard.org (HTML5, CSS, Javascript, etc.)© Evrythng Limited | Dominique Guinard evrythng.com
    22. 22. © Evrythng Limited | Dominique Guinard © Evrythng Limited | 2012 evrythng.com