Are you Energy Efficient? Sense it the WEB way
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Are you Energy Efficient? Sense it the WEB way

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Are you Energy Efficient? Sense it the WEB way

Are you Energy Efficient? Sense it the WEB way

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  • 1. Are you Energy-Efficient? Sense it the WEB Way! Dominique Guinard & Vlad Trifa ETH Zurich / SAP Research 15.01.2009 @ Liip Zurich
  • 2. Goal
    • Have a systems that monitors, on the device level, the energy consumption of all the devices in the office of
    • The system should be:
      • Accessible to the world.
      • Easy to understand/use/install.
      • Should be somewhat attractive.
      • Energy/cost efficient.
  • 3. Hardware / Software
  • 4. RESTful Thinking (Hype?)
    • SOA WS-* Approach
    • HTTP as transporter.
    • The comp-comp interface is a WSDL.
    • User Interface?
    • Testing: stub generation from a WSDL and lots of SOAP messages.
    • SOA loves XML.
    • An App Server everywhere.
    • Heavy.
    • ROA REST Approach
    • HTTP as service platform!
    • The comp-comp interface is the URL.
    • The UI is the URL/browser.
    • Testing by typing a URL in your browser (doable?)
    • ROA loves JSON.
    • A Web Server everywhere.
    • Less heavy.
  • 5. RESTful Gateway
  • 6. Talk to devices: The WEB Way
  • 7. GWT Interface
  • 8. Great work! But so what?
    • Energy
    • People want easy and fancy energy monitoring tools.
    • The deployment seemed to influence the office workers.
    • Could be a product soon (CurrentCost, etc.).
    • Architecture
    • For an Internet of Things, SOA is not always the right approach:
    • The Web of Things alternative seems quite interesting:
      • Good for ad-hoc, tactical applications.
      • Mashing up of physical devices.
      • Services become a part of the web, of the cloud.
  • 9. Ambient Energy in 30 Minutes Dominique Guinard, Vlad Trifa, Thomas Pham