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WordPress Syndicator or WP Syndicator is among the select programs and extensions a link builder or web marketer shouldn’t lose out on. Configured correctly, this plugin could make the link builder’s life a lot simpler with regard to automating backlink-building jobs and getting content spread all over the web in a flash.

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WP Syndicator Review - The Push Button Internet Marketing Solution

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  3. 3. WP Syndicator – How It Works 5WP Syndicator Review – A Must-have IM Tool 8Answers to Top 5 WP Syndicator Questions 10Analyzing the WP Syndicator Andy Fletcher Built 12WP Syndicator Bonus – Your Value-for-Money Purchase 14WP Syndicator Bonus 16 2
  4. 4. WordPress syndicator or WP Syndicator is oneof the select programs and plugins a linkbuilder or internet marketer should not missout on. Configured properly, this plugin couldmake the link builder’s life a whole lot easierin terms of automating backlink-building tasksand getting content spread all over theinternet in an instant.Before we get into details as to how this plug in works, let us first findout more about WP Syndicator. Developed by Andy Fletcher, the WPsyndicator is a plug in for WordPress that serves as a syndicationplatform used for getting content out to interactive social networkingsites, video sharing sites and blogs (Web 2.0 sites). As of this time, theWP syndicator’s latest version (v1.7) allows automated syndication toa total of 20 of the top Web 2.0 sites.What the plug in provides is an automated one-stop distribution andsyndication of content across the 20 sites in its list. Setup andconfiguration is needed, as the plugin could only act as your all-accesspass to the sites listed. If you already have active logins and accountsfor all these sites, then the whole setup process should be a lotquicker. 3
  5. 5. It will ask for account information for the link shortener service Bit.ly,so it can automatically shorten the links you embed on your contentto avoid fallouts on some of the Web 2.0 sites that have charactercapacity specifications and limit.The plug in also allows you to send your content to just a number ofspecific sites in the WP syndicator list, should you have reservationson setting it on autopilot. Otherwise, you can let the plug inautomatically do it on all of such sites.Once set with all the account information needed, you can thenproceed to post your content and just click on the autosyndicatebutton on the toolbar. The WP Syndicator will automatically sendyour content out to all the sites listed, thus saving you precious timeso you can accomplish more. This can also be done on all otherpublished contents on your website.You get to syndicate your content with either just one click of theautosyndicate button, or a few more clicks going through the Web 2.0site list tick boxes. That is how the beautifully WP plugin works. Butthe clincher is that the program will save your configuration settingson word press, allowing you to breeze through your contentsyndication tasks on all of your other websites. 4
  6. 6. Finding a fair WP Syndicator review after having scoured the internet in searchof a worthy tool for internet marketing is a delight. There are quite a number ofother software and add-on programs that have been pitted against theWordPress syndicator plug in in terms of efficiency, ease of use and programstability.For this WP Syndicator review, however, we are placing a higher value on easeof use, as the overall efficiency is in fact directly affected by how well the usercan maximize his time working on a product. With the latest version of thesoftware out in the market today, the software has had some enhancementsput in by its author Andy Fletcher.WordPress Syndicator v.1.7 now has an expanded up-to-date roster of the topWeb 2.0 sites through which it can readily syndicate content. This includes the 5
  7. 7. key social networking platforms and bookmarking sites that play importantroles in any internet marketing campaign.The periodic updates and enhancements come free when you sign up for theplug in, giving more off-hand value to the product. It also gives us real valuewhen it comes to maintaining the lead in internet buzzes and trending news, aswe are assured that the WP plugin will always include any up and comingplatform in its roster.It is very easy to install, too. Once you have purchased the software, all youhave to do is to extract the contents from the zip file after completing thedownload. You can then run the setup process, which would take a bit, by theway, as you would have to manually assign values to required fields like accountinformation and other site-specific codes.The program will also tap on the link shrinking service called Bit.ly, so you’dhave to setup an account for that, as well, to get the API key. This comes inhandy when it comes to Web 2.0 sites that only allow a limited number ofcharacters for your content – like twitter, for instance.Once the setup and configuration has been done, you can start using the WPsyndicator to automatically syndicate all your website content by clicking on theautosyndicate button. The plug in also allows for custom syndication, if you areonly after specific Web 2.0 sites and not the entire roster.But what makes this plug in more valuable, though, in the eyes of most internetmarketers, is that it applies your settings across all other WP installs, making itway easier to complete succeeding installations, and making you doubly 6
  8. 8. efficient in syndicating your content. This is what makes WP Syndicator a must-have tool for bloggers and internet marketers, alike. 7
  9. 9. The WordPress plugin WP Syndicator is being used by most internet marketersand webmasters to promote their sites through content syndication. Althoughthere are other programs that a conscientious link builder uses to further boosthis campaigns, one would invariably find this WordPress plugin in a linkbuilder’s toolkit.So, what is it about this plug in that draws bloggers and internet marketers?Let’s find out:Is it easy to get/install? Yes. This is a WP plugin, so it takes just about a minuteor two for one to download the program after purchase. Once downloaded, allyou have to do is extract the content from the zip file and run the installer.Is it user-friendly? The program is tailor-made specifically for WordPress and hasa very simple interface. Setting it up is just like individually logging in to theWeb 2.0 sites – only easier – as there’s only one all-access page for you to fillout and complete, and that’s it. Using it for backlink building is as easy asclicking the “autosyndicate” button on the toolbar. 8
  10. 10. Is it effective? The plug in automates the content syndication process by savingyour login information credentials to the specified sites. As long as youraccounts to those sites remain active, WP Syndicator will successfully push yourcontent through.The plug in also uses a link-shrinking service to make sure your urls get throughto Web 2.0 sites that only allow a limited number of characters, and you wouldneed to set up an account for this, as well. The plug in can be set toautomatically syndicate your content to all the sites in its list, or you can switchto customized syndication just by ticking the corresponding button.Is it reliable? The increasing number of users and subscribers says a lot aboutthis plug in. The fact that it constantly gets updated by developer and authorAndy Fletcher makes this program all the more reliable and effective, as theupdates will involve patches to correct technical glitches, if any, and expandingthe list to include new and trending Web 2.0 platforms to further spreadcontent.Where can I get this WP plugin? There are literally hundreds of sites all over thenet you can download the program from. Some hosts and affiliate sites wouldeven throw in bonuses if you get your WP syndicator from them. Just make sureyou are signing up for a valid offer from any of such sites. If you’re interested ingetting a bonus when you buy WP Syndicator, make sure it’s a relevant anduseful bonus you’re getting, all right? 9
  11. 11. There are a lot of things we might be able to discuss aboutthe plug in WP Syndicator Andy Fletcher developed notvery long ago. This program has made quite an impressionin internet marketing circles, and has become a favorite forsome.This is mainly because the plug in has proven to be aneffective content syndication tool, which comprises thebulk of an SEO internet marketer’s work. The updatedversion of WP Syndicator Andy Fletcher released has had afew fine-tune enhancements and has exponentiallyimproved since.What the program does is it automates the whole contentsyndication process, condensing it so it would only take afew clicks to get the otherwise tedious task done. Itconsolidates a host of Web 2.0 sites like social networks,bookmarking sites and blogging platforms in one very user-friendly interface. It is very easy to download and install as it is just a lightprogram. The setup and configuration, however, issomething that one would need to spend a little more timeon, if one expects to get the most out of this WP plugin. 10
  12. 12. Upon completing the installation process, you would be prompted to set up an account for Bit.ly – a web-enabled service the WP syndicator uses to shorten links for smoother syndication. If you have used this particular service before, then you just have to enter your credentials to proceed to setting up and hard-coding your login information to each of the Web 2.0 sites included in WP syndicator.The setup screen has clickable access links to each of these sites, to make iteasier for you to set up individual accounts for the services. Once that is done,you can go ahead and start syndicating your published content. All you have todo is click on the “autosyndicate” button that will appear on the WordPresstoolbar.If you’re working on just sending out your content to specific Web 2.0 sites, youjust take out the checkmark on the autosyndicate button, and it’ll give you theoption to choose from the entire roster.Take note that the plug in saves your settings, so you might have to reconfigureit for your other campaigns. If you use the exact same platforms in all yourother sites, or if you go for autoblogging all your content, then the plug in isyour perfect partner. 11
  13. 13. If you’re looking to get value-for-money on your WP Syndicator purchase, youmay want to look for the right WP Syndicator bonus from all the offerscirculating the internet today. Sure, there may be a lot of seemingly nice dealsand perks thrown in with your WordPress Syndicator purchase, but the bestones are the ones you can use.To get the most out of a WP Syndicator bonus, make sure you have an ideawhat the added perk is for. You may be able to get additional resource materialsfor your linkbuilding and intermarketing needs when you purchase the WP plugin. These are always handy and useful.If you’re getting an additional software with your purchase, make sure that theadd-on software works well or is complementary to WP syndicator beforejumping into a deal. It would help if you have an idea what the main WPsyndicator plug in does to get the most out of a purchase.First off, the WP Syndicator is an auxiliary program for WordPress that allowsthe user to consolidate his content syndication tasks under one efficientplatform. This plugin brings a number of Web 2.0 key social networking andbookmarking platforms in a single easy interface.It lets you maximize your time by automating your backlink building tasksthrough content distribution and condensing the tedious process into an easyone-time setup process. The WP syndicator serves as your all-in-one portal to 12
  14. 14. the entire roster of Web 2.0 sites in it, making syndication and backlink buildingas easy as a single click on a magic button.The initial setup, however, cannot be done instantly as you would have to inputall pertinent details for it to successfully syndicate for you: configuration wouldbe needed, and you would be asked for corresponding account information andcode requirements for each site.You can then proceed to syndicate your content efficiently, going through eachof the published content and clicking on the “autosyndicate” button on thetoolbar. You also have the option to customize syndication and just select thewebsites you want your content sent to from the list of Web 2.0 sites in the WPsyndicator roster.Once set up and configured, the plug in then “saves” your settings so it appliesthe same quick-syndication options on all other website contents in yourcampaign. One neat WP syndicator bonus is that all subsequent upgrades andenhancements come free when you buy it, so you can be sure your plug in staysup-to-date. Now that, in itself, is true value-for-money –the perfect WPSyndicator bonus – so you may not have to look far for that, after all. 13
  15. 15. WordPress Syndicator or WP Syndicator is among the select programsand extensions a link builder or web marketer shouldn’t lose out on.Configured correctly, this WP plugin could make the link builder’s lifea lot simpler with regard to automating backlink-building jobs andgetting content spread all over the web in a flash.Some of the smart features one would definitely like are thefollowing:■Link Shortener shortens the links for sites such that constrain thequantity of characters on a link like Twitter or other microblogs. This 14
  16. 16. is a great cloaking feature for affiliates since some of the social sitesdon’t permit affiliate links.■Real time indexing. Each post you make gets indexed in searchwebsites.■Healthy list of top web 2.0 sites. They select high authority sites andadd in more sites at consistently. ■Easy Web 2.0 accounts signup process. This WP plugin has a featurethat makes joining up to web 2.0 accounts a less frightening task.Getting WP Syndicator indeed bring a lot of advantages. However themost noteworthy benefits that WP Syndicator provides are as follows:1. Traffic increase, especially from micro-blogging sites that arewithin your syndication network. 2. Search ranking improvement through a lift in the fondness for yourlink joined with a better primary indexing. 3. Deep linking automation to all syndicated blog post from highstanding as well as authority sites. 4. Big savings when it comes down to time in comparison to manualcontent syndication. 5. There truly is a giant benefit that WP syndicator will bring to anyWordPress blogger most vitally for people that hope to get acompetitive advantage in the leading search engine. 15
  17. 17. Get WP Syndicator from us at http://www.buywithbonus.com andyou can select ONE of the bonuses from Fast Web Formula twoSpeaker Videos found in the Bonus Page as WP Syndicator Bonus toget tips and methods from real professionals in Internet Marketing. © 2011 http://www.RecommendWP.com 16