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  • 1. Slide 2: Germany is known forits many castles the bestknown is Neuschwanstein
  • 2.  What is the capital of Germany What is Neuschwanstein? What is Dachau? Where are cuckoo clocks made?
  • 3.  1871—Germany is created 1914-1919—World War I, Germany loses
  • 4. Adolf HitlerAdolf HitlerSlide 5-8: Its infamous leader,Adolf Hitler, was dictatorduring World War II.
  • 5. Allies—Britain, France, US, and the Soviet UnionAxis—Germany, Japan, and Italy
  • 6. Winston Churchill, Franklin Roosevelt, and Joseph StalinWinston Churchill, Franklin Roosevelt, and Joseph Stalin
  • 7.  Who became leader of Germany during theGreat Depression? What was the name of his political party? Besides Germany, name one other countrywhich made up the Axis Powers? Name two countries that made up the AlliedPowers? Which side did the US join? Who was President of the US during most ofWWII?
  • 8. BERLIN
  • 9.  Separation of Germany into two countries—East and West Germany West Germany was a democracy East Germany was communist, under controlof the Soviet Union or USSR Between 1943-1960—2.66 million East Germansfled to West GermanySlide 9: After World War II, Germany was divided into 2 countries: East Germany andWest Germany.Slide 10-11: East Germany was a communist country under the influence of theUSSR; and West Germany was a democracy with the help of the US.
  • 10. VideoSlide 12: The Berlin Wallwas built in 1961 by thecommunists in order to stoppeople from going over to EastGermany where people werefree.
  • 11. Slide 13: The Berlin Wall was torn down in 1989. TheBrandenburg Gate is famous.
  • 12.  What country had themost deaths duringWorld War II? What country had thehighest percentage ofdeaths according totheir totalpopulation? What country had theleast amount ofdeaths?