Successful Strategies For Monetizing Blogs Using Affiliate Marketing


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Presentation given during BlogWorld Expo New York 2012.

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Successful Strategies For Monetizing Blogs Using Affiliate Marketing

  1. 1. Successful Strategies for Monetizing Blogs Using Affiliate Marketing Missy Ward Co-Founder, Affiliate Summit, Inc.@MissyWard
  2. 2. @MissyWard
  3. 3. “ Future Super Affiliate” @alex_bishop@MissyWard
  4. 4. Don’t Be Like This Dude
  5. 5. Make Money With Your Blog Using Affiliate MarketingKey Points: “In this session you will get an overview of how affiliate marketing works; learn how to find complimentary products and services to promote and walk out with seven successful affiliate marketing strategies to monetize your blog immediately.”@MissyWard
  6. 6. Reasons Why Bloggers Won’t Monetize m mo ney fro "Display " Making y turns it hurt my ing ads wi a hobb iness." blog traf ll us fic." into a b "Its too hard to make money from a blog." "Bl ogg for ing i say val m s ue e, th just t tak e what I in m ere fun "Peo ple won hey know Im if t y c s n ont o s eriously off my s ite." ney ent ." ma king mo@MissyWard
  7. 7. Why Monetize?• Subsidize operational costs to keep blogging hobby afloat.• Create an additional part-time income stream.• Career shift from employee to self-employment.@MissyWard
  8. 8. When? The Million Dollar Question@MissyWard
  9. 9. Build Now, Monetize Later Reader’sfocus drawn to content rather than ads *may* build a stronger audience faster. Not knowing when the “right time” is. Underestimating value of traffic *may* leave money on table. Redesigning site to include ads and time investment to discover that readers may not be buyers.@MissyWard
  10. 10. Build Now, Monetize From the Start • Some money is better than no money. • No need to redesign when ready for ads. • Consistent experience for users from day one. • Learning what works early on *can* increase potential income down the road. (products, placements, ad-serving). • New blogs *unlikely* to make significant money without having traffic. • Finding advertisers *can* be more difficult.@MissyWard
  11. 11. Popular Ways to Monetize a Blog • Direct Advertising Sales / Sponsorships • Paid postings • Contextual Advertising (Google Adsense, Chitika) • Selling Your Own Product • Membership Component (Forum, Premium Content) • Text Link Advertising (TextLinkAds, InfoLinks) • Donations • Affiliate Marketing@MissyWard
  12. 12. What is Affiliate Marketing@MissyWard
  13. 13. “ Affiliate marketing is selling something you don’t own, to people you don’t know and earning a commission eachtime you do.” -Author Unknown@MissyWard
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  26. 26. What Affiliate Marketing is NOT A way to get rich overnight A scam Multi-level marketing For the easily discouraged@MissyWard
  27. 27. Where To Find Merchants and Advertiserswith Affiliate Programs@MissyWard
  28. 28. Affiliate Networks@MissyWard
  29. 29. Digital Products & Software Networks@MissyWard
  30. 30. CPA Networks@MissyWard
  31. 31. Independent Programs@MissyWard
  32. 32. Affiliate Program Directories@MissyWard
  33. 33. Check out what YourCompetition is Promoting@MissyWard
  34. 34. How do I know what products orservices to promote/not promote? • Promote products and services you use and believe in. • Don’t stick to marketing what everyone else is marketing. • Find the “next big thing” in your niche.(Google Alerts, Twitter, Facebook, Ebay Pulse, Google Insight, TV advertising.@MissyWard
  35. 35. Disclosure Policy • 2009 FTC Ruling on Disclosure of Endorsements for bloggers ($11k+ per post fines) • Clears up an ethical concerns allowing freedom to make money while being responsible for own reputation • .@MissyWard
  36. 36. Successful Affiliate Marketing Strategies@MissyWard
  37. 37. Video@MissyWard
  38. 38. @MissyWard
  39. 39. V ideo Tips • (Part of for uploading & tracking on top video sharing /social networking sites • Include shortened link in Description on Youtube, etc. and as overlay within video itself. • Transcription on you blog w/links • Embed clickable video on your blog using Viewbix (2 free/then 19.99 month and visit for tutorial) or LinkedTube (Free) • Merchant Video Creatives • Keep video to no more than 1-1/2 to 2 minutes & include a call to action (almost 60% will abandon at 2minute mark) • YouTube Partner Program (Rev share ads on your videos)@MissyWard
  40. 40. Email@MissyWard
  41. 41. @MissyWard
  42. 42. RSS To Email Tips • Google’s Feedburner: Free (Can run Adsense automatically in email • Aweber: $19/month up to 500 subsribers $29/2,500, $49/5,000, etc. • Automated Weekly newsletters via template with Aweber)@MissyWard
  43. 43. Photos@MissyWard
  44. 44. @MissyWard
  45. 45. Photo Tips • Huge SEO opportunity for optimized images (Think Google Images) • Flickr – Embed on blog with Affiliate Links links • Luminate and Stipple great tools to easily share and monetize embeded images with overlay ads, products in the picture (based on tags). [Think Adsense for Images]@MissyWard
  46. 46. Social Sharing@MissyWard
  47. 47. @MissyWard
  48. 48. Social Sharing Tips • Remember relevancy and personalization is key • Genuine Recommendations, Build relationships • Avoid dropping direct Affiliate Links but rather bring them back to your site to provide additional content • Automation Plugins (Networked blogs, Twitterfeed, etc.) • Sharing Plugins (Social Sharing Toolkit, ShareThis, etc.) • Pretty Link Pro (Shrink, Cloak, Track, Stats, Keyword Replacement w/ blog name in URL)@MissyWard
  49. 49. Podcasting@MissyWard
  50. 50. @MissyWard
  51. 51. Podcast Tips • PodPress, PowerPress Plugin • Look for Podcast Networks ( • Syndicate to iTunes • Affiliate links in show notes • Transcription: Great for SEO • ( $.75 /min & Up, Fiverr 12 minutes) • Audible Podcast Affiliate Program (Audible Pre-roll ad pays $15/ free trial)@MissyWard
  52. 52. AutomatedCommissionabl e Links@MissyWard
  53. 53. @MissyWard
  54. 54. Automated Af filiate Links Tips • SkimLinks, VigLink – Don’t need to sign up to Affiliate Networks • BounceLinks – Keep direct relationship with retailers • They don’t overwrite existing affiliate links • Simple install (plugin or code) • Once installed can monetize even your old blog posts@MissyWard
  55. 55. Offline Marketing@MissyWard
  56. 56. @MissyWard
  57. 57. @MissyWard
  58. 58.