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all about personal selling and marketing mix

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personal selling

  1. 1. Personal Selling
  2. 2. Curriculum Vitae Name : Missi desmala Address : jl. Kayumanis V lama no.34 rt.02 rw.01 pisangan baru , matraman, jakarta timur Nim : 224409057 university : STMT trisakti, logistics and material managemant Email : , Gender : female Date of Birth : Jakarta 26 december 1990 Marital Status : student Nationality : Indonesia. Religion : Islam.
  3. 3. introduction Promotion is part of a series of marketing activities. Marketing mix is the set of marketing tools that the firm uses to pursue its marketing objectives in the target market. Kotler (1997:92),
  4. 4.  According Swastha Basu (1999), Promotional mix is "the best combination of strategy variablesAdvertising, Personal Selling and Promotion of other tools, all of which are planned to achieve sales goals" Promotion is the act of informing or reminding customers about a product / brand. Increasing Increasing Increasing Increasing the Promotions demand sales profit value according Jeff Madura, Introduction To Business, 2007
  5. 5. PROMOTIONAL PURPOSES provide information increase sales stabilize sales product positioning form the image of the product according kismono (2001:374)
  6. 6. PROMOTION FUNCTIONS The primary function of the promotion can be formulated in an activity known as "AIDA“ Atention interest desire action according philiph kotler marketing management (2001:185
  7. 7. PROMOTIONS MIXPromotional mix is a promotional tool to introduce and offer goods and services produced by a company Advertising Sales Promotion Public relation and publicity Personal Selling Direct marketing Philip Kotler , marketing management (2005: 264-312)
  8. 8. Personal Selling According to H. Saladin djasalim SE. (1994) "Personal selling is the sale of personal (face to face) is the communication of information in person, to persuade consumers to buy goods / services and ideas Demonstrate the advantages of the product. Demonstrate how to use the product Organize and implement other forms of promotion that match. A surefire strategy for dealing with competition.
  9. 9. PERSONAL SELLING PROPERTIESPersonal selling is one of the most effective promotional tool,especially in the form of preferences, beliefs and actions of the buyer.  Personal confrontation  development  Response by Philip kotler (1997: 224) marketing management
  10. 10. FORMS OF PERSONAL SELLING  retail Selling  Selling field  Executive Selling According to Saladin and yevis merti djasmin oesman (1994: 195)
  11. 11. Personal Selling ProcessPreparation determination preliminary Service after making salesbefore sale of the location approach the sale According to bashu swastha (1984)
  12. 12. PERSONAL SELLING TASK Looking for potential buyer (prospecting) communication selling collecting information service Prioritize According to Saladin, 2000
  13. 13. personal selling needed in business... creating trust for this type of product that not many known by customers Purchases that are once in a while Products that have a high value per unit Product designed as needed According sopyan assauri (1988)
  14. 14. Factors that influence the success of the personal selling Number of salespeople Organizing salespeople : a. based on the area seller. b. based on different products. c. based on the type of buyer. d. combination of all three selecting salespeople According to William J Stanton (1986)
  15. 15. There are five important aspects of personal selling: professionalism Negotiation Relationship Marketing Person selling role : a. Responsive selling. b. Trade selling. c. Missionary selling d. Technical selling. e. Creative selling Managerial Purnama, C. M. Lingga. 2002. Strategic Marketing Plan
  16. 16. There are 4 methods in terms of the promotion budget Match, with the ability Percentage of Sales method Competitive balance method Objective and Task method by rumbat lopiyuadi (2001: 115),
  17. 17. Advantages and disadvantages using personal selling can expected to increase sales volume and number of customers. (advantages) Dealing directly with the buyer. Can search and select potential buyers. Can choose the style and appeal adapted to the needs of the buyer. Can give an example and demonstrate the product directly. Can deliver information to potential buyers. (disadvantages) The cost is relatively high when compared to other promotional tools. limited number of potential buyers are offered at the same time According to H djasalim Saladin (1994)
  18. 18. conclusion promotion of use of personal selling is expensive, and a lot of money and time, but for a specific product such as, new products and expensive products , personal selling is an effective way to reach any potential customer. and most importantly, is also the personal power of the personal selling, they should , knowledge of the product, informative, supple, have good atitude they are the cutting edge of direct sales, which will produce profits and a good corporate image
  19. 19. references Purnama, C. M. Lingga. 2002. Strategic Marketing Plan. Penerbit Gramedia: Jakarta. Cravens, David W. & Nigel F. Piercy. 2006. Strategic Marketing 8th Edition. New York USA: Mc Graw-Hill Education. Fandy Tjiptono. 2006. Bauran Pemasaran Jasa. Jawa Timur: Bayu Media. Griffin, R. W. dan Ronald J. Elbert. 2006. Business 8th Edition. New Jersey: Prentice Hall. Keegan, Warren J. 2005. Global Marketing 4th Editon International Edition. USA: Prentice Hall Kotler, Philip. 2007. Manajemen Pemasaran (Edisi Kesebelas). Jakarta: PT. Indeks Kelompok Gramedia. & Kevin L. Keller. 2007. Marketing Management 12th Edition. New Jersey: Prentice Hall.