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Pics Assessment Poster 6 July 2010 42 X56

  1. 1. Pharmacists in Community Service (PICS): Assessing the Direct and Indirect Impact of PICS Jennifer A. Campbell, PharmD and Vonda K. Vandyke-Swartz, Ph.D. Background Objectives ResultsThe Pharmacist In Community Service (PICS) program is designed with the school’s mission Assess the impact of the Pharmacists in Community Service program on the students at thein mind to enable students to address health related needs in rural and underserved Appalachian College of Pharmacy Student Impact on the Appalachian Health Expocommunities, particularly those in Appalachia and to develop the motivation to serve during Assess the impact of the students at the Appalachian College of Pharmacy on the surrounding Community Attendee Surveytheir didactic and experiential training that extends into their professional practice. community through the Pharmacists in Community Service program. Number of Hours recorded fromThe PICS program requires students to complete 150 hours of community service over their Assess the impact of the Pharmacists in Community Service program on the community August 2005 - September 2009*three year enrollment. All activities fall into one of three categories: Health-Related Patient around the Appalachian College of PharmacyCare, Health-Related Non-patient Care and General Service. Health Related – 23029.303 General – 14012.95 Methods Hour Distribution Former PICS Hours Submission Form Submission Form Class of 2010 Survey Data Average Score on a 5 point Likert Scale General 34% Top three rated activities (1=unnecessary and 5=necessary) PICS Hours Submission Form Survey Health Related 1.Blood Pressure 6.00 66% 2.Osteoporosis (DEXA scan) 5.00 3.Body Mass Index (BMI) 4.00 3.00 Number of Direct Contacts 7 - 9 pm 7.89% 2.00 recorded from September 2008 1 - 3 pm 1.00 through September 2009* 5 - 7 pm 36.84% 31.58% 0.00 Health Related – 18905 ry e e n e g rs te r s i tle . ity General - 7698 m iz e m io r.. am go in ur ... te Da Na Na at tiv rT ri t se Ho an te un 3 - 5 pm i ce rN m W Ac Ca is o i ty nt co t rg or 23.68% rv en is o ve ve tO * Class of 2010 hours include Hours through graduation, May 2010 ic e un En nf rv se ur ud cti rv /E tI pe m Ho en rv d pe e St fl e ac te m te vi c Su Se Ev Si Co Su Re CS nt la er of Co Re Implications PI fS al n er or ti o lth ro en is ea ip be rv rG cr rH pe m es fo The Appalachian College of Pharmacy has developed a program that encourages its students, Nu fo Su fD ria ria ie ite faculty, staff and administration to become active members of not only the community ite Br Cr Cr PICS Hours Submission Form Component surrounding the college, but their communities back home and the rural and underserved communities throughout the world. Although not all colleges and schools of pharmacy will be able to work in rural communities, Reflective Essays Reflective Essay Topics New Submission Form getting out in the community where help is needed is something that can be encouraged Initial Purpose and Rubric Fall Spring everywhere.Essays were required with the 1. How could you have enhanced your own experience at The data gathered on the PICS hours submission form to assess the impact on the community 1. Please describe 2 or 3 ways in whichintention of assessing the impact of Grundy RAM or Brown Bag Day? What opportunities is generalizable to a variety of settings. the First Annual Appalachian Healththe community service activity on the relating to Grundy RAM or Brown Bag Day would you Expo positively impacted you and/orstudent. recommend for other students to take advantage? The four component reflective essay grading rubric and the three questions/statements can be the community. easily modified and tailored to assess an individual school’s educational outcomes and 2. Use two quality PICS experiences to describe how your 2. Please describe 2 or 3 ways in which competencies and any community service activities required by the school. motivation to serve has been enhanced. you think the Appalachian Health 3. Discuss how you would improve one or two specific PICS Expo could be changed to more Limitations activities in which you participated or develop a new positively impact the community PICS project for the local community. and/or the students of ACP. The assessment of the impact of the PICS program from the perspective of the community has 3. After participating in the been limited to the survey distributed at the first annual Appalachian Health Expo Evolution of the PICS Hours Form New Reflective Writing Rubric Pharmacists in Community Service Reporting of hours is not mandated beyond the required 150 hours for studentsAn essay was required for each activity submitted for (PICS) program for your first twoapproval of hours via the PICS hours submission form semesters/two years at ACP, please Faculty, Staff and Administration do not have a consistent method for tracking serviceInconsistent essay quality and reflectivity was observed reflect on how the program couldwhich lead to: better serve the community and/or Future Plans changes to the program that would1.Decreased frequency to one essay a semester allow the overall experience to be Community needs survey to help tailor future events2.Three specific questions and/or statements are given to better for the students of ACP. Community surveys to assess direct impact of the community service activitiesthe students on which they are to reflect and then write (Eliminating the program is not anhalf a page to one page per questions or statement. option). Assessment of Faculty, Staff and Administration impact