Why You Cant Do Without SMTP Servers


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SMTPProvider.com provides the most reliable and affordable SMTP servers to simplify your bulk emailing process.

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Why You Cant Do Without SMTP Servers

  1. 1. Are You Tired Of Facing Limitations When Sending Emails?http://goo.gl/8kyBN
  2. 2. Unable To Send Multiple EmailsWhile On the Go For Business AsWell As PersonalCommunication? http://goo.gl/emIG w
  3. 3. Do You Want A Way OutAnd That Too At AReasonable Price? http://goo.gl/8 qy0k
  4. 4. Let SMTPProvider.com Help You With Their SMTP ServersSMTPProvider.com is undoubtedly the best SMTPService Provider that enables you to enjoyunlimited emails through their vast range ofaffordable packages.
  5. 5. Wait, What Is SMTP?SMTP or Simple Mail Transfer Protocol refers toan IP/TCP protocol that is used in receiving andsending an email between senders http://goo.gl/DM4Jf
  6. 6. Let’s uNderstaNd HOw sMtP wOrks ? http://goo.gl/KDG5x
  7. 7. How SMTP Is More Beneficial Than Regular Mail Service?• You can send mass mails to the recipient withinthe shortest span of time.• The mails sent to the recipients inbox will have aminimum bounce rate.• Your emails are sent from a more professionaladdress.• Keeps track of all the data when you are switchingbetween multiple accounts.
  8. 8. Why Should You Opt For SMTPProvider?•SMTP Provider ensures on time delivery of bulkemails to the inbox of the recipients.• SMTP Provider servers active and sustain astronger sender reputation for transactionalemails.• SMTP Provider allows users maximumvisibility of email sending reports, statusupdates.• SMTP Provider servers are based upon thelatest cloud computing technology.
  9. 9. Why you should opt for SMTP Provider?(Continued)•SMTP Provider has been designed to providededicated IP services to individuals who send bulkemails.• SMTP Provider lays strict emphasis on IPreputation management.• SMTP Provider makes use of Sender PolicyFramework system that ensures only authenticemails are sent and therefore prevents emailspamming totally.• SMTP Provider offers customers the option toresell as well as 24/7 support from the technical teamin case of emergencies and difficulties.• SMTP Provider offers various packages toindividuals at very affordable prices.
  10. 10. Thanking YouFrom SMTProvider.com USA: +1 347 448 5273 , INDIA: +91 9230294183 , + 91 9831149600
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