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  • 1. Stick Figure Sam and the Storm By Kolby Boughner In stickoplisopilis Stick figure Sam was a camera man for News and weather report 1 2 3 4.He said to the creators he had great potential for that stuff but Stick Figure Bob didn’t think so. If sam quits then go to the next page If he goes on with his life go to page 3
  • 2. So Sam quit and thought Bob was a meanie. He started hid own news station with his own news crew with him in it. Then he realized he was just dreaming. So he went to a paradise island and sipped on a cooler and relaxed a little he was retired he could do what ever he wants. After a little bit he became bored so he went back to and asked for his job back and bob said no so sam didn’t no what to do so he tried painting and he painted a rain storm. He was so depressed he wanted to get his mind off it so he enternterd and won an all expens paid trip to the bahamas one of the most storimest places on earth and there he became a jamacain wether reporter. The end.
  • 3. So Sam went on with his job and he loved it just he didn’t like the manager. Then one day Sam was finishing up some papers and bob asked him if he could be the weather man for a few months because the other guy got in a car accident. Sam loved the idea so much he almost got in an accident but he didn’t and after that bob and Sam were best of friends. The End.