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Interactive Story

Interactive Story

More in: Education
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  • 1. On the farm By. Rene K The Duck Gets Lost
  • 2. One spring morning Duck was playing on the farm.
    • He had eaten some breakfast and now he was going to help farmer Dale do the morning chores.
  • 3. Farmer Dale asked him to go and find the sheep.
    • He looked in the barn, in the pen and in the meadow but the sheep were no where to be found.
  • 4. He did not know where the sheep could be!
    • He thought and thought… should I go look in the oat field or in the patch of trees by the bins?
    Oat Field Forest By The Bins
  • 5. Duck started walking over to the field.
    • He heard some rustling in the tall, yellow oat stalks. He slowly walked into the field, he could see part of an animal with a white back. He walked over to it but instead of finding the sheep he found a stray calf!
  • 6. Duck started walking over to the bins.
    • He went into the bush that was near them. He went in a ways and thought he could hear something that sounded like a sheep so he went towards it. By this time duck was deep into the forest. He couldn’t tell where he was!
    Keep going into the forest and see if he can find the sheep Turn around and go back the direction he came from
  • 7. So duck kept going into the forest.
    • Soon he came to the edge of the forest. He seen framer dale in his tractor loading up some bales. It was late and dark out by this time so he thought maybe he should go and hop in with Farmer dale or maybe he could go check in one last place.
    Go look in another place for the sheep Go and hop in with farmer Dale
  • 8. So duck turned around and went back.
    • It was late by this time and it was getting dark so he went over to farmer Dale. He said it supper was ready and it was to late to go out and look for the sheep again and that he would go look for them himself the next day. The end!
  • 9. He decided he couldn’t just leave the baby calf there.
    • It was late and dark by then so led the baby calf back to the farm. Farmer dale was there and he said supper was ready and that it was to late and dark to go back out and look for the sheep again. The End!
    The end!
  • 10. He went and got in with Dale.
    • Farmer dale was done loading up the bales so he took duck back to the farm were they had supper and farmer Dale said he would go look for the sheep the next day. So duck went and ate supper and went to bed. The End!
  • 11. So went to look in one last place for the sheep.
    • He went over to a dug out that he could kind of see, and there was the sheep! They were standing beside the water, duck was so happy he found them!
  • 12. He gathered the sheep together and led them back to the farm.
    • He found farmer Dale and they put the sheep back in their pen and went to have supper. It had been a long day!
    • The End!