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Interactive story

  2. 2. One day a little white duckling was wondering the pond. While he was waddling around the pond he noticed something really shiny hiding in the grass.
  3. 3. As this little white duckling was bending over to pick up the mysterious shiny object something poked him the butt. The duckling jumped high in the air from being so frightened. He let out this big quack that all the frogs, mosquitoes, and all the other tiny creatures at the pond could hear.
  4. 4. They all gave the little duckling a funny look then went on with their lives. The duckling wanted to know what poked him so he decided to take an adventure to find whatever it was.
  5. 5. The little white duckling came to a path that lead two different ways. If you want the little white duckling to go right click on the right arrow. If you want the white duckling to go left click on the left arrow.
  6. 6. YOU CLICKED THE RIGHT ARROW! The little white duckling is wondering through the woods and the clouds come out and it starts raining on the poor little white duckling!
  7. 7. The little duckling started to waddle as fast as he could to get to the end of the horrible muddy path, but it seemed like the path just didn’t end. He finally found a big enough tree to hide under until the rain stopped.
  8. 8. He waited and waited but the rain just didn’t stop. If you want the rain to stop click on the stop sign. If you want it to keep raining click on GO!
  9. 9. YOU CLICKED STOP RAINING! It finally stopped raining, so the duckling continued on with his journey. The clouds started to float away as a beautiful rainbow came out.
  10. 10. The little duckling reached the end of the path. Just ahead of him he spotted something moving. He was thinking that it was the animal that poked him. He caught up to the animal and the duckling asked “Did you poke me?” The bunny said “Yes I did, but it’s only because I needed someone to play with.” The duckling looked at the bunny and sighed then said “Well you could’ve just asked instead of poking me.” The bunny felt bad for poking the duckling so she apologized and asked if the duckling would play with her. The duckling and the bunny played and laughed together until the sun went down. The End
  11. 11. YOU CLICKED THE GO SIGN! The duckling was still under the tree, hiding from the rain. He was very sad that he couldn’t keep going on his journey but he sucked it up, got out from under the tree and ran as fast as his little webbed feet could go!
  12. 12. The little duckling kept on running. Then he tripped on a stick. He didn’t get up because he had to think if he should keep going or go back to the pond. If you want the duckling to go to the pond click on the pond If you want the little duckling to keep going click the thumbs up!
  13. 13. YOU CLICKED THE THUMBS UP! The little white duckling got up and kept on walking down the path. He walked for hours and hours but still couldn’t find who poked him. The duckling finally gave up not only because it really dark outside but also because he absolutely couldn’t find who poked him. So he found a patch oh grass to sleep on. He got comfortable and fell asleep. The End
  14. 14. YOU CLICKED ON THE POND The little duckling got up and decided to go back to the pond because he knew he was never going to find out what poked him. He walked home in disappointment. When he got back to the pond he sat down on a rock and started to cry. His friend the frog came up to him and asked if he wanted to go for a swim before the sun went down. So he went for a swim with the frog and forgot about not finding out who poked him and coming home in shame. The End
  15. 15. YOU CLICKED THE LEFT ARROW! The little white duckling is skipping down the path on a extremely sunny day. The sun is shining and the butterflies are out, and the flowers are blooming.
  16. 16. The little white duckling was so happy to get away from the pond for the first time. He was so happy that he decided to take this adventure to find out who poked him. Especially since he took the adventure on such a beautiful day.
  17. 17. He was so thrilled that the sun was shining that he totally forgot about the animal that poked him. The duckling started chasing the butterflies around him. He was having so much fun. Then the sun went down and the little duckling had to go back to the pond. The End