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Abstinence power point

  1. 1. Abstinence Education: The Best Solution for Teens? By: Silvia Pearsall LIB 495 Professor John McAteer
  2. 2. Table of Contents: ▪ The Problems With Teen Pregnancy ▪ What Can Be Done? ▪ Sex Education in the US ▪ Abstinence Only VS a Comprehensive Sex Education ▪ Glorification of Teen Pregnancy in the Media ▪ Teen Pregnancy is a National Problem
  3. 3. The Problems With Teen Pregnancy ▪ Approximately 400,000 teens aged 15–19 years give birth every year in the United States ▪ Teen birth rate in the US remains the highest in the developed world ▪ Approximately one half (50.1%) of these teens were not using any method of birth control when they got pregnant ▪ Of these, nearly one third (31.4%) believed they could not get pregnant at the time ▪ 21.0% used a highly effective contraceptive method ▪ 24.2% used the moderately effective method of condoms ▪ 5.1% used the least effective methods, such as rhythm and withdrawal.
  4. 4. What Can Be Done? ▪ To decrease teen birth rates, efforts are needed to reduce or delay the onset of sexual activity, provide factual information about the conditions under which pregnancy can occur, increase teens' motivation and negotiation skills for pregnancy prevention, improve access to contraceptives, and encourage use of more effective contraceptive methods.
  5. 5. Sex Education in the US: Per the graph: 23 States have mandated Sex Education. Some States with Mandated Sex Education do not have to be medically accurate. California and Louisiana are the only two states to forbid the promotion of religion in sex education classes.
  6. 6. Abstinence Only VS Comprehensive Sex Education
  7. 7. The two states with the highest rates of teen pregnancies are Mississippi and New Mexico. Neither state requires that sex education be taught in schools. Mississippi law stipulates that when sexual education is taught, that abstinence be the main method of contraception proscribed by educators, whereas New Mexico has no rules about reproductive health criteria at all. The state with the lowest rate of teen pregnancies is New Hampshire, which requires comprehensive sex ed in schools that includes information about condoms and other forms of birth control in addition to abstinence.
  8. 8. Our Society Glorifies Teen Pregnancy in the Media If teens do not get formal sexual education, they are made to rely on the media for information. As a society, it is detrimental to the youth of America to leave this knowledge up to pop culture and reality TV.
  9. 9. Teen Pregnancy is a National Problem 35% of all local school districts in the US have policies that require that abstinence be taught as the only appropriate option for unmarried people and that contraception is to be presented as ineffective in preventing pregnancy or not be covered at all
  10. 10. It’s Time For A Change! Our youth deserve a comprehensive sex education!