Early Middle Ages Jeopardy
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Early Middle Ages Jeopardy






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Early Middle Ages Jeopardy Early Middle Ages Jeopardy Presentation Transcript

  • Jeopardy Catholic Church Feudalism Migratory Groups Trade Routes Interactions through Trade Q $100 Q $200 Q $300 Q $400 Q $500 Q $100 Q $100 Q $100 Q $100 Q $200 Q $200 Q $200 Q $200 Q $300 Q $300 Q $300 Q $300 Q $400 Q $400 Q $500 Final Jeopardy
  • $100 Question from Catholic Church After the decline of Roman authority the ___________________grew in importance and authority; it also became the unifying force in Western Europe.
  • $100 Answer from Catholic Church Roman Catholic Church
  • $200 Question from Catholic Church In Western Europe, during the Middle Ages, what was the function of monasteries?
  • $200 Answer from Catholic Church They preserved religious and classical literature
  • $300 Question from Catholic Church Preservation of _______________knowledge and culture by monks who copied classical writings ,was on contribution of the medieval church.
  • $300 Answer from Catholic Church Greco-Roman
  • $400 Question from Catholic Church
    • Put the following events in order:
      • Church authority grew
      • Roman authority declined
      • Pope appointed Charlemagne Holy Roman Emperor
  • $400 Answer from Catholic Church
      • Roman authority declined
      • Church authority grew
      • Pope appointed Charlemagne Holy Roman Emperor
  • $500 Question from Catholic Church Name the foundations of early medieval society
  • $500 Answer from Catholic Church
    • Classical heritage of Rome
    • Christian beliefs
    • Customs of Germanic Tribes
  • $100 Question from Feudalism The name of the land given to a vassal during the Middle Ages was a_____________________.
  • $100 Answer from Feudalism fief
  • $200 Question from Feudalism A ______________________is the name of the small estate on which people lived and worked in the Middle Ages.
  • $200 Answer from Feudalism manor
  • $300 Question from Feudalism A peasant who was bound to work on a manor was called a ___________________.
  • $300 Answer from Feudalism serf
  • $400 Question from Feudalism One characteristics of manors is that they were____-_____.
  • $400 Answer from Feudalism Self-sufficient
  • $500 Question from Feudalism Why did a feudal system develop in Western Europe in the Middle Ages?
  • $500 Answer from Feudalism The need for protection from outside invasion
  • $100 Question from Migratory Groups Where were the areas of settlement for the Vikings?
  • $100 Answer from Migratory Groups From Scandinavia to Russia
  • $200 Question from Migratory Groups What group of invaders from central Asia eventually settled in present day Hungary?
  • $200 Answer from Migratory Groups Magyars
  • $300 Question from Migratory Groups The Angles and the Saxons were invaders who eventually moved from continental ___________to _________.
  • $300 Answer from Migratory Groups Europe to England
  • $400 Question from Migratory Groups Name the results of invasions by the Angles, Saxons, Magyars, and Vikings.
  • $400 Answer from Migratory Groups
    • Castles were built as protection form invaders
    • The feudal system was strengthened
    • Trade was disrupted and towns declined
  • $100 Question from Trade Routes What was the main trade route that connected Asia to the Mediterranean basin?
  • $100 Answer from Trade Routes The Silk Road
  • $200 Question from Trade Routes Which trade route existed across North Africa?
  • $200 Answer from Trade Routes The Trans-Saharan route
  • $300 Question from Trade Routes During the Middle Ages there were trade routes to what three continents ?
  • $300 Answer from Trade Routes
    • Asia
    • Africa
    • Europe
  • $100 Question from Interactions through Trade True or False: Regional trade networks and long distance trade routes in the Eastern Hemisphere encouraged cultural diffusion.
  • $100 Answer from Interactions through Trade True
  • $200 Question from Interactions through Trade Spices came to Europe form the area around the _____________________.
  • $200 Answer from Interactions through Trade Indian Ocean
  • $300 Question from Interactions through Trade What religion spread into West Africa because of the gold trade?
  • $300 Answer from Interactions through Trade Islam
  • Final Jeopardy
    • Which Germanic Tribe emerged as a force in Western Europe during the age of Charlemagne?
    • True or False: One example of the political power of the Church during the Middle Ages is the Pope crowning the Holy Roman Emperor.
  • Final Jeopardy Answer
    • The Franks
    • True