Unspoken rules of smoking
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Unspoken rules of smoking






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    Unspoken rules of smoking Unspoken rules of smoking Document Transcript

    • Unspoken Rules of Smoking<br />
      • Name your piece
      • Must bond with piece first
      • Never deny someone a hit in a smoke circle
      • Matching
      • Share the same amount of weed that the other person shares
      • No seeds or stems
      • When meeting a dealer you get in their car unless said otherwise
      • Hand off at same time
      • When meeting a new dealer have them weigh in front of you or weigh it later on your own to see if the dealer scammed you or not
      • White Owl cigarillos > Black&Mild Swishers
      • Sometimes wraps with no tobacco may be easier
      • On a smoke drive the passenger is co-captain
      • Duties include
      • Packing
      • Cleaning
      • Pass left to driver
      • In charge of music
      • Grab wheel for driver
      • Greener the better
      • Names are names
      • If it gets you blitzed, who cares what it’s called
      • Quick Clean after Use
      • Dump ash in palm
      • Throw out window
      • Blow through bowl to get ash out from inside
      • Two lighters
      • “Who’s got tha lightahh??”
      • Wait till a car passes to hit on a drive
      • Back roads
      • Coughers bring a drink
      • Standard smoke kit to have
      • Lighter
      • Drink
      • Tin foil
      • Eye drops
      • Gum
      • Perfume/cologne
      • Don’t carry your stuff on you unless needed
      • Keep it hidden
      • Switch hiding spots every now and then
      • Be chill
      • Don’t draw attention to the fact you are blazed when you go out
      • Be respectful to the tweakers in the group
      • Don’t fight your munchies
      • Indulge and live in the moment
      • Know your limits
      • What you can and cannot mix
      • Norco and weed is a bad combo personally
      • Stereotype
      • Bob Marley, hemp, tye dye, Dave Matthews’s band, pot emblems….love em but they get old
      • Don’t over stab an apple when making a hitter
      • Have an easy way to make “tough” decisions
      • Rock paper scissors
      • Coin flip
      • 3rd party vote
      • Nose goes
      • Watch out to not burn your hair or eyelashes!
      • Shower/bathroom smoke session
      • Steam it up
      • Fan
      • Zube tube
      • Candle
      • Air freshener
      • Don’t get mad at other stoners
      • They will forget things
      • They will stop mid-sentence
      • They will tweak
      • They will say and do stupid things
      • Understand they are high too
      Vocab<br />
      • Cashed
      • When a bowl is done
      • You get no more smoke from it
      • You can call your eyes “cashed” when really red
      • Piece
      • Bowl
      • Hitter
      • Hitter Box
      • Small smoke kit
      • Spot for weed and usually a cigarette looking tube
      • One or two hits from it
      • Zube tube
      • Toilet paper or paper towel roll
      • Stuff dryer sheets in it
      • Wrap a dryer sheet over one end of it and rubber band it secure
      • Use to blow your smoke into it
      • Comes out laundry fresh!
      • Clam bake
      • When you fill a car or small area with smoke
      • Also known as “hot boxing”
      • Blunt cruise
      • Driving to smoke
      • Munchies
      • The uncontrollable urge to eat
      • Match
      • Sharing equal amounts of weed opposed to paying
      • Pack
      • To break up weed and put in bowl (any smoking device)
      • Hit
      • Rip
      • To smoke
      • Tweak
      • To be paranoid aboutttt anything
      • Stoner Pause
      • When there is a silent break or pause in any action or conversation due to zoning out
      • Cash money
      • A bowl is done
      • Sketch
      • Shady
      • Suspicious
      • Raid
      • To find a way to get where and what you want
      • “Should I raid a parking spot?” “Yea man, raid.”
      • Casual
      • “That’s casual”
      • “That’s chill”
      • No big thing
      • Tuber
      • A route that is the perfect length for a two bowl smoking session
      • Scoobies
      • You suck up some loose ash from the bowl
      • Resin
      • The black matter left behind after smoking that eventually builds up.
      • It’s what makes your bowl dirty
      • Strains
      • Different types of weed
      • Kind of like a crop name