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Unspoken rules of smoking
Unspoken rules of smoking
Unspoken rules of smoking
Unspoken rules of smoking
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Unspoken rules of smoking


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  1. Unspoken Rules of Smoking<br /><ul><li>Name your piece
  2. Must bond with piece first
  3. Never deny someone a hit in a smoke circle
  4. Matching
  5. Share the same amount of weed that the other person shares
  6. No seeds or stems
  7. When meeting a dealer you get in their car unless said otherwise
  8. Hand off at same time
  9. When meeting a new dealer have them weigh in front of you or weigh it later on your own to see if the dealer scammed you or not
  10. White Owl cigarillos > Black&Mild Swishers
  11. Sometimes wraps with no tobacco may be easier
  12. On a smoke drive the passenger is co-captain
  13. Duties include
  14. Packing
  15. Cleaning
  16. Pass left to driver
  17. In charge of music
  18. Grab wheel for driver
  19. Greener the better
  20. Names are names
  21. If it gets you blitzed, who cares what it’s called
  22. Quick Clean after Use
  23. Dump ash in palm
  24. Throw out window
  25. Blow through bowl to get ash out from inside
  26. Two lighters
  27. “Who’s got tha lightahh??”
  28. Wait till a car passes to hit on a drive
  29. Back roads
  30. Coughers bring a drink
  31. Standard smoke kit to have
  32. Lighter
  33. Drink
  34. Tin foil
  35. Eye drops
  36. Gum
  37. Perfume/cologne
  38. Don’t carry your stuff on you unless needed
  39. Keep it hidden
  40. Switch hiding spots every now and then
  41. Be chill
  42. Don’t draw attention to the fact you are blazed when you go out
  43. Be respectful to the tweakers in the group
  44. Don’t fight your munchies
  45. Indulge and live in the moment
  46. Know your limits
  47. What you can and cannot mix
  48. Norco and weed is a bad combo personally
  49. Stereotype
  50. Bob Marley, hemp, tye dye, Dave Matthews’s band, pot emblems….love em but they get old
  51. Don’t over stab an apple when making a hitter
  52. Have an easy way to make “tough” decisions
  53. Rock paper scissors
  54. Coin flip
  55. 3rd party vote
  56. Nose goes
  57. Watch out to not burn your hair or eyelashes!
  58. Shower/bathroom smoke session
  59. Steam it up
  60. Fan
  61. Zube tube
  62. Candle
  63. Air freshener
  64. Don’t get mad at other stoners
  65. They will forget things
  66. They will stop mid-sentence
  67. They will tweak
  68. They will say and do stupid things
  69. Understand they are high too</li></ul>Vocab<br /><ul><li>Cashed
  70. When a bowl is done
  71. You get no more smoke from it
  72. You can call your eyes “cashed” when really red
  73. Piece
  74. Bowl
  75. Hitter
  76. Hitter Box
  77. Small smoke kit
  78. Spot for weed and usually a cigarette looking tube
  79. One or two hits from it
  80. Zube tube
  81. Toilet paper or paper towel roll
  82. Stuff dryer sheets in it
  83. Wrap a dryer sheet over one end of it and rubber band it secure
  84. Use to blow your smoke into it
  85. Comes out laundry fresh!
  86. Clam bake
  87. When you fill a car or small area with smoke
  88. Also known as “hot boxing”
  89. Blunt cruise
  90. Driving to smoke
  91. Munchies
  92. The uncontrollable urge to eat
  93. Match
  94. Sharing equal amounts of weed opposed to paying
  95. Pack
  96. To break up weed and put in bowl (any smoking device)
  97. Hit
  98. Rip
  99. To smoke
  100. Tweak
  101. To be paranoid aboutttt anything
  102. Stoner Pause
  103. When there is a silent break or pause in any action or conversation due to zoning out
  104. Cash money
  105. A bowl is done
  106. Sketch
  107. Shady
  108. Suspicious
  109. Raid
  110. To find a way to get where and what you want
  111. “Should I raid a parking spot?” “Yea man, raid.”
  112. Casual
  113. “That’s casual”
  114. “That’s chill”
  115. No big thing
  116. Tuber
  117. A route that is the perfect length for a two bowl smoking session
  118. Scoobies
  119. You suck up some loose ash from the bowl
  120. Resin
  121. The black matter left behind after smoking that eventually builds up.
  122. It’s what makes your bowl dirty
  123. Strains
  124. Different types of weed
  125. Kind of like a crop name