Happy 24th birthday


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Happy 24th birthday

  1. 1. dedicatedbold wonderful patient humorouspersonal sincere fun husbandrighteous forgiving true friend honest athletic nurtured genuine runnertrue member a doer 100 fully invested determin spiritualmissionary % edhard worker faithful fabulous missionary obedient time manager encouraging Hyrum Mitchelltrue example of the believerscreative good brother dreams big goal a hero setter caring true blue good lov a though strives to be ing blessing tful tough indian humble always tries cowboyjokester focused Christ-likeadventur incredible testimony courageous his best kind good father sweetous lives life fullypassio energetic funny student of the scripturesnategoal-oriented great example gleeful true witness of Christ confident caring
  2. 2. Hyrum Kenneth Mitchell was born toKevin James and Janet Glauser Mitchell in McKay-Dee Hospital at 9:38 AM on October 16, 1987. Weight: 8 lb, 9 oz Length: 21”
  3. 3. The best memory I have of Hyrum is when he came home fromschool one day and said that his classmates had said that he andHannah were not free to do what they wanted to. And he said“Mom and Dad, Hannah and I have more free agency than any ofthe kids in the rest of the school.” -Dad Mitchell
  4. 4. Hyrum has blessed me with joy beyond measure! He isalways thoughtful and caring. He is a true example of thebelievers. He knows how to love through action! His life andthe way that he lives it has increased my faith. –Mom Mitchell
  5. 5. The second summer after Miriam and I weremarried, Hyrum accompanied us on a trip toCalifornia to visit Bowman and Abe. During thedrive we quoted "The Swiss Family Robinson" for atleast two hours. Its funny how simple things can beso fun sometimes. -Dane Johnson
  6. 6. Hyrum taught me that even if you are anindian, its OK to wear a cowboy hat andcowboy boots. -Abe Mitchell
  7. 7. Hyrum is…Personal- He loves to ask personal questions because he is alwaysgenuinely interested in the answers and everyone.Humorous- Hyrum is always cracking jokes and using quick puns that canmake everyone laugh.Athletic- Hyrum is good at EVERY sport!! -Sarah Cluff
  8. 8. While on his mission, I enjoyed reading Hyrums letters. He is sospiritual. It was so funny because every week Hyrum would write to usthat he just had the best study of his entire mission. I would be willingto bet that if we got his letters out, he said that in every single letterwithout fail. Hyrum has an incredible testimony and is one of the beststudents of the scriptures that I know. I admire and look up to him forthat. –Bowman Mitchell
  9. 9. I love remembering the cold winter day when Hyrumand I went running together, and it was so cold myeyelashes were frozen when we got back. -Miriam Johnson
  10. 10. Hyrum is…sincere, honest, dedicated. -Amy Wardle
  11. 11. Hyrum taught me to follow the gospel standards.Hyrum helped me feel confident about myself. –Kaylee Cluff
  12. 12. Hyrum has helped me study the scriptures better. -Paige Cluff
  13. 13. When Hyrum was little, he used to get a buzz hair cut alot and I started calling him fuzzy. This name eventuallyturned into Fuzz and stuck. Everyone called HyrumFuzz. –Abe Mitchell
  14. 14. One. Hundred. Percent. That just sums him up! Everything in hislife seems to be done at 100% and that is very inspiring to me.From the serious things (such as studying the Old Testament orhaving "heart-to-heart conversations") to the silly ones (like howhe insists on wearing his steel-toes, plaid coat, and cowboy hat forany remotely cowboy-related activity, haha!), he is invested all theway. To me this shows that he has complete confidence in whathes doing, and the determination to get it done. If I ever needsome motivation, I can think of what Hyrum would do in mysituation, and I get moving. –Stephanie Mitchell
  15. 15. Hyrum is very goal oriented. Hes passionate on what hesets his mind to and will do anything to see it through. Hestands up for what is right and tries hard to live the Gospeldaily. –Allison Cluff
  16. 16. One thing that I have learned from Hyrum is that I can set agoal and know that it is okay if I dont achieve my desiredresult. I felt relieved when Hyrum told me that many times hedoesnt accomplish his goals. I am sure he isnt always happyabout that, but it helped me realize that I dont have to beperfect since I always thought Hyrum was perfect incompleting his goals. -Marcie Mitchell
  17. 17. Hyrum is patient, forgiving, and a true friend. Hyrummakes relationships a high priority and sincerelycares about others. He loves the Gospel and lives it. -Meagan Mitchell
  18. 18. We had a lot of good times at BYU together. I really miss hanging outand doing our Korean dinners. I think we did a combinedturkey/Korean thanksgiving dinner one year at Hyrums apartment inthe University Villa. It always turned out that I would invite a fewpeople and Hyrum would call a few people and then all of a suddenwe had over 25 people coming to the dinner. This happened manytimes. Actually, I think it happened most of the time. -Bowman Mitchell
  19. 19. I remember the most excited I ever got in my life was when Hyrumopened his mission call. We were all on speaker phone with the wholefamily and Kade and sitting in the living room of our apartment in Chico,CA. He read that he was going to Seoul, South Korea and he couldntbelieve it. He thought maybe I had swapped my mission call into it totrick him or something. I went nuts ,I was so happy for him. That was agreat day. –Bowman Mitchell
  20. 20. When I think of Hyrum I think of goodness, and Ialways want people to think of me that way, heinspires me to be better, and work harder, andachieve more. I look up to him, he is like a father’sinfluence in my life. -Amy Wardle
  21. 21. Hyrum is always quick to give me complimentsconcerning my methods as a father andhusband. He helps everyone feel important. -Dane Johnson
  22. 22. While selling in Paradise one night, Hyrum decides he wants to walkup to this house that has a huge German Shepherd on a rope line as aguard dog. Just as he sees the dogs hair stand on end, he realizes itsa huge mistake. Within a split second the dog has Hyrum flat on hisback and is barking in his face. We end up taking Hyrum to the ER andget him checked out for rabies. The teeth marks were from his knee tohis hip. It was unbelievable. –Bowman Mitchell
  23. 23. My favorite memory of Hyrum, is when we first methim and we went to play volleyball. -Paige Cluff
  24. 24. Hyrum is a wonderful husband! He is committed to seeking forand doing God’s will and building a strong family. He isprogressive and encourages us to consistently be movingforward and doing the things that will draw us nearer to God. -Meagan Mitchell
  25. 25. Hyrum was always a hard worker with a goal inmind. He is one of the most Christ-like people I canthink of; it is one of his greatest desires. –Miriam Johnson
  26. 26. Hyrum loves people, and always wants to be a missionary. Iremember in high school when he had some important calling in thePriesthood, he challenged the boys to do something, and that if theydid he would make them a pie. I have remembered that, and plan touse that idea. Hyrum is a goal setter--an awesome quality. Hyrumdreams big, and then the Lord blesses Him in his desires. -Hannah Williams
  27. 27. Hyrum is an awesome missionary! He boldlyshares his testimony because he knows the Gospelis true and wants others to share in its blessings.He is always reminding me that we need to findsomeone to share the Gospel with. Hyrum strivesto share the “good news” (aka: the Gospel) witheveryone! -Meagan Mitchell
  28. 28. Hyrum is…TRUE BLUE! FAITHFUL! HUMBLE! -Mom Mitchell
  29. 29. 3 Words That Describe Hyrum:Nurtured, adventurous, righteous. Nurtured because when he was oneof the last children at home he emphasized to his mother that he stillneeded plenty of nurture (Im guessing he still requires a lot of nurturefrom Meagan). Adventurous because he likes to have fun and iswilling to try new things (I remember when he went camping by himselfand read the entire Book of Mormon during the trip). Righteousbecause - well because he is Hyrum. -Dane Johnson
  30. 30. The great thing about Hyrum is that he is a true membermissionary. He hasnt slowed down since high school. He is a greatexample to us all of sharing the gospel and being a true witness ofChrist at all times and in all places. I look up to him and try to followhis example. -Bowman Mitchell
  31. 31. Hyrum has taught me not to let things that I can’tcontrol bother me. (like losing a wallet in the middleof nowhere…then finding that I never lost it twoyears later. Also another fun memory.) -Amy Wardle
  32. 32. From Hyrum I learned to be genuine. Hyrum caresabout everyone and is always genuinely interestedin their emotions and their lives. -Sarah Cluff
  33. 33. One of my great memories with Hyrum is when we were both still inhigh school. He invited me to go mountain biking with him. I hadnever done any serious mountain biking before, so I enthusiasticallyaccepted the invitation. Hyrum and I met in Moab were I wasintroduced for the first time to the Mitchell’s fetish with “snacks.” Wehad already packed sandwiches and water but we left city marketwith an inordinate amount of granola bars, fruit snacks, stringcheese, trail mix, and power aid. Adding it all together, you wouldhave thought we were headed on a week camping trip rather than acouple hour bike ride. But Hyrum approached the whole thing withsuch energy and excitement that I couldn’t help being swept up by itall. We drove to the Porcupine Rim trail head and started on theadventure. The first three miles were grueling as we climbed 900feet in elevation. Then came the real fun as we shot down the rimtoward the Colorado River bed. The weather was great and the viewwas stunning. At one point Hyrum found a ledge about 3.5 feet talloff to the side of the trail. He couldn’t resist the chance to do somejumping. He went first because I wasn’t about to be the first to goflying off that ledge. Hyrum’s success finally bolstered my courageand I had a great time taking the jump myself. We took turns takingpictures of the other doing the jump so we would have braggingrights later on. By the time we made it down to the river road I couldhonestly say that I had just had the time of my life.
  34. 34. We did sales in Chico, CA the summer before Hyrums mission. This guy,Gary, was pretty annoying and nobody wanted to ride in the car with himand I feel bad thinking back now but Kade and I left Hyrum with Garyprobably too many times. But one time in particular, we were driving toSusanville in two cars; Gary and Hyrum in his Toyota Tercel, and Kadeand I in Kades white 1992 racing Honda. On the way up themountainous road, Garys car started to overheat. He freaks out while stilldriving and pulls the keys from the ignition, thus locking the steeringwheel while careening down the highway with a precarious cliff just a fewfeet away. I actually think the guard rail was what stopped the car. Soneedless to say, we ditched Garys car and we rode together in theHonda. Hyrum was ticked and told me to never leave him in the car withGary driving again.
  35. 35. The thing I like about Hyrum is the way he runs. Asa little boy he didn’t just run, he bounded. He hadgreat joy in it. -Dad Mitchell
  36. 36. I have learned from Hyrum that it is o.k. that I dont know what Iwant to do for a living yet. He tried engineering and ended upchanging his mind because he didnt think he would be happybeing an engineer and that is o.k. He taught me that it isimportant to do something for a living that you really enjoy. -Matthew Cluff
  37. 37. Whenever I would visit the family with Amy Hyrum wouldalways sit down right next to us and ask us all sorts ofquestions. He would always want us to play basketball ordo something the minute that we got there, and we weretired. He was always fun to be around! -Jake Wardle
  38. 38. Hyrum is so patient and forgiving! I really admire that about him. Hedoesn’t let things get to him. Even when I read the map wrong , spillsomething, burn dinner, have to go back to the house whenever we go ona trip because I forgot something, or am just awkward and clumsy...heNEVER gets upset or frustrated. He is always calm and takes things instride. -Meagan Mitchell
  39. 39. Hyrum is funny because he likes to joke around, agood father because he is so good with Brigham,and sweet because he helps and is kind to everyone. –Kaylee Cluff
  40. 40. I remember coming back from my mission and me and Hyrum having thesame voice. At first it freaked me out cause I thought Hyrum and Hannahlooked so big and weird cause all I remembered was what they looked likewhen they were both 4 feet tall. Anyways, Hyrum has a girl call him on thephone wanting to invite him to the Monticello Prom. Of course we decidedto have me impersonate. We went back and forth several times and shenever even noticed. –Bowman Mitchell
  41. 41. My favorite memory of Hyrum was when I very first met him. Me,Dad, Meagan, and Hyrum were driving up to girls camp. I wasdriving. When we got there Hyrum was playing basketball,showing off his mad skills and when Hyrum went up to dunk it hebasically broke his finger. And while Meagan was freaking out overhis finger Hyrum didnt even flinch, as if it happens to him all thetime.
  42. 42. What I remember most about Hyrum is his love to sitdown and chat. He used to come to our home and wewould all enjoy some great conversations. -Marcie Mitchell
  43. 43. Our biking trip emphasizes one of the things Iadmire about Hyrum. He is a doer and lives lifefully. –Nephi Williams
  44. 44. Hyrum has showed me repeatedly that he loves my daughter. Hetold me once that his actions would show me that he really lovedMeagan and that he would always try to be a good husband, fatherand provider and he was right. Hyrum is very goal oriented and Iknow that he will be successful throughout his life because he investsthe time and effort to make his dreams become reality. -Susan Cluff
  45. 45. Hyrum is always a good example. He has always beensomeone to look UP to even though he is my youngerbrother. –Abe Mitchell
  46. 46. My favorite memories of Hyrum is when we wentswimming and he did like 30 back flips and when he fedBrigham kimchi. -Kaylee Cluff
  47. 47. I learned from Hyrum, that it doesn’t matter what otherpeople think of you, it is what you think about yourselfthat counts. –Paige Cluff
  48. 48. Hyrum always tries his best. –Abe Mitchell
  49. 49. My favorite memory of Hyrum is the league baseball game following thegame where Hyrum was penalized for missing a Monday nightgame. He was their main pitcher and was fabulous. We practicedscenarios of pitching before this game. The one we had practiced: lastinning, last out, full count, third strike came to pass in this excitinggame. The game was in Hyrums hand. Hyrum won the game. Thecrowd roared. The coach put him up on his shoulders and he was thetown hero that night! Just before that tense last pitch, I saw Hyrum lookup to heaven. I knew what he was doing. I also knew Heavenly Fatherwould bless him for his goodness and faithfulness. I know thatHeavenly Father will continue to bless him for his goodness andfaithfulness in his life now. –Mom Mitchell
  50. 50. Hyrum always tries to do the right thing. He seemsvery thoughtful about his decisions and seeks theLord for council. A great example for us all. -Dane Johnson
  51. 51. One summer before his mission we floated down the rivertogether in a raft. We talked about his desire to do familyhistory and how he was choosing that over playing basketballhis senior year. I will never forget the impression he left onmy life about the importance of following the spirit no matterwhat. He is my hero. Also especially since green river is somuch a part of our past instead of our present, I cherish thatlast float down the river with one of my siblings. -Amy Wardle
  52. 52. I would describe Hyrum as focused, determined, andhumble. –Marcie Mitchell
  53. 53. I love remembering how Hyrum wanted to dig a hole, like in"Swiss Family Robinson", cover it up, and trapsomething. Well, he did. He caught our poor little unknowingneighbor boy. –Miriam Johnson
  54. 54. On our way back from our second trip to Susanville, Hyrum is driving mypurple Saturn and Kade and I are back in the Honda. We had acompetition going where we raced home everyday and the person in thelead raises their pointer in the air outside the window to signal #1. Well wewere cruising down a canyon much like highway 6 where there were cliffsand two way traffic and a lot of blind turns. Hyrum and Kade are drivingand they get a little carried away. I can still remember me yelling at Kadeto let Hyrum win the current race as we are approaching 90 miles an hourwith Hyrum in the opposing traffics lane with a cliff on his side and thepeddle to the metal not willing to give in. I am thinking how I am going totell Mom when she finds out he dies from racing my car. Finally Kaderelents and Hyrum gleefully raises his triumphant finger out the driversside window. –Bowman Mitchell
  55. 55. Hyrum looks for the good in people. His heart is full of love. He doesn’tsay bad things about people or look for the bad, he looks for the good.He’s a wonderful young man, a loving, kind person. He loves HeavenlyFather and he loves to have the spirit deep in his heart teaching truthsabout the gospel. He has a lot to share and a lot to give and he will. -Dad Mitchell
  56. 56. Hyrum helped me with my directions! When we first went up to seeMeagan and Hyrum after they got married I went with Hyrum to hisseminary class. On the way home Hyrum asked me where we were andI had no idea! He then was adamant about teaching me how to figureout where I was while in Utah. After I thought I got a hang of thedirections we just drove all around Utah with Hyrum asking. "Sarah,which direction are we going?" -Sarah Cluff
  57. 57. I will always remember what a good brother he was to me on themission. I would send him these long letters he probably didnt havetime to read, and he would stay interested in my life. One particulartime though, I think I was struggling with something, and he taught meabout personal revelation. He encouraged me to build a trust with theSpirit; and as I obey, and act on revelation, the Spirit will give memore. I have grown a lot in that respect since I have strived to applythat lesson. –Hannah Williams
  58. 58. I remember Hyrum making an appointment to come and see me on mylast day as a Bishop. He came to ask me if he could marry Meagan andhe allowed me to interview him and ask him questions. I had just methim for the first time that weekend and I know it took a lot of courage forHyrum to come and talk to me. Hyrum has a great desire to do things theright way and at the right time and I admire him for that quality. -Richard Cluff
  59. 59. Me and Bowman used to rough Hyrum up once and a while when wewere younger. Hyrum was much smaller than us being the youngerbrother, so he always seemed to get hurt. Hyrum always wanted tobe an Indian (for some reason he thinks he is today). To avoid havingHyrum cry and get us in trouble, we would console him by whispering"tough indian." "Tough indians dont cry". It worked everytime! Hyrum would stop crying immediately and fight the tears all inthe name of being a tough indian. –Abe Mitchell
  60. 60. Hyrum is…Funny, spiritual, and caring. I think that these are allpretty easy to explain. –Paige Cluff
  61. 61. Several years ago Hyrum, Bowman and I played in a 3on 3 tournament in Green River. It was a lot of fun andwe won every game. Hyrum was the man (and still is),of course. -Dane Johnson
  62. 62. 3 Words That Describe Hyrum…Passionate--about the gospel. Its so easy for him tocatch the fire of the Gospel, and he loves to share it!Missionary--Loves people, and helping them see thelight.Creative--Hyrum finds fun ways to express love,appreciation, and to live the gospel. –Hannah Williams
  63. 63. We love you Hyrum!!! Happy birthday!!!