Poetic Devices
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Poetic Devices



A review of core poetry terms

A review of core poetry terms



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    Poetic Devices Poetic Devices Presentation Transcript

    • Poetic Devices These terms are important for your understanding during this poetry unit and for your upcoming exam
    • Hyperbole
      • An extreme exaggeration for effect
    • Hyperbole….remember Napoleon Dynamite?
      • Napoleon: This is pretty much the worst video ever made.
      • Kip: Napoleon, like anyone can even know that.
    • Alliteration
      • Alliteration is the repetition of front consonant sounds.
      • There only needs to be two for it to be alliteration
      • Ex: Miss Marbles loves moving muppets.
      • Fred Flingstone went to the market.
      • Many comic names are alliterative:
      • Clark Kent
      • Lois Lane
      • Lex Luthor
      • Lana Lang
    • Onomatopoeia
      • Words that imitate sounds.
      • These are very popular in comic action scenes
      • POW! BANG!!
      • Or animal sounds
      • Meow! Baaaaaaaaaa!
      • Or even a ‘clanking’ old lock or the ‘thumping’ of feet
    • Metaphor
      • Metaphors are comparisons that show how two things that are not alike in most ways are similar in one important way. Metaphors are a way to describe something.
      • Ex: You are the light in my life.
      • All the world is but a stage and we are merely actors.
      • She is a cat, quick on her feet and always in trouble.
    • Simile
      • Similar to a metaphor, a simile is also a comparison
      • Similes make comparisons using the words “like” or “as”
      • Ex: Did you see that guy? He was as fast as The Flash!
      • I love my mom, she is strong like Wonder Woman and just as pretty.
      • He eats like a pig !
    • Personification
      • This is giving non human animals or objects human qualities.
      • The wind howled all night long.
      • The birds chattered as the morning dew settled.
      • The engine roared its approval as I revved it up to get ready for the race.
      • His muscles were so large they danced as he flexed them.
      • Think Disney! Talking chairs, dancing teapots, singing birds, happy robots and so on. All of this is personification